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A few short weeks ago I’d never have imagined I’d be running this headline. For us fans, it feels historic. Kate has achieved her second NUMBER ONE single in the UK Top 40, something she hasn’t done since Wuthering Heights in 1978. It reflects the huge global chart success that Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) is having after it was used so powerfully in Stranger Things on Netflix. Reaching the summit in her home country in this way feels like her crowning achievement. We’ll have all the media reaction and chart facts and figures in upcoming posts, but for now I’d simply like to congratulate Kate on her astounding success. You deserve every minute of it – Seán x

Dave Cross from HomeGround writes: “When Running Up That Hill first came out it was such a special time for us at Homeground, and all Kate fans as we watched the world catch up with Kate and her beautiful music, and now nearly 40 years later it’s quite extraordinary and a bit surreal to watch it happen again, but this time it’s bigger. Congratulations to Kate, and everyone involved. Dave xx

And here are some words from Krys on behalf of herself and Peter at HomeGround: “What a wonderful and exciting time we find ourselves in in this crazy world. Number One! Over the last couple of weeks we have watched as Running Up That Hill has exploded around the planet. It shows the power and longevity of this remarkable song. It was powerful in 1985, when most of us were in our teens and twenties. There was nothing like it – it was fresh and full of energy. Now it’s happening to a new audience: a brilliant and positive song for them to enjoy and feel just like we did then and have carried it with us ever since. Congratulations, dearest Kate. With love, Krys xxx


Kate is No.1 in Ireland!


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  1. Vanessa Townsend

    I still can’t believe it didn’t reach No.1 when it was first released. I played it to death at university, to the point where my flatmates kidnapped my Hounds of Love album!!

  2. Sarah Hatto

    I have always loved this song – I was actually playing it whilst I was reading the news the song was listed as number one.
    Kate; you are amazing.

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