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Stuart Maconie reviews 50 Words For Snow

An old one this, but nice all the same. Stuart Maconie reviews Kate on The Review Show on BBC 2, this clip from November 18th. (thanks Louise)

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“I am enthralled by a musical vision”: The Intercostal Clavicle

8.5/10 from Ben at the sumptuously named Intercostal Clavicle: “It is a calmer, more intimate album than we have come to expect. Of course, intimate moments abound on Kate Bush’s earlier records, but here the dominant sound is piano with … Continue reading

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“A brilliant and warm ode to the season upon us”: The Alternative Review

4 stars from Mathew French at The Alternative Review: “it strains the limits of belief to think that she’s still able after all of these years to churn out material worthy of note, let alone albums that challenge her heyday masterpieces. But … Continue reading

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“A haunting beauty which sends chills down the spine”: The Manc Review

Donna Gorey at the Manc Review: “an album, whose narrative singing and enchanting concept, creates post-modernistic storytelling, reaffirming Kate as an original and experimental artist … a classic album, which nurtures the perpetual willo-the wisp spirit of Kate. Although it takes … Continue reading

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“The loveliest work of Kate’s sparse but uncompromising career”: Dirty Impound

Album of the week from Ron Hart at Dirty Impound: “Though the album title sounds like something conjured up by a cocaine-obsessed rapper like Young Jeezy or Ghostface Killah for his next mixtape banger, it serves as a fitting description … Continue reading

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“Everything that’s lost can return in imagination”: Toronto Globe and Mail

3/4 and ‘Disc of the Week’ from Robert Everett-Green in the Toronto Globe and Mail: “mundane personal experience has never been a big subject for Bush, who prefers situations where her imagination can run without stumbling over too much imposed … Continue reading

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“A perfect isle of seclusion”: The Tune

4/5 from Alex Hall at The Tune: “For an artist who has recorded for over 30 years, simply staying relevant is no slight feat. For Kate Bush relevancy is not an issue, because 50 Words for Snow molds her body of work just as … Continue reading

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“It nails the theme”: Retro/Active

7/10 from Dan Retro/Active: “an interesting album. On one hand, there’s isn’t anything that blows you away, but for what it is aiming for, to be an album in the backdrop of snow, it nails the theme. But it’s also … Continue reading

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“Pretty songs can’t make up for long-winded weirdness”: Newsday

Steve Knopper at Newsday: “a song about getting it on with a snowman … one of several jarring, unpredictable moments on veteran British singer-songwriter and pop experimentalist Kate Bush’s second album of 2011 … Frequently the spacey piano arrangements, stately … Continue reading

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“A complete delight”: Howl

Honor Clement-Hayes at Howl: “As one of Stephen’s 10 squillion Twitter followers, I felt like I’d got the inside scoop when he announced that he was recording with Kate Bush. I wasn’t, obviously. But I felt like I’d discovered an … Continue reading

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“Beautiful despite mischievously close to self-parody”: Cultural Dessert

Robun Simpson in his Cultural Dessert: “Those of us who grew up fascinated by Kate Bush’s voice would probably be happy to listen to her reading the telephone directory. We get close to this on her new album … a quiet, … Continue reading

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“Uncompromisingly original “: Irish Times

4 stars from Sinead Gleeson in the Irish Times: “hugely ambitious while sounding very interior. Poignant and reflective, it requires time and commitment: there are no radio-friendly centrepieces … the production is less crowded than previous work, giving the songs … Continue reading

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“Otherworldly and disarmingly, invitingly human”: Varsity

Another five stars from Rory Williamson at the Cambridge Varsity: “50 Words for Snow – the very idea is excessive, superfluous, even ridiculous, but this is precisely the kind of material from which only Kate Bush can create a masterpiece. … Continue reading

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“Haunting, jazz-based, Gregorian chamber poetry”: Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Short capsule review from Jeff Spevak at the Democrat: “an uncompromising, influential artist. This haunting, jazz-based, Gregorian chamber poetry … lends breathtaking depth to provocative ideas …”

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Soldout Blog: “she has made one of the best albums of her career…it’s a triumph”

Novelist and poet Collin Kelley describes 50 Words For Snow as “perfection” in his review at Soldout Blog: “Among Angels” is an absolutely stunning piece of work and features Kate’s best vocal performance on the album. The new, husky-voiced Kate … Continue reading

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