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David Rhodes on Before the Dawn rehearsals: “Kate sings beautifully”

David RhodesThe current edition of the NME has a piece which speculates on what Kate’s ‘Before the Dawn’ live shows might consist of. Not much in the way of earth-shattering stuff here, we all know already that Kate intends to feature the tracks from The Ninth Wave in some way (she said so herself on her own site). There is a nice quote from David Rhodes who has been rehearsing his guitar parts with Kate:

“[Kate]’s charming, funny and sings beautifully. Sadly, that’s probably the extent of what I can divulge at the moment.”

Building on speculation that the shows are going to be more than just a regular band gig, an “insider” is quoted as saying: “It’s her statement that she wants to come back to the stage…it’ll be a Kate Bush show, but it’ll be theatrical and tell a story.” We have a feeling they could very well be right! Read the full article here.


“Before the Night”: The 2014 HomeGround Kate Party


Q Magazine and Gay Times warmly welcome Kate’s stage return!


  1. I’ve been waiting since April Fool’s Day to see someone in the mainstream media leak the “news” that everyone will have to wear a life preserver…

  2. Donna Rees

    From the moment I saw the photography publicising these shows I just knew these concerts would not be straightforward rock shows, more theatrical, atmospheric and intimate, with the concept of The Ninth Wave being the heart of it, whatever will unfold, it will sound great and be visually stunning, so much creativity and innovation in modern theatre these days, I’m sure it will be amazing, I hope Kate is having a blast rehearsing for this and enjoys the shows even more, I’m lucky to be going in September, cannot wait!

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