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Watch the full Gothenburg Symphony tribute show to Kate!

Watch the entire, unmissable, 40th Anniversary recent tribute to Kate Bush by the Gothenburg Symphony and guest artists Jennie Abrahamson and Malin Dahlström! This is amazing.

This Woman’s Work – A Tribute to Kate Bush from Göteborgs Symfoniker on Vimeo.


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  1. Michael Gask

    Wow! (pun certainly intended). What a great concert. Thanks so much for sharing this. A great choice of songs, thoughtfully arranged. If you never thought you’d hear Night Scented Stock in a concert, now you can. 😀
    Fantastic start to my Sunday morning… didn’t intend to watch it all in one go, but you know how it is…

  2. adrian H

    Wish I could have been there! What a really well put together concert, really enjoyed it, can’t wait to watch it again with popcorn and a fizzy drink.

  3. A lovely tribute to the Goddess.


    Stunning concert really showcases Kate’s songs.Wish Kate had sung some of these at her concert espec ‘Youre the one that i want’ an ‘Babooshka’.Great orchestral arrangements an vocals really rich sound. Congratulations a great tribute

  5. Renaud

    Great tribute show !
    Any chance for a DVD release ?

  6. Henrik

    I was there and it was really great! Good arrangements and the best possible singers! According to Jennie Abrahamson, interest has been shown from other concert venues and hopefully it will be repeated.

  7. Winston Steward

    And Dream Of Sheep is heavenly

  8. Martin Towey

    I am in tears. This is an incredible tribute to one of the most talented artists to have ever walked on this earth. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this.

  9. Thomas

    Amazing. Only just come acorss this today having come across the Göteborgs Symfoniker Army Dreamers version on YouTube which led me to the full concert here. Would love this as a physical album.

  10. Tiskono Crawford

    Great concert. Of all the things I could stumble across, this is my favorite. “ Running up that hill” ❤️

  11. Ane Håkansson

    Insanely good performance all over. The orchester, the orchestration, Malin Dahlström’s colourful voice and Jennie Abrahamson’s minimalistic approach to “Running up that hill” are just magic. Hat of…

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