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Before the Dawn to be filmed for DVD/Album sales surge

Inevitably, Kate has arranged for her new live show Before the Dawn, to be filmed with the intention of producing a DVD of the production. This will be done at the performances on 16th and 17th September. Some ticket holders for those shows have been notified by the venue that their seats have been moved in order to accommodate the cameras and other equipment.

Meanwhile the explosion of publicity around the live shows, which we already knew had propelled all of Kate’s albums back into the charts, has produced a sales surge on Amazon averaging 2,813%. This however conceals an 8,000% increase in sales of The Red Shoes, and a 5,000% increase in sales of Hounds of Love.


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Kate nominated for two Q Magazine Awards!


Q Magazine has Kate cover feature – “Her Remarkable Triumph!”


  1. i think its fantastic that her sales are up but…dont forget her early stuff…the dreaming is the best darn lp ever.

  2. Blackbird Braille

    Such AMAZING news!! Thank you Kate! Will see you this Friday.

  3. Ilario

    Great! but I hope will become a dvd of the whole gig! Not a Highlights! 😉
    and don’t forget all her clips…
    thanx to all!

  4. Annette Dewgarde

    That is fantastic news this will be a must for me . I was lucky enough to have tickets to see Kate but to be able to relive the experience will be the icing on the cake. It still feels like, did I actually see her still very surreal. The show was amazing and so much going on that I am sure I missed some things on the stage. Too many wow factors to take it in. Can hardly wait for the DVD to come out. Brightest Blessings to Kate and the team who have worked so hard to put this all together and make so many peoples dreams come true.

  5. I’ll be there the 16th – crazy excited! And I couldn’t agree with Mickilus more – The Dreaming remains a masterpiece. Being an American, I was late discovering that the UK press had decimated the album and that it was considered a failure. WHAT? Blew my little mind into a million little pieces! Nothing transformed my relationship to music, to art, like that lush and harrowing sonic journey through characters and moods. It still moves and surprises me. And Kate was just 24.

  6. Steve Hoare

    Oh thank heavens…a live DVD… the 16th is the date we should have been there. Due to my PC crashing, I lost my tickets when I was timed out and it was like a kick in the guts. At least we’ll be able to see what we missed.
    Someone needs to produce a definitive promo collection too, while Kate is sooooo high profile, it would be amazing.I am so pleased.

  7. Debra Clark

    Fantastic news. Yes, please let it be the whole show. Not just highlights like the original tour, especially for those who couldn’t get tickets. I was lucky enough to be in row J 33, so was so close and part of the show went past me. Then enquired the next day and got stalls and a whole new perspective. What a fantastic show! I have one regret. I asked if I would be able to get my present ( a giraffe, draught excluder) to Kate at the end, or should I hand it to the official I was talking too. She said it was best she took it and she would give it to the production team. I was only five back when I went in and someone gave her flowers. So I don’t know if she got it OK or not. Debs Clark.

  8. giulio

    Thank Kate we’ll have a DVD release 😉

  9. Conrad

    While the shows are definitely being filmed, do we know for sure it’s for a definite DVD release?

    • We know the shows are being filmed. There seems to be an intention that this will be for a DVD release. We’ll know for sure when we hold it in our hands.

  10. Trevor

    I would also like to say the ‘The Dreaming’ is Kate Bush’s greatest album (so far)

  11. Benito

    Please correct the spelling of accommodate in this post, it is very earatating.

    • According to the Business Writing Center, accommodate makes the top 25 list of the most commonly misspelled words in business writing. We’ve been in a big hurry over the last week or so so thanks for letting us know.

  12. Kozmic

    Well, as it seems to be the place to declare his love for “The Dreaming”… YES “The Dreaming” is an incredible album !!! And I would love to see one day an “immersive” or deluxe version full of unreleased demos…
    But all the others albums from Kate are also excellent !

  13. A DVD will be great to have. I saw the show on the 9th, but was pretty far back in the circle (balcony) seats, so it’ll be nice to get a closer look at what was going on on stage.

    But even far away, it was awesome to be there in the theater where Kate was performing (and great performances from the other singers and musicians, too).

  14. Nigel Morgan

    Great news. I saw the show on Sept 16th and missed so much detail as I had a giant sitting in front of me! I was gutted. So, delighted to have the prospect of the DVD on the horizon. I agree with other posts – we don’t want a ‘highlights’ release :o)

    I was also extremely disappointed to see people around me using cameras after Kate’s much publicised requests not to :o(

  15. Craymon

    Kate has done some amazing stuff lately! I do hope for a dvd release, and hopefully in region 1 format.

  16. When the DVD comes out, I hope no one minds the sight of a grown man sitting in the front row sobbing uncontrollably.

    If you do, I can only apologise and point out it wasn’t my fault: I lost control of my tear ducts from the moment she did ‘Hounds of Love’ and I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

  17. Giverney

    Ah bless ARoseGrowingOld. Please don’t worry – you werent the only one by a long shot. There were loads of people around me sobbing their hearts out, me included. She was worth every tear. I was there on the 2nd and still cant get over it. The whole experience was so magical. I had to keep pinching myself that I was breathing the same air as this Genius. Thank you Kate!! I cant wait for the dvd as I know I must have missed a lot of what was going on. I hardly took my eyes off Kate.

  18. I’m going again next week and I’m a bit scared that I’m going to dry up like a raisin due the sheer amount of water that will have leaked from my eyes over the 6 hours of blubbing.

    I hasten to add, I haven’t cried in public since I was 4 years old (nearly 45 years ago), and I was mortified by my involuntary reaction until I realised that everyone else was sobbing too.

    • Steve

      For me it was as Lily finished and we all stood and cheered and applauded. It suddenly struck me “That’s Kate Bush on the stage. After 35 years of waiting and hoping you’re watching her perform again. It’s really happening.” And the floodgates just opened, most unexpected.

  19. A DVD From The Genius!! Well, it’s about time. I just hope that the dvd will be the whole show, not just the highlights. Also, I hope that it’s Region 1.

  20. Mark

    Yay! A DVD! Like everyone else said, I hope it is the whole show and playable in America! 🙂

  21. Lesley

    Thank Heavens! I saw the show last night and now just want to see it again!!

  22. Dymphna Whitehouse

    I was so excited to see my hero (since the age of 13) on stage on Sept 16th, as some of your contributors have said it seemed just surreal to see this tiny little china doll figure that I have longed to see for decades sing with such power and emotion and magic – it was AMAZING. My only fear now is that no concert I ever go to again will match this one. I cannot wait to get my hands on the DVD and relive the most wonderful night.

  23. Glyn

    2016 now and still waiting? Why no News, or has the idea been scrapped? it really has been a long time.

  24. Jon Meltzer

    Yeah, where is it? Come on, Kate, take my money!!

  25. Fanch

    Oh well, two years ago today, I was attending an extraordinary show by a very special artist I was lucky enough to have already seen on stage in 1979.

    I know a lot of people were not fortunate enough to see Kate Bush on stage in 2014. I truly wish there is still hope for a complete ‘Before The Dawn’ DVD release one of these coming days.

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