Kate Bush Fan Podcast – New minisode – The Sensual World (song)

In another shorter minisode, Seán looks at the story of how Kate slowly (and at times painfully) pieced together what would become one of her most celebrated works – her stunning 1989 masterpiece, The Sensual World!

Kate as Molly Bloom

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The 2017 HomeGround party is happening on September 22nd

HomeGround and KateBushNews.com are thrilled to confirm the details of the 2017 party:


 This year’s event takes place on Friday 22nd September and once again, will be at the award-winning Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall, London, SE1.

This will be the 5th year at this much loved club and cabaret venue which last year was awarded listed status. This annual party is a mix of live music and DJ sets and is guaranteed to be all Kate, all night.

The night will feature a special live set by

Mandy Watson, Michael Mayell and Dave Roberts

from the UK’s finest KB tribute band Cloudbusting.


There will also be performances from top cabaret star Rose Garden and exciting new tribute act A Sky of Honey.

Returning to the RVT will be DJs Phil Marriott, Paul Thomas and HomeGround’s Dave Cross.

Each year Kate fans from all over the UK and beyond travel to London for this much anticipated night, which is a unique mix of social event, live music and club night, all set to a soundtrack of Kate Bush music from Wuthering Heights to Before the Dawn.

Cloudbusting perform

Advance tickets are no longer available.

There will be a limited number of tickets on sale on the night.

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Paddy Bush to give music talk in Switzerland on September 21st!

Kate’s brother (and lifetime musical collaborator!) Paddy Bush, has let me know that he will be giving a talk in Aarau, Switzerland on the 21st September. The talk is entitled: “The Beauty and Complexity of Malagasy Music“. The venue, Forumschlossplatz, is about 20 minutes from Zürich and the talk kicks off at 7.15pm that evening. Paddy says he may touch on how the music of Madagascar influenced Kate’s Red Shoes album. The talk will be given in English and Paddy will be playing some of his favourite recordings and playing a couple of tunes himself! The exhibition is called Listening to Madagascar – let your Swiss friends know! The Facebook Event page for Paddy’s talk is here.

From the event site: “The musician Paddy Bush, expert in Madagascan music, discusses his fascination for the complex rhythms and uniqueness of traditional music. He talks about the peculiarities of Madagascan pop and how Madagascar’s music has entered the sounds of Kate Bush. His presentation, in English, is accompanied with numerous musical tastings.”

Paddy Bush talk in Switzerland

About the exhibition (August 19th – Oct 1st):

“Madagascar! The sonorous name offers itself as a place of longing for free-flying fantasies. But how does “Madagascar” sound far away from fantastic performances and images? “Listen to Madagascar” invites you to an auditive journey to this huge island in the Indian Ocean. Teny, Tany, Tantara, are three important aspects for Madagascans. The exhibition leads to the differentiated Malagasy language culture (Teny), we hear what the people (Tany) means, and how they relate to their ancestors (Tantara).” –  download the exhibition catalogue (PDF) here

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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast Minisode 1: Coffee Homeground

In the first of our shorter “minisode” podcasts we (randomly) throw the spotlight on one particular song – this time it’s Coffee Homeground! Seán discusses the tracks origins, it’s distinctive Brechtian feel, the possible influence of a very creepy short story by Roald Dahl and he also looks at how the song was realised on the live stage by Kate back in 1979.

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Coffee Homeground

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Happy Birthday Kate!

Wishing Kate a very happy birthday celebration today! Thank you for the music and for always being you.

Big hugs from Seán, Peter, Dave and Krys xxx

Kate on stage 2014

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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast Episode 4: Des gemmes cachées du Kate Bush!

In this episode Seán is joined on the phone by Tristan in France and they discuss a selection of Kate’s less well-known but nevertheless interesting b-sides and rarer tracks. We also indulge in some very geeky collectors chat. Kate’s French and Irish language recordings are chewed over, her earliest recorded work to be officially released gets due praise and we get to grips with everyone’s favourite 1994 10-minute dance remix – Shoedance! Enjoy.

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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast Episode 3: The Most Wuthering Heights Podcast Ever!

This episode is a celebration of Kate’s debut single, the classic song Wuthering Heights! Seán chats to participants at the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever in Dublin (see the video below featuring hundreds of “Cathys”!) and he explores the story of the song and the Emily Brönte novel; how it immediately thrust Kate into international stardom. It’s our tribute to the lasting legacy of this truly remarkable recording.

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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast – Episode 2: My Life as a Fan

Our second episode is an excuse to take a look at the chronology of Kate’s career through the eyes of a fan who was there from the start – Paul Thomas. Paul chats on the phone to Seán about the early days of KB fandom, meeting Kate, the thrill of each new release and what the music means to him. PLUS an inside look at the making of the cult classic parody film, The Pink Mules (part of which you can see below)!

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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast – Episode 1: A Kate Miscellany – out now!

