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The KT Fellowship on stage together

Fantastic cast and crew photo here, tweeted by cast member Charlotte Williams. Spot Kate and Bertie beaming in their midst! What a tremendous group of hardworking people!

KT fellowship group photo


The Final Night of Before the Dawn is here!


Kate warmly congratulated in special Music Week ads


  1. what an amazing photo, the show was so moving and emotional, at times breathtaking, so good top hear kate sing those songs live, so many memories connected to them love from john spence

  2. FireChild Lilith-Auryn Athena Sette

    This was the best thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks Kate for coming back. Lots of love and hugs xxx

  3. Del Hanlon

    What an historic event. Love it x

  4. Wendy Holah

    Wow! what a fantastic group of amazing people, you have all worked so hard for this spectacular, beautiful show which I had the chance to see, hear and feel thank you so much, well done. Love wendy xx God bless x

  5. sammi campbell

    It’ just Great….. It was without doubt the greatest event I have ever seen in my life… Love you Kate Bush.. xx

  6. Every single person in this picture deserves a major award for putting together an amazing show that will more than likely stay in the memory of all who attended. I was lucky enough to attend on my birthday, 26/9. A birthday that surpassed all others by witnessing this amazing spectacle

  7. Rod

    They all look so innocent, especially that Kate Bush, smiling away there. You wouldn’t think they’d just blown so many minds! Aren’t they just lovely, though? What a team. What a triumph.

  8. Michael

    Kate looks so happy! You can see it even though everyone is so far away due to having to get everyone in the picture. This must have been such a positive experience for her. What can be better for a Kate fan than to know that the person who gives you so much beautiful music feels good about life? I’m so glad I knew Kate’s music in my lifetime!

  9. neil

    Would have been a nice photo to put in the program

  10. Why is David Rhodes at the back??!??!?!?

    The man should be at the front with everyone else bowing down to him. He had gastro-enteritis and didn’t miss a night or a note. What a hero!

    • David was great. I think he’s taking the humble approach that Kate took in this photo too, taking their places as co-members of a true collective effort 🙂

      • Quite right, of course – he understood the principles of the Fellowship so well – going barefoot in solidarity with Kate, too.

        I think his guitar playing allowed Kate to find a much darker place in ‘A Sky of Honey’ as well

  11. Jacqueline

    So grateful and proud of every single one of them. They gave me a night to cherish forever. I love Kate for her talent, warmth and inspiration. Thanks guys and girls xxxx

  12. Neil

    I had just celebrated my 56 birthday and I attended the Before the Dawn show on the 6 September 2014. My sister, brother and neice also were with me. It was a wonderful night. After the ninth wave had ended. I turned to my sister and we both had tears in our eyes. We both realised we were witnessing something magical and like a book, the visual experience lived up to all those years of our imagination for that piece of work. The rousing finale with the entire audience singing along to cloudbusting in perfect harmony will live on in my memory for a very long time, and if I never see another concert I will be satisfied I witnessed the best. Thank you very much Kate and the K fellowship.

  13. Very happy and grateful that “Before the Dawn” went well. I think the entire cast-Kate included-deserve all the ovations and congratulations that have been given to them by fans who came from the four corners of the earth to see Kate. I’m glad that this happened in my lifetime. To Kate: Thank you for your music, personality and devotion to your fans. Especially this one!

  14. Kiki

    Every bit of congratulations is merited – and more! BTD was hands-down the best concert I’ve ever seen, to the point where I don’t think you can even call it a “concert.” It was so much more than that – a specially-focused live experience for Kate’s fans to enjoy on many levels. The KT Fellowship did an outstanding job, and delivered the goods. Thank you!

  15. giulio

    Such a wonderful experience…
    Still can’t believe it really happened…

  16. Sandra

    Thank you for posting this wonderful photo!
    What an incredible honour to experience this magical show. Thank you Kate!

    And thank you Sean for this website. I am most grateful for your hard work and constant updating of information about Before the Dawn.


  17. Jim

    I have followed her career from the very first song I hard on the radio, Kite. Unfortunately I could not make it to the concert, but I wait for the DVD. Her Music is very special, always interesting, and the mix of her warmth and talent is rare. She gives the impression of being a Down to Earth person, and in this business its an achievement in itself. The comeback om stage after 35 years, what a statement! Who is the boss?

  18. David Purcell

    Absolute MAGIC ! I was blessed by God when I got my ticket despite failing two fan pre-codes. The show was well beyond expectation…Feel the love !!!

  19. Scott Mclay

    Hi, what a lovely photo and so typical of Kate not to take centre stage. I count myself as being incredibly lucky to have witnessed this wonderful show and from the aisle seat in the 3rd row!! I feel that everyone just could not believe that we were actually watching this wonderful artist on stage. Not to sound dramatic but this experience is absolutely one of the highlights of my life. My eyes rained all night! Kate thank you so much for sharing your gift of music and giving us all not a moment of pleasure but 3 hours of it. Love Scott. Xxxxxxx

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