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Kate Bush Fan Podcast Episode 8: Bush Telegraph talks Lionheart

Bush Telegraph Lionheart special

Seán introduces another Bush Telegraph special episode – Paul and Darrell, chatting across thousands of miles, discuss Kate’s second album, Lionheart, the singles Hammer Horror and Wow, Kate’s continuing fame and success at that time, and generally how much the album means to them, almost 40 years later. Seán tops and tails the episode with bits of news!

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Exact location of 1978 “red dress” Wuthering Heights video revealed!


Paddy Bush and Justin Vali play charity concert in Cardiff!

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  1. Simon O'Donovan

    Another great Podcast. Thanks Sean for hosting…
    Maybe suggest to the guys a Twitter feed so we can communicate more directly about the show.
    Additional facts and points of interest.
    EG Jo Brand choosing Oh England My Lionheart as her favourite Kate track on Desert Islands Discs.

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