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“Hilarious” or “Fearless”: Radio 4 Saturday Review

Half the panel either have a good laugh (“hilarious”) at Kate’s new album on Radio 4’s Saturday Review programme, or they think it’s dull (“nothing is going on”). This is something which one of those oft-mentioned “men of a certain age” I remember from British media reaction to The Dreaming. The other half including host Tom Sutcliffe, show some understanding of the album (“a fearless creator”). Find the review at 36 minutes into the stream.


“Album of the year? By a country mile. Absolutely essential”: Music


“Pretentious, otherworldly, delightful, and constantly arresting”: Christ and Pop Culture


  1. Neil

    Nothing going on? Well a childs journey as a snowflake,A ghost rising up from a lake,a tryst with a snowman come to life, 2 spirits destined to keep falling in love over time,fun with made upwords for snow and a homage to friends/angles in your hour of need.
    Lets look at say the standard subject fair on a lot of todays music….i fancy you,i’m great ,i think you’re great,and do you fancy me?…..and thats about it .

  2. Another Swede

    Well, even the most former critical reviewers to Kates work has given this album very good reviews in Sweden.

  3. John

    Have to laugh at’s responses to anything that is less than gushing of this album. Have you guys ever heard of impartial reporting of news items? Some of the positive praise this album is getting is nothing short of boot licking, yet not a snide remark about that!

    Ironic considering good and bad reviews come from the same place and mindset.

    • Funnily enough John this is not an impartial news site; it’s a site run by Kate Bush fans, so we have our opinions on reviewers opinions.

      If you want impartial comment by people who are not fans, sorry John, this is not the place to come.

      • Rich

        I’m a fan but if the album has had a couple of indifferent/bad reviews, so what? Not everyone will like the same thing.

  4. Neil

    Well the thing is that whilst i agree that Misty is a bit long it can be taken at different levels.It can be about just about going to bed with a snow man literally and him melting which is equally funny and tragic .It could also be about awakening sexual stirings in a young girl via a dream about a snowman on a more serious note.It could be about a girl hallucinating or goin bonkers…..going out on a ledge ,she sings.

  5. John

    Fair do’s, and I don’t suppose I could have expected more than fawning, and gushing over the good reviews, yet almost childlike bitterness at the few naysayers.

    It would just be nice if you could make up your minds up one way or the other about the critics. Some will like her (possibly because they get the interviews), some won’t (possibly because they don’t get the interviews). I would have thought after thirty years it wouldn’t be such a big issue anymore. I’ve been a Kate fan long enough to know that critical acclaim/rubbishing isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

    They hated The Dreaming – were they wrong to do so. Therefore, by the same logic the universal praise being heaped onto this record must be a bad sign surely? It’s funny how quickly some fans accept the establishment in the end.

  6. Neil

    In the end you either like it or dont and it’s possible to like some parts and not others.

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