Kate’s Christmas Message 2013

Kate has just posted her 2013 Christmas message on the official site:

Wishing you a really wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your kind messages and continual positive presence throughout this year. It means a great deal to me.
                                 I hope 2014 is a great year for all of us.
                                          With love and best wishes,
                                                Kate x


We wish Kate and her family, and all Kate fans, a very happy Christmas, and we look forward to all the good things, that 2014 may bring for us all.

Sean, Dave, Krys and Peter x

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Are you starting to feel it?

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Kate Creates Hand-drawn Cover for Mojo Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Issue!

Mojo 20 Years WalletThe new edition of Mojo Magazine (out later this week) will be celebrating the magazine’s 20th year of publication. To mark it, they asked Kate to design the hand-drawn cover! The Independent newspaper writes: “There’s probably only one media brand in the world that could get the famously private Kate Bush to fetch down her sketching equipment and produce a hand-drawn illustration in its honour. And that’s Mojo.” Note: the cardboard wallet pictured here will contain the actual magazine, which will feature Kate’s cover.

The issue will also include a free CD plus interviews with  Jimmy Page, John Lydon, Ringo Starr, Alex Turner, Brian Wilson, Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry, Paul Weller, Prince Buster, Ray Davies, Martha Reeves, Yoko Ono, Cliff Richard, Steven Tyler, Danger Mouse, David Crosby, Pete Seeger, Buddy Guy, Bobby Womack and John Cale. Also featured will be the ’20 Most Important Albums of Mojo’s Lifetime’ as voted by the readers. Read more about the magazine at the Mojo site here.

Subscribers to the magazine will additionally get an extra special version of this Kate-designed cover, “adorned with gold foil block.” Sure to be a collector’s item! Kate has apparently signed her cover art with the following dedication:

“Glad to see you’ve still got your Mojo after 20 years”

Kate's Mojo Magazine cover

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Gered Mankowitz on Kate

Huffington Post UK 13th September: “Gered Mankowitz has been photographing rock stars for 50 years, creating iconic portraits of everyone from Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones to Wham!, Kate Bush and Duran Duran. Now, the best of his work has been assembled for an exhibition in London from tomorrow, and collated in a stunning hardback book to be published in December … Kate Bush was one of Gered Mankowitz’s favourite subjects – a pleasure to work with …”

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When Kate went to Toon

The Newcastle Chronicle today ran a feature on Kate’s personal appearance on 11th September 1980 to promote Never For Ever, with extracts from an interview she gave to the paper:

Sometimes I see myself in the paper and it’s hard to associate with the name Kate Bush. She is this well-known person who has become like a brand name like Maxwell House coffee or something. Meanwhile, I’m just working on my music and my life.”

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Sir Elton on Wheeler Street

In his “Soundtrack of my Life” features in The Observer Sunday 1st September, Sir Elton John noted Snowed in at Wheeler Street as “The song that was difficult to Record”:

I did a duet with Kate Bush on this track for her last album. That session with her was hard, because she doesn’t write easy songs. She’s a complex songwriter and this is a weird song, but I love it so much. I’m so proud to be on a Kate Bush record; she’s always marched to the beat of her own drum. She was groundbreaking – a bit like a female equivalent of Freddie Mercury. She does come out socially sometimes and she came to my civil partnership occasion with her husband. There were so many stars in the room, but all the musicians there were only interested in saying, “You’ve got to introduce me to Kate Bush.” I remember Boy George saying, “Oh my God, is that Kate Bush?” I said, “Yeah!”


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Memories of The Sensual Walk 2013

This year we pulled together The Sensual Walk event at the very last minute, helped in no small part by an amazingly generous offer to make use of the Sutton Martello Tower from its wonderful owner, Paul (thanks again, Paul!). Collaborating once again with the lovely Siobhán Kane and the brilliant Young Hearts Run Free collective, a fantastic day of walking, music and picnicking was had by all. Big thanks again to Adrian Crowley, Tieranniesaur, Donal Dineen, Seán Mac Erlaine, and Mike Stevens for performing in the tower for us. The Young Hearts Run Free blog site has been updated with photos of the event, held 15th June, which I thought would be nice to share. Check them out here.

Sensual Walk 2013 - photo by Steve Cole

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Kate Bush Tribute Night coming to Chicago

Kate Bush Tribute Night poster

Get ready, Chicago: some of the Windy City’s most Kate Bush-obsessed DJs and musicians have something special in the works.

On Wednesday, August, 21, The Whistler in the heart of Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood will play host to Song of Summer: A Kate Bush Tribute Night, a party celebrating the legendary British singer-songwriter’s illustrious career in honor of the 35th anniversary of the release of her debut album “The Kick Inside” this year.

Back after a brief hiatus, the third edition of a Kate Bush Tribute Night in Chicago will feature live performances from artists including Kyle Greer and Distant Cities. A trio of Bush-phile DJs including Belazauberin, Joshua and Josie Bush will play sets featuring music by Bush in addition to covers, remixes and songs by artists influenced by the ever-eccentric artist.

