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The Long Shadow of Kate Bush

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd writes in the Riff City music column from New York: “Though not quite as elusive as Sade, the god Kate Bush is something like a unicorn in the music world. Breaks between her albums have felt like eons for megafans — four years between Hounds of Love and the Sensual World, four more ‘til The Red Shoes, and a punishing 12 more before the double album Aerial (2005), during which we wondered if she’d just decided to pack it in. Of those 12 years, she spent nine of them making Aerial. Bless the artist who takes pains and patience. After a press flurry around the record and a couple interviews in which she debunked notions that she was a weirdo recluse because she didn’t show up at star-flecked parties, she returned to silence.” Read the full article here.


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  1. I listened to “Hounds of Love” and “Aerial” over two nights. And the stuff never gets old. Ever. “Hounds of Love”-the album just brought back so many wonderful memories. And “A Sky of Honey” is a continuation of The Ninth Wave portion. All of the pianos and instruments are so similar in tone. Thank you so much, Kate for your two masterpieces!!

  2. Wait…is she saying Sade is more elusive than Kate? Sade might go years between albums, but when she returns she does a good bit of press, videos and tours. Sorry, Julianne, you missed the mark there.

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