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Kate is NUMBER ONE on the UK vinyl singles chart with Cloudbusting!

UPDATE 7th June: Kate is now number 1 for 2 weeks running!

Forget your push-button digital downloads, way-too-easy streaming and oh-so-convenient iTunes libraries – UK fans have FLOCKED to actual bricks-and-mortar record stores (mostly FOPP and HMV) and have propelled Kate’s 12″ picture disc of Cloudbusting straight to Number 1 in the vinyl singles chart!

She has dislodged her hero, the much-missed David Bowie, from pole position. Congratulations to Kate and the Fish People, we love the beautiful disc, and all the excitement and energy it stirred in Kate fans around the world! Another big success for the Kate Bush Remastered project.      



12″ Cloudbusting picture disc is out on Friday!


Our new fan podcast episode is a Cloudbusting special!


  1. Michael Gask

    I never thought that in 2019, I’d see a chart where the top 4 places were Kate Bush, Bowie, Morrissey (ouch! sadly, will never buy anything new of his again) and Pet Shop Boys. A weird and happy day. Well done Kate for flying straight to #1.

  2. Davie

    I just knew that something good was gonna happen

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