For our first full podcast episode, Seán and Dave Cross of HomeGround Magazine present each other with a selection of random artefacts and moments from Kate’s almost 40 year career and chat briefly about each one. Just a small dip into the vast ocean of Kate’s work, before we get more specific in future episodes!

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The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever returns July 15th – global events list here!

Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever

It’s back! The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever – after thousands around the world took part last year, 2017 sees even more events planned for this breezy moment of Kate-inspired outdoor fun.

The inspiration for the event began when in 2013 UK performance artists Shambush!’ took their wuthering flash mob act to greater heights in The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience, gathering 300 Kate Bush impersonators and turned a pleasant Sussex park into wily, windy moors filled with Cathy’s performing the iconic Wuthering Heights choreography.

The viral success of their YouTube video has started a movement and in 2016 many sister events called The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, coined by Berlin organiser and musician Sam Wareing, started being created all over Facebook.

Here is the full list with event links (with thanks to The Morning Fog Facebook page for compiling them!)

Berlin, Germany: http://bit.ly/2rjRj5c
Dublin, Ireland: http://bit.ly/2r7ZTVn
Oslo, Norway:http://bit.ly/2sqXCbH
Rotterdam, Netherlands:http://bit.ly/2t9jRzP
Uppsala, Sweden: http://bit.ly/2sRfQkm
Atlanta, United States: http://bit.ly/2sbp9h7
Madison, United States: https://www.facebook.com/events/1409657799127261/
Portland, United States: https://www.facebook.com/events/779047658943122??ti=ia New England, United States: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1657184614532764/

Australian Events:

Adelaide: https://www.facebook.com/events/206547643180579/?hc_location=ufi
Bendigo: http://bit.ly/2rZppO8
Blue Mountains: http://bit.ly/2sr49Dw
Brisbane: http://bit.ly/2shdzSj
Canberra: https://www.facebook.com/events/119786128585581
Gold Coast: http://bit.ly/2rfbAOj
Hobart: http://bit.ly/2rfp1xB
Melbourne: http://bit.ly/2sgYWyl
Newcastle: http://bit.ly/2rjTA0b
New South Wales: https://www.facebook.com/events/496907867326910/?ti=icl
North Lismore: http://bit.ly/2rZMAaN
Sydney: http://bit.ly/2sr3Qb

If you have an event to add to this list, please email sean@katebushnews.com

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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast – coming soon! Listen to our teaser episode!

We’re delighted to let you know that this site will soon begin regular publication of a podcast for all fans of Kate Bush to listen to – The Kate Bush Fan Podcast from KateBushNews.com and HomeGround Magazine. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and all usual places – for now you can hear our shorter teaser episode below!

In this short intro episode, Seán Twomey announces the podcast and we include an interview Seán did with Mandy Watson, backstage in the Sugar Club in Dublin, where she was performing with Michael Mayell as the “Kate Bush Songbook” aka the acclaimed Kate Bush tribute band, Cloudbusting. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to let us know what you’d like to hear on the podcast by emailing us: podcast@katebushnews.com UPDATE: You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes – never miss an episode!

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Kate is guest editor of “The Mays” anthology from Cambridge and Oxford students!

The Mays number XXV

Kate has guest edited the 25th edition of “The Mays”. Since 1992, The Mays has published an annual selection of the best and most exciting new writing and artwork from students at the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Previous guest editors include Seamus Heaney, Stephen Fry, Ted Hughes, Nick Cave and Philip Pullman. More at their Facebook page here or it can be purchased directly here.

Kate says: “I really enjoyed reading all of these poems. Full of life, fun and expression. I wanted to keep them all but it wasn’t allowed. I sneaked an extra one in.”


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Brian Bath plays UK radio studio concert

Our friend Brian Bath will be performing new and exciting work on Phoenix Community Radio on Friday 19th May, 8pm-10pm, and we’re very happy to spread the word! Brian will perform some of his own songs and even some of Kate’s. The concert will also feature founding member of the KT Bush Band, Vic King. £4 admission. Details in the poster below. You can listen live via the station’s website.

Brian Bath radio concert poster

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Brisbane in June hosts “In the Warm Room: The Music of Kate Bush 1978-1980”

IN THE WARM ROOM: The Music Of Kate Bush 1978-1980

The Queensland Cabaret Festival 2017 (based in Brisbane, Australia) is presenting a major concert work based on Kate’s music on Friday 9th June 2017. Working with local creative production house Electric Moon, the show is entitled “IN THE WARM ROOM: The Music Of Kate Bush 1978-1980” and will feature key songs from the albums The Kick Inside, Lionheart and Never for Ever. Electric Moon’s producer and musical director James Lees is bringing together eight vocalists (four male, four female) and a ten piece band to reinterpret and reimagine the songs for a theatrical live performance setting. Venue: POWERHOUSE THEATRE 119 Lamington Street, New Farm, QLD 4005, Australia

BOOKINGS – http://brisbanepowerhouse.org/events/2017/06/09/in-the-warm-room/

In The Warm Room publicity photo

The key image for the show was devised by James Lees in collaboration with photographer Sam Scoufos (Compadre Picture Co) and art director Brett Harris. It features five of the singers – (L-R) Sandro Colarelli, Alison St Ledger, Josh Daveta, Lucinda Shaw, SS.Sebastian as well as nine Kate Bush visual references.


