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Happy Birthday, Kate!

It’s the 30th of July, which means it is the day fans flood social media with birthday messages for a woman who’s music means the world to them. Wishing you a fantastic day, Kate, filled with happiness and surrounded by your loved ones! xxx

Photo by John Carder Bush – from his book “Kate: Inside the Rainbow”
London Underground salute Kate on her birthday!
London Underground salute Kate today on her birthday!


Big Boi collaborating with Kate on his new album?


New radio documentary on Kate’s 1979 tour


  1. This is a test

  2. Shabbs

    many happy returns to the one the only the myth the legend the lovely Kate 🙂

  3. Dethaniel leerentveld

    Happy Birthday Kate Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends

  4. Alan Scott

    Happy. Birthday Kate bush

  5. Tim B

    A joyful Happy Birthday to a lady who has enriched our lives with her art and all-round wonderfulness!

  6. Candice

    Happy Birthday Kate
    It is an hounor to share a birthday with you

    My glass is held high


  7. Michael Wall

    Have a lovely birthday you have brought much joy to my life

  8. Serge

    Kate, you saved my life with your music. I was alone and depressed in a big city. Thats why I listened to “Top of the City” a lot and can relate it to it. Your music is sincere, one can admire your lifestyle and your strong personality.

    I wish you a very happy year ahead and hopefully you will make us happy again soon with your new album!

    P.S. come on, its already 9 years since 50 words for Snow! or you want to break your previous record of 12 years ? Just joking 🙂

  9. Brad Mears

    Happy Birthday. I hope it was a great one.

  10. Bel Grant

    Happy Birthday ‘Dame’ Kate Bush (whenever that will be). A CBE is not enough. Every time I pass the Hammersmith Apollo, I am so grateful for that glorious night I shared with you and other fans during your residency there in 2014. One of the best, most memorable days of my life.

    I hope you can keep making music. I’m sure the present situation with C19 can provide some inspiration.

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