RIP Terry Jones (1942-2020)

Terry Jones – Director’s Cut album artwork – photo by Tim Walker 2011

Sadly, today we say goodbye to a British comedy legend; actor, writer, comedian, screenwriter, film director and historian, Terry Jones, best known as a member of the Monty Python comedy team. As we all know, Kate has had close friendships and collaborations with many luminaries in British comedy over the years and, rather delightfully, Terry appeared in the artwork to her 2011 album, Director’s Cut, sitting beside Hazel Pethig and Remi Butler on a mysterious train journey. He is credited as portraying “Professor Need”. Terry attended Kate’s Before the Dawn show in September 2014, but had been battling dementia in recent years. Rest in Peace, Terry – thank you for all the laughter! 

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4 Responses to RIP Terry Jones (1942-2020)

  1. Andrew McMichael says:

    I saw Terry in the foyer of the second night I attended and then later after the concert I saw him leave out the back..I said hello and returned the greeting. A great man, RIP!

  2. Robert Godwin says:

    Sat right behind Terry at the BTD concert in London. During the intermission my daughter and I had a chat with him. Had no idea that this terrible illness was looming on the horizon. He was charming, gracious and everything you might hope he would be. I’m so glad I was able to thank him for all the fun and entertainment. RIP Mr Jones.

  3. Gabriella Smith says:

    that is very beauitfuil tribute ,…and he was very funny person Terry Jones .. he always be remembered the laughter he gave to us .. may his family and friends be loved and comfort ,..

  4. Sandra Lockwood says:

    Very sad to hear this news. I am grateful for this brilliant photo and such a glorious expression on Terry’s face.

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