NewsbitsCourtney Love, singer with the band Hole, has commented on her site’s guestbook in a “battle of the bands” between PJ Harvey and Tori Amos. Courtney posted: “Polly (wins) hands down. Also dont forget for ducks sake there is someone named KATE BUSH- if you like tori for all that glossy beauty doll stuff you might like kate better (never forever and lionheart)”…longtime Kate fan Andrew Marvick has posted on the love-hounds mailing list that “[…] he thought he should mention that the word “gaffa” (with that spelling) will be published in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, and Kate Bush (writing in an old issue of The Kate Bush Club Newsletter) will be cited as the “first” to have used this spelling in print.”…new cover version of Cloudbusting from a band called Novembre from the album ‘Novembrine Waltz’. “It’s a kind of dark and impressive gothic metal.” writes Achim Riehn from Germany (thanks Achim)….A programme aired on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday afternoon (21st Oct) called ‘Adventures in Poetry’ which explored the poetry and writings on Emily Bronte. During the 30 min programme there was a clip of Kate singing ‘Wuthering Heights’ and an old interview clip of her saying where she got the idea for the clip from. (thanks to Simon O’Donovan)….Danny Diess updates us on progress of his Kate tribute show: “We are starting rehearsals on November 17th and rehearsing up until February. The songs and the sets have been chosen and the set list consists of 10 tracks, with some live musicians and a cast of 8 people. The  songs are Running Up That Hill, Hounds Of Love, Waking The Witch, Breathing, Lily, The Sensual World, Cloudbusting, Get Out Of My House, Sat In Your Lap and Wuthering Heights. We are planning to perform in Europe in July 2001” (thanks Danny)….In an interview in the Radio Times, impersonator and comedienne Ronni Ancona, best known for her impression of Posh Spice on Alistair McGowan’s BBC TV show, has been asked about whether there is a song lyric that means something to her. “There is a line form a Kate Bush song Oh England my Lionheart – ‘Peter Pan steals the kids in Kensington Park’, I always remember that line and think about it, I don’t know why”. (thanks to Lorraine in St Helens)….Talia Nix writes: “The instrumental section from “Jig of Life” was used on BBC2’s “The Ad Factor” – a documentary about marketing Guinness in Ireland.”