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Gered Mankowitz publishing “Kate Bush: Symphony of You” photo book

Gered Mankowitz - Symphony of You

UPDATE: This book seems to have been delayed till September 2020, according to the Amazon listing.

Following on from the recent publication of his massive book of Kate photographs, Wow, photographer Gered Mankowitz is releasing an altogether more affordable collection of his iconic photos of Kate in September 2019. You can pre-order it here

From the blurb: “Symphony of You is a complete celebration of Kate Bush – her music, her look, her impact, her creativity. Showcasing hundreds of Gered Mankowitz’s breathtaking photographs from the early years of Kate’s career, the majority of the images in this book have never been seen outside of the author’s own private works. The book also features essays from authors across a number of disciplines – from best-selling novelists and award-winning musicians to academics – offering their opinions on how Kate has shaped the cultural landscape. Symphony of You is a truly special collection, and a homage to a unique artist.”

Also in the works is a new book by photographer Max Browne, no publishing date yet. He took some great photos of Kate on her 1979 tour – see examples at his site here.

Kate and Del on stage 1979

Photo: Max Browne


Kate writes about The Other Sides track – The Man I Love


Kate Bush Fan Podcast – Bush Telegraph: New Fan Discusses His Love Of Kate, And Book Review


  1. Avatar

    Simone Demir

    The book is not available at the moment and there is some confusion about the date of publication (some shops say Octobersome September 2020). Do you have further information?

    • Seán

      No, sorry, this has only ever been listed on Amazon, so we have to assume a delay.

      • Avatar



        I had it saved to my Amz wishlist but it has disappeared and there is no listing for this book now, OR on Octopus Publisher’s site; however I placed a pre-order months ago with Waterstones who listed it as Sept 20 release…it is still listed…kind of…no author name, no jacket design; all very vague.

        • Avatar


          various book shops now saying it will be published/released on 5th September which is this coming Saturday … we will see!

  2. Avatar

    Dale Everett

    I had it on pre-order with Amazon for months with a 4 September 2020 release date. Amazon have just cancelled it today (5 September 2020), saying book is no longer available

  3. Avatar

    Martyn Lesbirel

    Received an email from Amazon this book is not available. Very disappointing.

  4. Avatar

    william power

    i also had a e mail saying no longer available if any one knows any thing any different please post

  5. Avatar


    I checked my pre-order with Waterstones today:

    I see the listing on my order account says it was published on 5th Sept BUT beneath this it says: ‘Publication abandoned – other editions may be available”.

    I haven’t received any notifications or refund from them yet, so I’m going to have to make an enquiry.

    It was being published in the UK via Octopus Publishing Group
    ISBN: 9781788401456 I contacted them ages ago but didn’t received a reply.

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