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Despite being told in advance I ommited to tell you all that a Kate clip was to be featured on Top Of The Pops 2 on Wednesday 14th for Valentines Day. As it turns out it’s being repeated on Saturday 17th February at 5.35pm on BBC2. You can watch Kate’s 1986 performance of Hounds Of Love from the show. The clip seems to have generated some “where is she now?” questions from viewers and I’d like to welcome several new visitors who were curious enough to find this site as a result! (Thanks to Bart, Talia Nix, Jane Blackley and Derek)

Michael Leitz writes: “Hounds Of Love, recently re-released on the “Simply Vinyl” label, is now being listed among their “best sellers” and featured on their indexpage (thanks Michael)

Newsbits round-up…

Newsbits: Sozo has contacted the site to let us know that he has a listing of Kate-related news from Japan at his site here…Mark on the guestbook tells us that in a New Years message to her fans Chrissie Hynde says that she is listening to a lot of Kate Bush and Pearl Jam, but that they won’t be influencing her new record…Sky Movies used Wow recently in the trailer to their screening of Return to Oz (thanks to Jon Bishop)…Ofer Shinar from Israel writes: “Momus, the not so famous but very intelligent alternative musician, is now working on an album inspired, among other things, by Kate. Here’s what he writes on his website: “The theme for this record is ‘Kahimi goes Prog’. I have attempted to make a medieval-flavoured Prog Pop sound. My models are songs like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen and ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Kate Bush.” Read more about Momus here

Kate painting by Herb LeonhardHerb Leonhard is exhibiting some of his Kate Bush-inspired art (such as “The Sensual World”, pictured) at his website hereUPDATE: Herb now has an excellent new gallery of oil paintings based on each song of The Ninth Wave cycle. (Which reminds me, a great new gallery of paintings will soon be debuting on the HomeGround Pages, watch this space).

Thanks to everyone who’s emailed to let me know that Channel 4 in the UK will be screening a programme presented by Graham Norton of the top 100 singles of all time, the TV trailer of which features Kate in the elusive “red dress” version of  Wuthering Heights...which may well be shown on the night…VCRs set for stun! It will be shown at 8pm on Saturday 6th January. Update: Kate’s track was voted in at number 49 out of a possible 900 singles, Michael Leitz has a low quality video download of the Kate segment of the show here (1min 50 secs, heavily compressed, approx 500kb). (Thanks to Darren Brown, Talia Nix, Simon O’Donovan and Big Stripey Brian in Dublin)

Happy New Year! Newsbits round-up…

20th Century Rock & Roll: Women In RockHappy New Year! Thought I’d kick off what should be an interesting year for Kate fans with some newsbits:…as well as The Whole Story being released Simply Vinyl are also reissuing their 180g deluxe vinyl pressing of  Hounds Of Love, read more here…Dale Sherman let me know that he has written a new book entitled 20th Century Rock & Roll: Women In Rock (ISBN 1-896522-29-7), the book, out on the 10th January, features a well-researched essay on Kate’s career among over 90 other entries…Michael Leitz has unearthed a previously unknown version of James And The Cold Gun by a Japanese band called Pageant. Apparently, it’s an old track from the 80’s, but the album it’s on has been re-released, read more here (Gaffaweb is a great resource for looking up versions of Kate’s songs by other artists)…

DVD Express are still listing an unconfirmed imminent release of The Line, The Cross & The Curve on the format…VH1 (UK) will be screening the little-seen video of  The Man I Love (Kate & Larry Adler) on Sunday 28th Jan @ 17.00 GMT…Danny Diess got a great reaction to his performance of Get Out Of My House (see below and current HomeGround), Danny is seeking sponsorship to help him to put on his 75 minute show “The Song Of Solomon” based around 13 of Kate’s songs, using costume, dance and mime and very simple sets, email him here…(newsbit thanks to Michael Leitz, Danny Diess, Dale Sherman, Collin Kelley and John Harper)


Newsbits: Kate is currently Songwriter Of The Week on BBC Radio 2. Two tracks are being played each night at 11.50pm. Already played are Army Dreamers, Wuthering Heights, The Man With The Child In His Eyes and Moments Of Pleasure (thanks to Mark)….Michael Leitz reports that the new edition of the Prince fanzine “Uptown” features an article on Michael Koppelman’s experience engineering Prince’s contribution to Why Should I Love You on Kate’s The Red Shoes, read an extract here.

