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New Podcast Episode – Collectors special from London Pop-Up with Monty!

In this episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast, Seán heads to London to experience the extraordinary 5-day Kate Bush Remastered Pop-Up for himself. After meeting the HomeGround gang (and a certain actor friend of theirs!) he brings his swag with him to meet Monty Moncrieff MBE.

Monty is a Kate Bush superfan and we get into the world of collecting Kate Bush; vinyl records, box sets, rarities and even fakes – we cover it all. It’s very geeky, so be warned, but we had fun doing it. We also feature a fantastic version of one of Kate’s songs by our friend Tristan! Long episode, this one! Be sure to check out the image gallery above for photos of some of the things we discuss.

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The Irish Times review Kate’s new book: “Not a spare word anywhere”


New Yorker Magazine on Kate Bush Remastered: “Enduring, Incandescent Power”


  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. I did want to mention how you made a very good point around the 36 minute mark that collecting really is infinite, and no one is ever going to have a complete collection. This is something I’ve tried to drive home to people over the years, especially newer collectors that are just starting out. I was one of those collectors many years ago who thought I’d have it all… until I actually sat down, did some extensive research and finally realized it just goes on and on and on without end. Even as a seasoned collector I’m still discovering things today I never knew existed. I don’t think anyone fully understands or appreciates just how extensive it really is since it’s never all been catalogued before. I think that would be impossible to do at this point.

    • Oh that’s great that you liked it! I hope it comes across that collecting is fun and interesting and it is possible to set sensible goals and limits to it 🙂

      • It does. It absolutely does. Whether a person chooses to collect Kate memorabilia or something else entirely, it should always remain a fun and enjoyable thing without breaking the bank.

  2. Blackbird Braille

    I designed “The Single File 1985~2005” that you refer to in this segment as a fictional 7-inch singles box set. It was dreamt up before any of the photo books by John, Guido or Gerard came out – and long before KTs new lyrics book. The individual who created the physical version of the box set posted it on a Facebook forum that you are both members of. I’m fairly certain that you did not see it on eBay. He asked my permission to create a physical version of my design. I agreed as long as it was for personal use and not to be sold. He refused to even make one for me – and I designed it!! Just thought I’d clarify that least we accuse individuals of being “bootleggers” that are not.

    On a side note, seeing how KT has packaged the new remastered vinyl box sets (which I love) I would probably end it in 1994 as it really was the end of her physical singles era.

    Also, if the box set I designed to hold the singles from that era was to be constructed and sold wouldn’t it be nice for all the proceeds to go toward “Crisis” – KTs chosen charity to end homelessness in the UK?

    Warm Regards,


    • It’s a gorgeous design, well done, and if anyone wants to make me one, let me know! I love when talented fan designers dream up KB objects that look like must-have items.

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