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Kate writes of her excitement on Stranger Things success!

Kate has sent out a brief message about the Stranger Things phenomenon on her official site – well done, Kate!


More Stranger Things / Netflix updates!


Kate enters Billboard Hot 100 at 8, highest ever placing!


  1. Thank you for your kindness.

  2. Max

    I’m excited to have a whole new generation of people feel as moved as I have been since I first saw her on SNL ’78.
    Changed my life.
    At times, her music saved my life.
    Enjoy discovering the magic and genius of Kate Bush!

  3. Vince

    One of the reasons I love Kate’s music is because there’s a song there for every situation, every complex emotion you could ever have. Sometimes you need that catharsis, that deep connection and healing that comes from finding out you’re not alone with what you’re feeling. Sometimes a Kate Bush song you’ve heard a million times before takes on a new meaning and relevance in your life when you connect with the raw emotion that’s there. So when people say “Kate Bush saved my life” (and they do, rather a lot!) it’s about those times that everyone has, those really really low points when there was no one else to turn to. Yet somehow Kate was there. Magically expressing those emotions in a way you would if you only could. So yes, Max’s life isn’t the only one Kate has saved. It’s so wonderful that think that so many people are discovering what Kate Bush fans have known for a really long time and so wonderful to see that of music saving you brought so to life in such a dramatic fashion in an awesome show.

    Kate’s music, and videos, can be a lot of fun too. To all those who are discovering Kate for the first time, wherever you are in the world, welcome to the life. ?

  4. Nicholas Mew

    Dear Kate:
    I’m a 53-year-old teacher in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. My students are mainly 12-year-olds. Many of them know and watch “Stranger Things”. As a result they were aware of the song “Running Up That Hill”, a song that blew me away back in ’85.
    Today in class I played the song after it came up in conversation, then I took the opportunity for an impromptu lesson where we played the entirety of side two of “Hounds of Love”, complete with lyrics shown on the whiteboard. Listened to the music, and discussed what the songs were about. That was followed by the same for “Experiment IV”, “Houdini”, “Army Dreamers”, “Breathing”, and “Babushka”.
    Not every day one gets the chance to share some moving music. My only regret is that we didn’t have more time.

    • Wonderful story, Nicholas, thank you for sharing! Would love to have been a fly on the wall in your class…

  5. Sally Templeman

    Loved Kate bush all my life particularly this song was singing it all day after watching stranger things so this is an added bonus. Would love to see Kate singing it again xx

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