Cecilee LinkeJust a tip for you, in case this excellent podcast from Cecilee Linke in the USA has passed you by, I’ve only recently caught it myself! Strange Phenomena – The Music of Kate Bush aims to take every Kate Bush song recorded, in album order, devoting an entire episode to discussing each one in turn and in-depth. An ambitious undertaking to be sure, but Cecilee is already now rounding off her series of episodes on Never For Ever and will surely soon be setting her sights on Sat in Your Lap, The Dreaming and beyond. Chatting with fans and musicians, she leaves no stone unturned as she examines the history of each track, mulls over its meaning, lyrics, musical structure (Cecilee is a musician) and its place in Kate’s oeuvre.

Listen to all episodes (so far!) at the Strange Phenomena podcast site here, follow the Strange Phenomena podcast Facebook page here, or subscribe on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts (like OUR one!).