More newsbits…

More newsbits:…large online shopping websites are listing a new deluxe 180g vinyl re-release of The Whole Story for 30th October on the Simply Vinyl label (Cat# SVLP268)….Kate is mentioned several times in the new autobiography by singer/actress/TV personality Toyah Willcox: “Living Out Loud”. Toyah, a big Kate fan, has previously told how she nearly crashed her car the first time she heard Moments Of Pleasure on the radio!….Mná na hÉireann is once again (!) featured on new sampler “Highlands – Impressions From The Islands and Highlands” (East West/Warner), which also features The Corrs, Clannad and Loreena McKennitt among others….In this month’s Q Magazine Sinead O’Connor is asked about her admiration for Kate, and says that her favourite track is Wuthering Heights….On the 22nd October in The Netherlands a theatre concert performance by four famous Dutch female singers included what was described as a breathtaking performance of “This Woman’s Work” by Lucretia van der Vloot….(newsbit thanks to Michael Leitz, Beate Meiswinkel, Dennis Simcott, Loek, Marinus de Goederen).


Newsbits:…The latest edition of Record Collector magazine reports on the upcoming remaster CDs and the recent intrusion into Kate’s private life by the UK tabloids (described by RC as a “dreadful invasion”), also the latest issue of HomeGround magazine is reviewed and is rightly described as “very polished…lots of crisp text…a lustrous read”….those curious to hear Velvet Belly‘s version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes can try a link at, also there is an edited e-greeting card version of the track at, (thanks to Dominic on the guestbook)….a report in the Australian newspaper The Sunday Telegraph that Peter Gabriel will perform “his hit duet with Kate Bush, Don’t Give Up, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games”, just be careful not to read that to mean that Kate will be there also! (thanks to David McInnes)….the BBC have been in touch to let me know that Kate’s first single (and poster campaign) is featured in their programme “I Love 1978” on Saturday 16th Sept, presented by Linda “Wonder Woman” Carter!!….Friday Sept 22nd (12 midnight) at Klub Z in Portland Oregon USA is where you can hear Danny Diess and his show perform a “very theatrical and visual” Get Out Of My House, as a taster for his in-the-works tribute show (see August 5th news)….in Japan Wuthering Heights is being used as the theme music for a Sunday Night talk show “Much Ado About Love” (thanks to Craig Larsen)….compilation favourite Mná na hÉireann is included on the new Dutch collection “Female Passion – Women Of This World” (thanks to Bart)….


After Kate’s baby news, normal service resumes….here’s some newsbits: Ben Humble reports that the Brazil Soundtrack CD featuring Kate on the title track is back on the record shelves in London, this time without lyric insert…Jean-Michel Jarre has revealed that he originally wrote the track Give Me A Sign from his latest album Metamorphoses especially for Kate, but at the time she was unable to record it…Danny Diess in the US is organising a tribute show based on Kate’s work, he has more auditions on Sept 20th in Club Z in Portland, Oregon, email him for more details….Dianne writes to tell us about a Charlie Morgan website, Charlie being Kate’s drummer on a number of her albums, check it out here….HomeGround magazine have photos of their fan gathering at Glastonbury online now….USA Today have reported that the director of Disney’s Dinosaur, Eric Leighton has said that Kate’s song wasn’t used because “the rest of the score was instrumental, and hearing a voice singing seemed to confuse and unsettle the [test] audience”….for everyone who’s been asking I’ll have extra track details for the forthcoming reissue CD’s as soon as I get them!


Al MurphyThe soundtrack CD to a new German two-part film “Meine Grüne Freiheit” features Kate’s recording of Mná na hÉireann. Set in Ireland this German/Irish co-production will be screened by RTL Television in Germany on Saturday and Sunday, May 20/21, 20.15h. The CD is entitled “Best Of Ireland” released by WEA/East-West (thanks to Michael Leitz)

Alan Barnes has launched a new website commemorating the life and work of Alan Murphy (pictured left), the hugely talented guitarist who worked with Kate consistently through her career up till his death in October 1989. You can visit the site at:


Q Magazine continue their obsession with polls this month with their listing of the “top 100 British albums ever”. Kate polls respectably high at number 20 with Hounds Of Love. (thanks to Lorraine)….check out the HomeGround pages for info on this year’s fan gathering at Glastonbury Tor….new Máire Brennan album “Whisper to the Wild Water” features her duet with Michael McDonald on Don’t Give Up….


