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Kate Bush Fan Podcast – 40 Years of Never For Ever!

Never For Ever 40 Years

In this episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast, Seán introduces Darrell and Paul covering all things Never For Ever, celebrating 40 years of the first album to reach number one by a British female solo artist. Darrell and Paul remember being 14 years old, rushing home from school on Friday, the 5th September in 1980, phoning the local record shop and begging Darrell’s family’s foreign exchange student to drive them there! Six of the ten songs had been seen as videos or costumed performances in the previous 9 months on TV. These and other performances are discussed, including Darrell seeing Kate sing ‘Wedding List’ live in 1982. We hear Kate being interviewed on Radio 1 about the album, as well as reading Kate, John and Paddy’s takes on the recording process from the KBC Newsletter, and reviews of the album from the music mags of the day. What new information does Andrew Powell have to say about the unreleased song ‘Never For Ever’ and its beautiful orchestration? This and much, much more…

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  1. Sky+Boswell

    Loving your memories of this being the first album you both bought as fans. Your podcasts are always so absorbing, fun and facts mingling so well. xxxx

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