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Kate Bush Fan Podcast Episode 9: Bush Telegraph – Running Up That Phone Bill!

Darell and Paul 1985

Seán introduces the third outing of the Bush Telegraph specials and has a mini pub quiz about Lionheart (thanks, Simon). Paul and Darrell discuss the ‘fan gene’ and the extremes they went to as young teenagers, investigating future Kate releases and harassing EMI! They also discuss memorable encounters with Kate.

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Super Bear Studios founder remembers the recording of Lionheart 40 years ago


US podcast aims to discuss EVERY single Kate Bush song in-depth!



    Each to their own but cant believe how Directors cut version of This Woman’s work is better than original.It is far inferior both in terms of vocal and atmosphere .Same goes for most on the album ….a lesson learned hopefully ..if it aint broke dnt fix it

  2. David England

    Paul & Darrell,
    It was sweet hearing how you used to ring EMI for news of new releases. I was 13 when I saw Kate on TOTP and the very next day rang them. I asked for “publicity please” and they sent me the pink leotard poster (the one that was on the London buses). However, they sent it folded up in a big envelope. I got straight back on to them and I must have sounded like I was about to cry about the creases so they then sent another one in a tube! God knows what happened to it – maybe in my mother’s loft somewhere.

    Nice Podcast, Thanks!

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