As fans continue to wait for more word on the rumoured re-masters of Kate’s albums, the 1997 re-issued Hounds Of Love was released in Canada on March 28th (see this discography site for scans)….on her official website British singer Alison Moyet has mentioned Kate as one of her favourite female singers along with Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday….Top Of The Pops 2 on BBC TV in the UK have recently shown Kate’s performance of Babooshka originally from the Dr. Hook TV Special in 1980, complete with the bizarre double-sided costume she wore, a nice rarity from the BBC vaults….section from ‘Wow’ was used to soundtrack part of recent ITV doc on celebrity nudity (!)….(Newsbit thanks to Tristan Alzial, John Lang, Jon Bishop, Simon Clarke)

January Newsbits

An article in an American newspaper, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, assesses the enduring influence of Kate, Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith on female music artists in the ’90s, read the full article at their web-site here…..Babooshka and Running Up That Hill are featured on the Now That’s What I Called Music Millennium compilations in the 1980 and 1985 collections…..Kate’s vocal from Don’t Give Up currently being used in Australian Ansett airline ad… more about Disney’s animated movie Dinosaur (which may or may not include the track Kate has recorded for the project) at this web-site here. (newsbit thanks to Collin, Scott and to Joey on


The major Dutch music magazine OOR has issued its list of the 100 most influential female artists of the last 100 years. The list was put together by critics and pop journalists. Kate ranks at number 3, with Aretha Franklin (2) and Madonna (1). An accompanying article mentions her “rich imagination” with “albums full of divine songs”. Chrissie Hynde was interviewed by OOR for this special poll and when asked about Kate’s very high showing she commented “I love Kate. I know she has influenced a lot of female singers, but not me. I like her, as a person, a lot.” (thanks to Marcel Nahapiet)

New Kate Dance Remix: Look out for a 12″ Single by ‘Beyond’, called ‘Still Dream’, a dance re-mix of Cloudbusting featuring Kate’s vocal. It has apparently already been played on BBC Radio 1. White label promo only – available in “good dance record stores”. (thanks to Sebastian who posted this on the guestbook)


Newsbits: According to US music channel VH1, of the 100 most influential women in rock music, Kate ranks at number 46………Máire Brennan of Clannad has recorded a new version of Don’t Give Up with Michael McDonald dueting on a new album Streams, see this web-site……the latest issue of the academic journal Popular Music, (vol. 18/2), has Kate on the cover and an analysis of “Wuthering Heights” by Dr. Nicky Losseff of York University, UK. Her article is titled, “Cathy’s homecoming and the other world: Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights.” (Newsbit thanks to Greg Gilligan, Keith DeWeese and Scott Silzer)


The scheduled US DVD release of The Line, The Cross & The Curve for May 4th has unfortunately been put back by Sony till possibly January 2000 for reasons unknown, to the dismay of those who had ordered it from online stores such as Amazon.Com…..US visitors to the site should look out for the CD soundtrack album to the TV show Felicity, it will contain This Woman’s Work, previously heard on the show…..Brett Anderson, the lead singer of Suede, has long been known to be an ardent admirer of Kate’s work, this week in a UK interview he reveals that Wuthering Heights was the first ever record he bought…..on Dutch TV the new ad for Toyota features Running Up That Hill amid dolphin/nature imagery…(newsbit thanks to Vincent, Hans & Marinus in the Netherlands, and Collin in the US)


Newsbits: This month’s Mojo magazine follows up its celebrity greatest all time singers poll (see Sept ’98 news) with the results of a similar poll conducted among its readership. Kate breaks into the top 50 at number 48…also a recent ITV documentary on UK television, “The Unseen Royals”, prominently featured “This Woman’s Work” during a sequence on the Queens involvement with the Aberfan mining disaster in Wales. It was said by those who saw it to be particularly moving and perfectly fitting for the programme.

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