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Kate lends her support to Liam – now out of “The Voice”

Liam Tamne lost in the Battle Round on last Saturday’s edition of the show. On her official site Kate posted:

Liam, you mustn’t be disheartened. You really have a special talent and you’re a fantastic singer. You’ve already been heard and appreciated by a huge audience. Try not to be too disappointed. Just keep going. I’m sure that your nan would be very proud of you having achieved so much. Good luck with all your future projects.

Liam responded on his facebook page: “I love this Lady so much. This is Fantastic. Thank You Kate Bush“.

Liam had covered This Woman’s Work in a previous round of the competition, a version Kate had found “absoloutely stunning“.

We rather liked the comment by Tom Hawking on Flavorwire: “Frankly, if doesn’t like you and Kate Bush does, you’re probably doing something right, and Tamne will hopefully go on to have a successful and productive career. What it all boils down to is more proof that the most interesting thing about shows like American IdolThe X Factor, and The Voice is rarely the winners.”


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  1. Mark

    Only Kate would do something like this.

  2. John V-W

    Most established musicians seem to look down their nose at these sorts of shows, and by implication, the people who appear on them to perform. Kate, in contrast, looks at the individual talent and human aspect of it, regardless of ‘corporate’ or ‘political’ backdrop and that does seem to be a refreshing difference from the norm.

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