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Kate issues new press release praising Stranger Things!

Kate has released a new statement to the press via her PR representative reiterating her praise for the show Stranger Things and how touched she is by the response to her song. The above image of Kate was included with the press release, a version of which was originally used on the rear cover of the Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) single sleeve.

“When the first series came out, friends kept asking us if we’d seen ‘Stranger Things’, so we checked it out and really loved it. We’ve watched every series since then, as a family. When they approached us to use Running Up That Hill, you could tell that a lot of care had gone into how it was used in the context of the story and I really liked the fact that the song was a positive totem for the character, Max. I’m really impressed by this latest series. It’s an epic piece of work – the shows are extremely well put together with great characters and fantastic SFX. It’s very touching that the song has been so warmly received, especially as it’s being driven by the young fans who love the shows. I’m really happy that the Duffer Brothers are getting such positive feedback for their latest creation. They deserve it.” – Kate Bush



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  1. Jacquie

    I love how the new fans are discovering Kate Bush for the first time, they are in for an amazing journey. I have loved her music all my life it’s so interesting. I hope she brings out a new album soon or a show that would fantastic ❤

  2. Raymond

    Been into Kate since I was 17, I’m 58 now. So thrilled that all these youngsters will be discovering “The Ninth Wave”, “ The Dreaming” & “Ariel”(my favourites). It’s just fantastic!!!

  3. Davie

    It is so typical of Kate to offer praise to others when she is so generously offering one of her own masterpieces. If I may say, your response is a noble and dignifies one Kate.

  4. Scott

    Always classy & generous. Kate is amazing, which I’ve known for 40 years. So happy to see her getting the recognition she deserves for her song – and hopefully gaining all sorts of new fans in the process.

  5. As humble as ever Ms Bush! I’ve adored you since day 1. I always will. It’s so exciting to see you in the press again. Wouldn’t a little interview somewhere be nice??!!

  6. Andrea Marhofer

    Andrea Marhofer
    Kate’s my favourite singer since I’ve been 14! Still listening to her music, specially early work ❤️❤️❤️
    Welcome, youngsters, to fantastic world of Kate’s lyrics and notes!

  7. Sky Boswell

    For me it’s like being transported back to 1985 again – except that this time the whole world seems to have gone crazy with enthusiasm for Kate’s music. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Dream on! Well done Kate. xxx

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