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Record Store Day disc update: wide availability in stores!

We have today confirmed that there will be 10,000 copies of Kate’s Eat The Music 10″ vinyl picture disc single available worldwide on this Saturday April 20th as part of Record Store Day – in other words, plenty available and remaining copies should be on sale through indie stores online from next Monday too. This is great news for those Kate Bush fans worried that all the copies would be snapped up and sold instantly by unscrupulous sellers on sites like Ebay or Discogs – only a small fraction of copies will.

To put this in perspective, previous limited RSD releases by Kate had allocations which ran from only 1,000-4,000 copies worldwide. So, while there is definitely a demand for these discs, and indie record stores have been very enthusiastic about them, enough have been pressed up to help every fan get one.

Therefore our advice is:

  • Don’t be tempted to pay inflated prices by opportunistic sellers on auction sites on Saturday!
  • Do visit and support your local independent record store on the day!
  • We will do our part by helping to share where copies are available to purchase on online indie record stores from 8pm Monday 22nd April (UK/Ireland time).
  • Many thanks to the folks at The state51 Conspiracy for updating me today, a great help to Kate’s fans!
Indie record stores have been previewing the disc on social media

Read more about Kate’s upcoming 10″ picture disc release of Eat The Music and her role as UK Record Store Day Ambassador here. Find your local participating record store here.


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  1. Sky Boswell

    Wonderful news! I am sure that Kate has been frustrated to learn that many genuine fans have not been able to secure limited editions of her books in recent years, and that while fans struggle the army of profiteers somehow always manage to get hold of copies to sell on at overinflated prices online. So, if Kate has been personally involved in this increase in the number of RSD Eat The Music discs that will be available, then well done!

  2. Adrian Price

    I’m completely amazed a few days after Records store today and I managed to find a copy of this in Australia at my local participating store. I had about four copies in total. I’m glad that there was some distribution outside of the UK.

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