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Daily Telegraph celebrates the influence of 40 years of Kate’s Wuthering Heights

Today’s Daily Telegraph features an article on the lasting legacy of Kate’s debut single, Wuthering Heights, which was released 40 years ago tomorrow, January 20th 1978. James Hall writes:

“At around midnight on a clear London night in the spring of 1977, an 18-year-old Kate Bush sat at an upright piano in her flat in Wickham Road, Brockley, and wrote Wuthering Heights. Inspired by the novel by Emily Brontë, with whom Bush realised she shared a birthday, the song took just a few hours to craft. “There was a full moon, the curtains were open and it came quite easily,” Bush told her fan club in 1979.

But despite the song’s easy creation, no one, Bush included, could have predicted the impact that Wuthering Heights, her debut single, would have on popular culture. Released 40 years ago tomorrow, during an era when disco and punk reigned, it knocked Abba’s Take a Chance on Me off the number one slot and turned Bush into a global star.”

Full article here. We’ll have more on this special anniversary tomorrow!



Happy New Year – 2018 marks 40 years of Kate releasing records.


Wuthering Heights released 40 years ago today! New podcast episode to celebrate!

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  1. Simon O'Donovan

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if she released via her website a copy of the missing track from The Kick Inside – MAYBE. Just by way of celebration and a thanks to her dedicated fan base. (The clip played on the DLT radio show back in 78.)

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