The event is free and will begin at 9:30 p.m. at the Whistler, 2421 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Press coverage of past editions of Kate Bush Tribute Night:

“Kate Bush is not a recluse as much as she is an artist who understands the importance of patience (and perhaps perfectionism) when creating music.” — Britt Julious, Gapers Block, 11/29/10

“Take note from the flocks of art school girls at the bar and seize this opportunity to swirl around in floaty skirts and spandy-wear–dancing like a depressed-ballerina or zombie hipster. Kate would approve.” — Rachel White, TheChiGuide.com, 11/30/10

“Like Bush herself, this party should be special and entirely one-of-a-kind.” — Kim Bellware, Chicagoist, 11/30/10

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Happy Birthday Kate!

Update: Kate has responded to all of her birthday greetings on her official site: “Thank you so much for all the lovely messages you sent for my birthday. I had a really great day. Kate”

All of us here at HomeGround and Kate Bush News send warmest birthday greetings to Kate!

Seán Krys Dave Peter

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A Midsummer’s Night’s Kate Bush Party


YouTube Preview Image

This year’s HomeGround and katebushnews.com party takes place on Midsummer’s Night 21st June at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall, on the south bank Of The Thames in central London, just 10 minutes from Victoria.

We start at 9pm and go through to 3 am. The party will feature  Kate themed DJ sets from Paul Burston, Phil Marriott, Dave Cross and Paul Thomas.

The night will also feature an exclusive live performance from Kate Bush tribute band Cloudbusting fronted by long time Kate fan and HomeGround reader, Lisa Oliver. The band will be performing a special set and are asking fans to make suggestions for Kate songs they would like to hear on the night, making this a unique event mixing some of Kate’s most well-known songs with fan favourites.

This will be a great fun night, a chance to hear Kate’s amazing music played loud in a club and meet loads of fellow KB fans.

Advance tickets have now closed.

There will be a limited number of tickets available on the door on the night for £10.


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300 Kates break a record

The NME reports that “300 Kate Bush fans gathered in a park in Brighton over last weekend to break the record for the most lookalikes re-enacting the famous video for her 1978 single Wuthering Heights.”

This was the final rehearsal:

This was the instructional dance video:

LATER: It seems Guiness don’t think Kate is iconic enough for this to constitute a “proper” record … The video re-enactment thing catches on

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Kate lends her support to Liam – now out of “The Voice”

Liam Tamne lost in the Battle Round on last Saturday’s edition of the show. On her official site Kate posted:

Liam, you mustn’t be disheartened. You really have a special talent and you’re a fantastic singer. You’ve already been heard and appreciated by a huge audience. Try not to be too disappointed. Just keep going. I’m sure that your nan would be very proud of you having achieved so much. Good luck with all your future projects.

Liam responded on his facebook page: “I love this Lady so much. This is Fantastic. Thank You Kate Bush“.

Liam had covered This Woman’s Work in a previous round of the competition, a version Kate had found “absoloutely stunning“.

We rather liked the comment by Tom Hawking on Flavorwire: “Frankly, if will.i.am doesn’t like you and Kate Bush does, you’re probably doing something right, and Tamne will hopefully go on to have a successful and productive career. What it all boils down to is more proof that the most interesting thing about shows like American IdolThe X Factor, and The Voice is rarely the winners.”

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Symphony in Blue: Kate Bush and her Legacy by Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska

It is said by some that Kate is not known to a younger generation of music fans. It is scarcely true in a situation when a Kate cover is an inevitable part of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, or ‘The Voice’, or whatever new talent show is currently occupying the airwaves. What is more to the point, and to the Editors of HomeGround became more noticeable as time went on, was the number of new musicians, not all female, who claimed influence and inspiration from Kate, to the point where we started to chronicle these in the magazine. Of course with lazy music critics seking to easily pigeon-hole any new female artist (or energetic pluggers seeking to get publicity for a new artist), it was always too easy to label them as “the new Kate Bush”, just as in her time Kate was compared to Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro.

In this very readable new book Marta has delicately interrogated a goodly number of new and recent female artists to determine exactly what that influence was, whether direct in terms of musical composition, or indirect in terms of inspiration to do their own thing and take personal charge of their career.

As Marta says: “the unwilling ‘new Kate Bushes’ and the more willing ones, artists often compared to Kate and yet are hardly influenced by her and others who are relatively unfamiliar with her work  … atists who are heavily influenced by Kate but sound nothing like her and artist who simply like her work … but aren’t necessarily influenced by her“.

