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Bushtucker are back! Watch Paddy Bush and Colin Loyd Tucker’s new video

We’re very pleased to report that Kate’s brother Paddy Bush has been working on new music with his longtime collaborator Colin Loyd Tucker. After having both appeared on Kate’s The Red Shoes album, the duo released a wonderful album called “Skyscraping” under the name Bushtucker, that same year. Now, 25 years later, a new single and video have surfaced from Bushtucker -“The Abduction & Rescue of Lord Weir’s Daughter.” An album, which we believe won’t include this hypnotic single, is due to follow later this year.

Paddy tells me: “…you should know that ‘Lord Weir’ is not an actual human being and bears no resemblance to any possible other Lord Weir living or dead.  We haven’t gone into the business of kidnapping or rescue, my voice is not disguised for criminal reasons and you will never work out in a month of Sundays what I’m playing on the track…” Intriguing as ever!


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  1. Renaud

    Not bad at all !
    Sounds very “bushy” !!!

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