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The Final Night of Before the Dawn is here!

We’re experiencing so many mixed emotions at the end of this EXTRAORDINARY series of concerts from Kate. It’s been incredible. Here is a beautiful tribute to the KT Fellowship, by our friend and colleague in Kate, Brian Cloughley.

Farewell to the KT Fellowship

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Q Magazine has Kate cover feature – “Her Remarkable Triumph!”


The KT Fellowship on stage together


  1. Karen Newcombe

    Lovely, Brian.

  2. Beautiful words. So sad that tomorrow sees the start of the days ‘after the dawn’. This has been an incredible time, such wonderful shared joy and new friendships. Kate and the Fellowship have been amazing – this show has been like nothing else, “like golden light dripping”.

    Kate, THANK YOU so very much – “d’you know what, I love you better now”.. x

    Will O

  3. Eugène

    Just one week before my trip to London on the 29 of August my copies of the Homeground Anthology arrived at my local bookstore in Holland and from then on it has been a rollercoaster-ride of impressions and information regarding this remarkable Kate live event.
    I would like to thank all of you on this incredible website for the hard work done on this magnificent Anthology and keeping me completely informed about all that’s worthwhile on the Before the Dawn concerts….great job!! And a fine poem to sum it all up!
    Still completely overwhelmed of seeing Kate’s incredible live-performance from my first row seat, this extraordinary evening has made an everlasting impression on me…..a heartfelt thankyou to all involved in the KT Fellowship for realizing this mindblowing concert!! ….and good luck on tonight’s final show!
    But most of all thanks so much Kate for Cloudbusting the sweet morning Fog and making the Sun coming out before your amazingly beautiful and unforgettable Dawn!!

  4. davidly

    Thanks, Brian. That is quite nice. Misty woofs all around, gang.

  5. Wendy Holah

    Brian a lovely way with word’s to round up the beautiful show ever and a wonderful tribute to Kate for her unique artistry talent and gifts. Thank you! Amen wendyxx

  6. giulio

    Moving and heartfelt…Thankyou 🙂

  7. Neo

    not very original though is it?

  8. zounds

    Thanks for that tribute Brian, and thank-you to everyone involved with BtD.

    We’ve been spoilt rotten!

  9. Collin Kelley

    I had the incredible luck/honor/privilege to see Kate twice – more than fulfilling my 30+ year dream. And I got to experience the shows with some of the greatest friends you could ask for and that made the journey to London even more special. We truly witnessed the greatest show on earth. It was like the most fantastic dream come true. And everyone who got to see Before the Dawn will carry the memories with them forever. It was truly a life-altering experience being that close to the muse. To quote a very wise alien: “This song is ending, but the story never ends.” I can’t wait to see how Kate surprises us next.

  10. Mark

    Well it does mean one thing- We’re closer to the DVD! 🙂

  11. neil

    Did it really happen? I saw the penultimate show was sourrounded by the most warm appreciative audience.How many times have I been to a concert when people next to you are talking all the way through.Not a Kate respect to Kate and her fans.

  12. davie

    It has indeed been a wonderful time. Myself and my husband saw the show twice and were completely overwhelmed by its beauty and by Kate’s grace and ease on stage. What an achievement for her and the rest of the Fellowship.
    We have just been to Florence on honeymoon and as we were sitting in the plane I saw another passenger reading an Italian newspaper and in particular an article about Before The Dawn. It made me smile with pride.

    Enjoy your well-earned break Kate et al x

  13. Gabriella Gabi Patterson

    ahhh ,.. to the very end of the KT fellowship show ,.. even i have not seen it ,.. still sad that it is over ( so fast ) ,.. but so wonderful that Kate made this come-true for all of us KT Fellowship fancy’s ,……..

    thank you Bertie Bush for inspiring your Mother and getting her Ball rolling again ,…

    and making a dream come true………………………………………………….

    all our love truly your KT Fellow shipper admirer ,..Gabi 🙂

    • davidly

      That is the sweetest sentiment, Gabi. You are so worthy of the true admirer of Kate status!

  14. davey

    I was a lucky one im 49 and when she came on stage more than a tear in my eye took 3 songs for me to get my head together that I was in same room as her greatness. The power of her voice is remarkable and the vision of the stage show, a helicopter with search lights smoke and wind buzzing above the audience and surround sound effects and then a wooden artists doll walking around the band and the floor changing to a sea and was it her on a wire flying out at the audience for a split second have to get the DVD to remember all the scene changes.

  15. Tessa

    Dear Kate: Thank you so much for your great, great gift of music that i could experience during this unique, beautiful concert! I flew over from Holland but it was so worth it! I will never forget this, NEVER…

  16. Dear Kate Bush,
    Thank you for that gift, for your beautiful show. It was magical, poetical. Just like a Terry Gilliam’s movie! I lived in your dreams for these sublime hours. “After party”, after the dawn, I came back to France and reality. But in mind, I’m still in the Apollo theater, with all your fans. And I’m sure you’re about to prepare a new show, a different and sensual world… Yes : We love you Kate!
    Philippe (a fan from Marseille)

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