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Q Magazine has Kate cover feature – “Her Remarkable Triumph!”

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Tesco limited q magazine

The new issue of Q Magazine, out on Tuesday 30th September, features three special Comebacks Of The Year covers – Kate Bush, Aphex Twin and U2. The tagline for the Kate cover reads: “Kate Bush: Her Remarkable Triumph!”

From the Q website: “From her beginnings in the 1970s to her recent live return, we trace the career of the artist in a 22-page celebration including new articles, vintage interviews, previously unseen pictures and much more.” The feature concludes with a 4-page illustrated glowing review of the show, with writer Tom Doyle giving the show yet another 5 stars!

Copies of Q purchased at UK Tesco shops exclusively feature limited-edition double-sided Kate Bush poster (see below).


More on how to order Q Magazine at their website here.

Don’t forget to vote for Kate in the Q Awards! More on how to vote here

UPDATE: Here’s what the special Tesco-only cardboard wallet cover and exclusive double-sided poster look like. It shows Kate performing Under Ice on stage. The reverse of the poster is a reproduction of the regular Q Magazine lifejacket cover. The cardboard wallet contains the regular issue of Q magazine with the lifejacket cover along with this poster. Fans have been scouring Tesco shops around the UK looking for this limited edition!

Q Magazine Tesco limited edition


Before the Dawn to be filmed for DVD/Album sales surge


The Final Night of Before the Dawn is here!


  1. richard

    How on earth can U2 be mentioned in the same breath regarding “come backs”. Bono is never out of our faces for crying out loud, nor their world tours….

  2. 2 things. how do i get the “Q Magazine” in the states & how do i get the poster. i can use some help as i am mentally challenged. thank you, jeffery Cummings

    • Keith Domone

      Hi Jeffery,

      e-mail us at and we’ll try to help get the magazine and poster for you.

      • Keith Domone

        OK, I’m getting inundated with requests now – no more, please, apart from Jeffery!

        Maybe someone else in the UK could help, too?

        • Keith Domone

          Sorry, folks, I was out first thing this morning looking for the limited edition in Tescos, but it seems to be completely sold out everywhere 🙁

  3. Gary Alexander

    This link may help:

    I’m so there at 8:00 AM Tuesday..

  4. Kiki

    Can I just say how gratifying it feels to finally see Kate get the recognition and accolades she deserves? One after another. She has delivered the goods beyond anyone’s expectations.

    Long ago, she asked us to feel it, and I sincerely hope that she feels it right back.

  5. Lovely to see Tom Doyle writing about his interview with Kate from 2005 (9 years ago – my god!). He really put across the real Kate in the best interview she’s ever done – she was regal, passionate, arty, sweary and thoroughly engaged in the conversation and gave such an honest view of her career, it was almost as much of a delight as Aerial

    It is also the interview when she promised 2 albums in the year and that she’d get back on stage before she got too old

    Mr Doyle, every Kate Bush fan reeling in the music of Before the Dawn should buy you a pint!

  6. Neo

    My local Tesco didnt have ANY Q magazines today! Let alone the ordinary Kate Cover one, and certainly not the limited one! Totally useless! Well im going there tomorrow moring to see if their delivery has arrived

    • I tried three branches, and only one, the largest, had one left!

    • Bells99

      I haven’t seen a copy anywhere. Phoned 2 Tesco superstores, they have not even got in on their systems. did it actually reach all the stores?

  7. Barbara

    I bet Tom Doyle wasn’t happy about her wanting a bag put on his head – in tribute to the Man With The Stick from Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out in Constellation Of The Heart?

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