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Kate warmly congratulated in special Music Week ads

Music Week 13th Oct 2014In this week’s edition of the UK music industry magazine, Music Week, two specially placed advertisements are prominently featured. One, a full page ad from the Eventim Apollo venue itself, applauds Kate’s success at selling out 22 shows. Another two-page spread has been placed in the issue by the concert promoters SJM, and it highlights some of the sensational reviews Kate’s Before the Dawn shows gathered while they ran.

You can click on each image for a larger version of both scans. More about Music Week (subscription info etc) can be found at its website here.

SJM Music Week ad



The KT Fellowship on stage together


Sunday Times Magazine interviews John Carder Bush


  1. The most fabulous concert event in modern music history, at a smaller, more intimate setting, with almost no touting, no I-Pads or phones, no security separating us from our heroine, no press interviews, no VIP zones and no celebs hogging the best seats.

    She took enormous care to make sure the event was first and foremost for those who love her music and that nothing would get between her and us. That sort of consideration, love and integrity would make the event unique in itself, even without the astonishing quality of all the performers and technicians, and the performance of a lady for whom even the word ‘genius’ is inadequate.

    Watch and learn everyone, as Kate shows how to get every single priority right.

    • giulio

      I am totally with you…

    • Michael G

      You are right. That is a lovely comment, ARoseGrowingOld, and so true. But I guess that is why Before The Dawn made so many people so happy (including myself, who came from New Zealand to see it…): the attention to detail in every aspect… We are so lucky that “the shyest megalomaniac” had her hands across this… all so much the better. What a great time it was. Thank you Kate… I know that you continue to feel the love from all your fans. 🙂

  2. Mingus 42

    Iam placing these wonderful photos in frames, along with my ticket and confetti. A lovely momento for one of the best nights in my life!

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