Paddy Bush exhibition in Cavan, Ireland!

Paddy BushThis is fantastic. We’ve been following the travels and music of Kate’s brother Paddy since we started this site and this summer it is all being brought together in a unique exhibition called The Road to Marovany – The Art and Craft of Paddy Bush which takes place from August 13th till September 10th at the Bluewall Gallery, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Paddy tells me that the exhibition gallery is in a lakeland setting about 10 kms from Cavan town and will be full of photos and a lot of musical instruments including the ones that he has played on Kate’s music. The show mainly focuses on music and photography from Madagascar with many photos Paddy took during the trip he recently organised for BBC Radio3. Paddy’s work with glass will be on display and he’ll be giving a talk and demonstration on Wednesday 17th August at 3pm. More details at the gallery website here. (I’ve also just realised that with the release of Director’s Cut this year, Paddy is now the only musician, apart from Kate, to have performed on every single one of her studio albums!)

The Road to Marovany - The Art and Craft of Paddy Bush

The Road to Marovany - Paddy Bush

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3 Responses to Paddy Bush exhibition in Cavan, Ireland!

  1. H.R. Hudson says:

    Congratulations to Paddy on his exhibition at the Bluewall Gallery! I’m on my way to the Bluewall website to see it!!

  2. Rod McKie says:

    I really like that coloured glass object. It’s the kind of thing Jim Woodring might make if he made his cartoons (which feature lts of Eastern swirls and strange objects) out of glass. I hope the exhibition tours and maybe comes to Edinburgh.

  3. Harry Horton says:

    An earlier post on the Kate Bush news web site focused on the issue why Kate Bush was not bigger in America. I found two further separate articles that responded to the Zimmerman article related in an earlier summer 2011 post on this issue. THe two articles are: “Another American looks at why Americans don’t care for Kate Bush” NPR. THe second article: “One more reason (some) Americans Don’t care about” NPR. These pieces center on the Zimmerman Palm Beach Post article.

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