Electric Moon have previously presented highly acclaimed bespoke shows based on Lou Reed’s “Transformer”, David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” and John Cameron Mitchell’s “Hedwig And The Angry Inch” as well as a range of original performance works, collaborating with a wide range of Australian performers, actors and singers.

“It’s an equal mixture of fear and excitement to be taking on the performance and presentation of Kate’s complex and impossibly beautiful music.” Lees explains, “We chose to focus in on those first three albums as they form a beautiful trio of her early sound and musical spirit, just before she jumped into the experimentation and innovation of her 80’s material. The show title ‘In The Warm Room’ means a rarefied and intimate space and I think that a lot of fans of her music might feel that this could be a metaphor for the special space in your heart and mind that these songs might dwell in. Of course it is also the tender and sensual ballad from Lionheart and will definitely be performed as part of the show. We also wanted to steer clear of the music that Kate herself performed in the recent Before The Dawn concerts. As we begin rehearsals, it is a magical experience to bring these songs to life, almost like they are being beamed in from another dimension. Every one of us is a diehard Kate devotee – we can’t wait to perform the full show and share it with her legions of Australian fans.”

Sandro Colarelli, Lisa Crawley, Josh Daveta, Bethan Ellsmore, Daniel Hack, SS.Sebastian, Lucinda Shaw and Alison St Ledger

Drums/MD: James Lees
Piano/Keys: Parmis Rose
Keys/Violin: Salliana Campbell
Cello: Wayne Jennings
Guitars: Ruth Gardner, Mark Angel
Bass: Robert Harley
Sax/Winds: Andrew Saragossi
Backing Vocalist: Rachael Dixon
Violin/Keys/Piano Accordion/Balalaika: Benjamin Drozdovskii
Front of House Sound: Chris Neehause


For more information about Electric Moon – www.electricmoon.com.au / www.facebook.com/electricmoonevents/

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Hounds of Love “multi-sensory event” being held in London in April

Immersive Music event

Update: Thanks to the nice people at Immersive Music we have 5 pairs of tickets to give away! To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is answer the following question:

On one song on the Hounds of Love album, something gets hidden in a garden. What is it? Update: Competition is now closed and winners have been chosen – thanks! p.s. the correct answer is: a yo-yo 🙂

Please send your answer to competition@katebushnews.com – if you are successful I will then be in touch by email to get your ticket details to you. The competition runs till the end of Wednesday March 22nd at which point the random draw will be made. Winners can choose to attend on either Thursday 20th, Friday 21st or Saturday 22nd April shows at an as yet undisclosed location in London. Good luck! p.s. if you can’t wait, tickets are available here.

Competition Rules: Competition ends March 23rd, 2017 at 23:59 (GMT). One entry per person. Multiple entries, the registration of multiple email addresses for one person and incomplete entries will result in disqualification. katebushnews.com is not responsible for the timeliness of delivery or electronic or computer malfunctions that may affect the delivery or content of entry. Winners will be selected in a random draw from all eligible entries on or about March 24th, 2017. Winners will be notified by email. If winners cannot be reached within 3 days of notification, alternate winners will be selected. Event takes place in London, UK and winners need to be available to make their own travel arrangements to attend. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable. No substitution or cash equivalent will be made. All decisions of katebushnews.com is final.

Here’s some news about an event happening over 3 nights in London in April. Immersive Music presents: ‘Hounds of Love’ From the Press release: “Following the success of last year’s sold-out event, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Immersive Music is back, and it’s taking on another iconic album. This time you will be taken deep into the heart and soul of Kate Bush’s highly-acclaimed fifth album, the self-produced ‘Hounds of Love’. For a limited time this April, this famous album will be brought to life at a secret location with a unique, multi-sensory experience like no other. Guiding you on a fully interactive adventure using performance, artwork and music, Immersive Music will give you a unique insight into this pivotal album and you will be able to experience it in ways unimaginable.

All of the night’s activities will culminate in a live performance of the album in its entirety (by leading UK tribute act, Cloudbusting). So, if you’re a Kate Bush fan, it’s kind of  compulsory. Celebrate one of the world’s best-loved musicians with a completely out of this world experience where you can look, listen, feel and interact with ‘Hounds of Love’. You’ll get to live the legend as if you were part of the songs themselves. Make a deal with god, wake the witch inside you and let them transport you into the tranquil, frantic, dreamy and chaotic world of Kate Bush. The event takes place at an undisclosed location in North London on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 20th – 22nd April.”

See www.immersivemusic.co.uk for more details. Or find details on social media: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

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