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Wuthering Heights released 40 years ago today! New podcast episode to celebrate!

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Kate released her extraordinary debut single, Wuthering Heights, on 20th January 1978 – which means the song celebrates it’s 40th anniversary today! The impact that the song and Kate’s subsequent career has had on all our lives is very hard to put into words. I’ve done a bit of a “Director’s Cut” on the podcast I did last year all about the song, it’s origins and it’s lasting influence out there. So be sure to play the song loud today!

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Daily Telegraph celebrates the influence of 40 years of Kate’s Wuthering Heights


Media Celebrates 40 years of Kate’s “Wuthering Heights”


  1. The song and the video changed my life! So glad to see her in concert at the Hammersmith~

  2. Linda Leeb

    What was the name of the artist doing the lovely acoustic version of WH? Beautiful. I did not know Pat Benatar did a cover, either.

  3. LeAnn

    How I wish I’d known about Kate 40 years ago. The first time I heard about her was in 2015, in a rerun of Saturday Night Live where she made her American debut. She did Man With The Child in His Eyes, and I fell in love. *sigh*

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