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NME “first listen” review of Director’s Cut: “…like a fine wine maturing”

Another review to whet our appetites for the new album appeared today courtesy of Priya Elan at the NME here. May 16th cannot get here quick enough! (with thanks to Louise)


Irish radio review of Director’s Cut: “Fantastic, rewarding, very lush…”


Flower of the Mountain – first official preview clip posted!


  1. Vindrag (Sweden)

    2 “reviews” so far then!!! 🙂
    And both of them have given the album something similar to a 4/5 grade, no?
    Ahhh… I cannot wait to read more, positive and negative.

  2. Jamie

    😀 Can’t wait now! I will never get my dissertation finished if she keeps posting these amazing snippets…

  3. This article makes me want the album even more!

  4. mats (another swede)

    This is so great, i realy look forward to this album

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