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Irish radio review of Director’s Cut: “Fantastic, rewarding, very lush…”

The Dublin radio station Phantom 105.2 featured a review of Director’s Cut this morning, with journalist Eamon Sweeney of The Irish Independent. You can hear it here (with thanks to Tom on our forum)

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Five Reasons Why Kate Bush Is Still More Vital Than Anyone Else


NME “first listen” review of Director’s Cut: “…like a fine wine maturing”


  1. Pól

    Thanks for that. Very interesting.

  2. philip lau

    Nice one, sean. Thank you for link. Listening to radio review on my ipad.

  3. momentum

    At the end of the radio interview, it’s mentioned that an album of new material will be released next year, has that been confirmed anywhere?

  4. Jamie

    :DDDDDD Am happy now, was getting a bit worried about the whole idea but if they think its worth while…when’s this bloody film coming out already, hate all this waaaaiting.

  5. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Thanks for posting this!
    Nice review! 🙂

  6. Tom

    Thank you for this. After Deeper Understanding I had my concerns about the album so this gives me hope.

  7. Jaakko

    nice 🙂

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