The book is cast in three main sections, with intermissions in which the interviewees discuss their favourite Kate tracks. In The Art of Comparing Marta deals with the whole question, and the value of making such comparisons, and encourages her interviewees to discuss  their own reactions. Heather Nova believes that Kate is one of the three biggest influences for female artists today, the others being Patti Smith and Joni Mitchell. Emily Bezar believes the only singer that can compare with Kate and Joni is Arethe Franklin. But just as Kate herself had claimed influence from David Bowie, Elton John, Genesis and The Tubes, this new generation of female artists also point that Kate is one of a number of inspirations, Polly Scattergood being happy to cite Leonard Cohen.

In the second main section, Art Pop Marta considers with the musicians the nature of Kate’s work in sections which deal with the voice, the lyrics, the production, and the image and performance. It is in the voice that many find a true distinctiveness, an instrument of emotion and passion, in its character and use of high register almost set against the all pervading influence of soul and R’n’B. Perhaps as Shara Worden notes, it was an inspiration to others to use their vocal telents in different ways, as they saw fit, not as the music machine would like. Terami Hirsch points to the storytelling in Kate’s songs, and her varied sources of inspiration from Cathy to a Vietcong fighter, and the need to get under the skin and express what they felt. Anja Gabarek notes the thoroughness with which Kate works, every single layer on each album placed there for a purpose.

The third section deals with The Art of Covering Kate “from power metal to dance, to folk, to … a drag act”. The artists discuss their own cover versions, and those done by others, and perhaps you will discover here versions of Kate’s of which you never heard: Sarah Daly’s Babooshka, Elver Palsdottir’s Hounds of Love, Cloudbusting by Novembre and also by Paper Crows and Charlotte Martin. This Woman’s Work by Marie Invie. Marta discusses with Jemima Price her album of Kate covers, and their performances with The Hounds of Love tribute band, and the caberet act of Niki  Romijn, and many others who have trod the fearsome path of covering Kate’s songs.

The book is wrapped up with reactions to 50 Words for Snow, and the questions these artists would themselves like to put to Kate one fine day. An excellent volume which we highly recomend with much to consider about the nature of Kate’s art and how that is received by so many creative people in many different ways. This is finally a primer of a lot of very interesting musicians of which you may not have heard. I’d suggest you remedy that as soon as possible, as I will.

More information here. You can obtain the book here.

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Kate receives her CBE from the Queen! Dedicates it to her family, friends, fellow musicians…and all of us!

Kate receives her CBE from the QueenKate receives her CBE from the Queen

Warm congratulations to Kate today! At a special investiture ceremony in Windsor Castle she received her CBE from the Queen.

Kate chose not to speak to the press after the ceremony but issued a short statement:

“I feel incredibly thrilled to receive this honour which I share with my family, friends and fellow musicians and everyone who has been such an important part of it all. Now I’ve got something really special to put on top of the Christmas tree.”

Kate has now added to the statement on her official site:

“The ‘everyone’ in the quote above of course includes all of you.  Thank you so very much for all your fantastic support and encouragement.  I feel extremely privileged to still have an audience.  It’s you that have made my work, which would otherwise have just been creative projects, into a success.
Many, many thanks to the best fans ever,
Kate  x

PS  I hate the term ‘fans’ but couldn’t think of how else to word it.”

We hope that you are enjoying your special day, Kate – richly deserved for the years of sheer talent, joy, inspiration and excitement you have poured into this world. Have a blast!

Peter, Krys, Dave and Seán x

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Investitures at Windsor Castle


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The HomeGround Midsummer Party ~ Friday 21st June 2013

On this Midsummer night …


Following the success of last year’s 30th Anniversary HomeGround party, Editors Peter, Dave and Krys are pleased to confirm that there will be another Kate themed party this year.

This year’s event will take place on Friday 21st June ~ the Summer Solstice ~ and will be at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern. The RVT is in Vauxhall, South London, just over the Thames from the West End and is a two minute walk from Vauxhall Underground, main line and bus stations and is two tube stops from the Victoria railway terminus. The RVT is home to award winning club night Duckie as well as the Hot August Fringe Festival and many other top music and cabaret events and performances.


We are very pleased to confirm that the night will feature an exclusive live performance from Kate Bush tribute band Cloudbusting fronted by long time Kate fan and HomeGround reader, Lisa Oliver.

The band will be performing a special set for the HomeGround party and are asking fans to make suggestions for Kate songs they would like to hear on the night, making this a unique event mixing some of Kate’s most well-known songs with fan favourites.

You can email your suggestions to: katebushmydreamthree@yahoo.co.uk

The night will also feature DJ sets from Paul Burston, Phil Marriot, HG editor Dave Cross and Paul Thomas.

The RVT is a fantastic venue, celebrating its 150th birthday this year. We are very excited about this party, which will be a great night for Kate fans.

Advance tickets are £8 each available from this pay pal link or the link on the HomeGround page.

There will be tickets on sale on the night for £10.

There will be updates to follow plus more information on Cloudbusting and the DJs.

We are also hoping that this will be the launch party for the HomeGround book, now proceeding to proof, itself taking almost as long to produce as a Kate album!

rvtThe Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane,
London SE11 5HY





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