KT Bush Band announce more upcoming gigs!

KT Bush Band

The re-launched KT Bush Band with original members Brian Bath and Vic King continue to make waves with more dates announced for 2016! Joined by Jodie May on vocal duty, and Steve Bevan on Bass the band will bring their unique take on Kate’s early work to the following venues:

Brian says: “Well, it’s all about the music and putting on a great show, these unique songs – album tracks and hit singles – are all in the mix, plus a few stories here and there to bring you closer to the maestro. Come along and grow with us, we need your magical presence to ensure this is the memorable and moving experience you can imagine.”

You can follow the band on their their official site. Brian Bath maintains his own official site here.

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3 Responses to KT Bush Band announce more upcoming gigs!

  1. Alan Greig says:

    When are you coming to Edinburgh? 🙂

    • We’d love to come up to Scotland. First we have to build a fanbase and be sure it doesn’t cost us our houses… and then we have to find some suitable venues that can hold upwards of 200 people to make ticket prices affordable.

      Join our mailing list through the website, or connect on Facebook/Twitter, and you’ll be the first to know when we have a gig confirmed in Edinburgh or nearby. You could also help out by getting more of your local friends and Kate Bush fans to encourage us by signing up. Suggest a favourite venue in the area, and we’ll look into it.

      Best Wishes
      Brian, Vic, Jodie, Rob and Steve

  2. Think about here, Brian: http://leamingtonassembly.com/

    A great, stand-up venue, in a town that loves all things KT – and you can get home on the train (they run late) as it’s 200 yards from the station

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