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Kate Bush Remastered Pop-Up goes online tomorrow!

Pop-Up online

Kate writes on her official site:

“We have had an overwhelming response to the pop-up shop. Thank you so much for all your incredible support. It’s been an exciting experience!  We’ve had a great number of people asking for the opportunity to buy the items from an on-line shop, so we have been working on this and we are delighted to announce that the on-line shop will be open here on Monday, 10th December at 12.30pm (GMT).

All profits from this on-line shop will be going to the charity Crisis until 1st January 2019.

In early January, we will be announcing the amount you have kindly donated to Crisis by taking part in this pop-up event. You have been so extremely generous and have helped to make it a happier time for homeless people this Christmas.

I would especially like to thank the following people who have made a huge contribution to the project:

David Bell and FIREBRAND
Dan Chalmers at WMG
Lee Brackstone at Faber and Faber
Murray Chalmers and MCPR
David Munns
Geoff Jukes
Stuart Crouch
Neil and Selina
Craig White
David Crofts
Pat Savage
Simon Moran
Lucie Balcombe
Tom Gallacher
Lee Gregory
Tanya Davies
Eve Gee
Jordan Gaster
Hannah Gaster
Millie Davies
Ferdinand Van Heerdan
Alexandra Moisey
Raymond Bell
James Bowthorpe
Matt O’Neill
Adam Mallett
Nick Taylor
Aidan Gooding Donoghue
Megane Grimonster

Many, many thanks again and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year ahead.


Author David Mitchell writes in today’s Guardian about Kate’s work!


The Irish Times review Kate’s new book: “Not a spare word anywhere”


  1. joe

    In case you wonder, the password is the one of your account…

  2. CptAgain

    Never mind that… Has anybody else encountered that for the first order the shipping methods were available (order has gone through and confirmation received). But for all subsequent orders suddenly there are no shipping methods available for cart or destination?

    I’m sure I didn’t move house and the cart had comparable contents

    • CptAgain

      I have (frustratingly) found the answer:
      You cannot have more than 2 mugs shipped per shipment. So if you order 3 mugs, you need to have it shipped in 2 separate shipments.

      I am a bit annoyed at the way this is communicated by firebrand. This ‘joke’ has cost me a lot in shipment costs PLUS the bauble that I wanted to buy is now sold out AND the xmas card package is sold out as well and I need to select all separate xmas cards (which for some reason cannot be bundled together to a single package…).

      All this ‘fun’ has cost me a lot more in packaging, and none of that money will go to Crisis.

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