Catch-up #4 Spin magazine gives Director’s Cut 9/10!

Spin magazine in the US has given Kate’s new album a glowing review and 9 out of 10 stars. We particularly love this summing up: “…the lustiest record in this ever-bodacious cougar’s canon.” We hope Spin is looking forward to this ever-bodacious cougar’s next album as much as we are! Read the full review here. (thanks to Ross Drucker)

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4 Responses to Catch-up #4 Spin magazine gives Director’s Cut 9/10!

  1. giulio says:

    A lusty and lush record. 😉
    Mmh yes, I totally agree! 😉

  2. good to see the US is catching up.
    besides: objectively DC is one of the more interesting releases since 2006.
    real. creative. true

    YY aka TheStoryTeller1618

  3. Cougar? No, seriously… Cougar??? Although the written review doesn’t seem entirely complimentary in my eyes, it’s nice to see they gave Director’s Cut an excellent rating.

    To this day, I do not understand why people are so against The Red Shoes, but I have a theory behind it. I remember 1993 quite well. I also remember The Red Shoes coming out and people’s excitement and enthusiasm for it and the short film. But, along the way, that “like” turned into “dislike” for both. I think people got frustrated waiting for Kate to put out something else, and they took their frustration out on the last thing(s) she did. Over the years, other fans (newer fans) treated the negative opinions of The Red Shoes as gospel, and it suddenly became a “bad” album. Amazing how a few opinions via the internet can persuade so many others. I have always loved The Red Shoes, and I absolutely love ‘Constellation of the Heart’. There, I admitted it. I’m a “Constellation” lover. What DC has done is enforced how much I do love these songs. Kate has taken what I already considered to be strong songs and turn them into something more powerful than I could have imagined. I’m still excited over this album.

  4. Nanette says:

    I’m sorry, but the reviewer is a real dumba**. A male artist wouldn’t be belittled this way. I don’t care if he gave the record a good rating or not; she’s being assessed for her appearance as much as she is for her music.

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