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10377637_4532352282887_1805158293836365733_nHoly s***. The Kate Bush show is reinventing the pop concert…laughing, crying and wondering what the hell is gonna happen next.” – BBC Radio 6 Presenter Rob da Bank.

We’ll gather the reviews of Kate’s live show here.

Daily Telegraph picture gallery.

Rod McKie’s definitive review.

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It’s quite stunning, undoubtedly the most ambitious, and genuinely moving, piece of theatrical pop ever seen on a British stage. Which is just what everyone here tonight was hoping for. Andy Gill

Everyone’s calling it a triumph. Everyone’s right. The unconscionably influential Kate Bush could have blown her mystique by returning to the spotlight in such a no-prisoners manner, but from the first minute she is in her element. The prog event of the year. The musical event of the year. The event of the year. Just don’t expect three chords and the mundane truth. Or Wuthering Heights. I put this moment here Chris Roberts

In A Sea of Honey’s long day, nothing particularly remarkable happens, just as nothing really remarkable happens in Ulysses. The sun comes up, and “the sky is filled with birds”, and the Moon rises, and the protagonists swim in the sea, at night. But some people are just more alive than others, all eyes and mouth, and overloading senses – and that’s what Joyce was, and that’s what Kate Bush is. They appear in your life to remind you that to watch a sunrise is to watch a burning star, and that pollen is sperm, and summer is fleeting, and everything on Earth is so unlikely – so improbable – that we might as well live somewhere where Kate Bush can end a concert by turning into a one-winged bird and flying out into the auditorium …Caitlin Moran

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Kate sets new UK chart record

As a by-product of the publicity for Before the Dawn, Kate has seen eight of her albums catalogue return to the Top 40, and her entire eleven album output is in the Top 50. That is Kate takes 22% of the Top 50 album chart this very special week.

As well as dominating this week’s albums rundown including two albums in the Top 10 The Whole Story no.6 and Hounds of Love no.9), Kate now rides only behind Elvis, the overall record holder who managed 12 entries in the Top 40 following his untimely death in 1977, and The Beatles who notched up 11 simultaneous Top 40 entries with their 2009 album reissues.

The other albums re-entering the top 40 are: 50 Words for Snow no.20, The Kick Inside no.24, The Sensual World no.26, The Dreaming no.37, Never for Ever no.38, Lionheart no.40  Outside the Forty Aerial is at no.43, Directors Cut at no.44, and The Red Shoes at no.49.

Kate is no stranger to making chart history. Back in 1978 she became the first female artist in history to score a UK Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart with a self-penned song. Wuthering Heights went on to top the chart for four weeks, becoming the first of Kate’s 26 Top 40 hits.

Running up that Hill, Wuthering Heights, and the This Woman’s Work are also back in the singles chart at numbers 51, 58 and 80 respectively. With Babooska and The Man with the Child in his Eyes, Kate has five singles in the Top 100.


Martin Talbot, chief executive of the Official Charts Company, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Kate Bush.Her new live shows have created a huge stir, but for them to help push her catalogue to make such a significant sales impact is further evidence of the love that the British public have for her music, from generation to generation.”

(Via Daily Mirror)

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“Before The Dawn is another remarkable achievement …”










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“This has been such an adventure”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/REX Kate Bush

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The KT Fellowship present ….

From the programme from Kate’s opening night.

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Tea time Newsbits update

The BBC celebrate Kate’s return  and speak to Toyah … The Daily Mirror is still banging on about tickets  and “11 facts you should know” … the Independent notes inflated ticket prices ITN reviews the Harari/Mankowicz photo exhibition … The Daily Telegraph reviews and ranks Kate’s singles and notes Kate’s albums returning to the charts  as does the official charts company  and the Scottish Daily Record.

The Liverpool Echo is still looking in the archive and the Independent remembers Kate talking to Delia

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Midday Newsbits round up

Daily Mirror celebrates Kate’s return to the stage and explains why many fans didn’t get ticketsVogue looks at Kate’s influence on fashionGuardian commentator Vanora Bennett explains how a Kate song enlarged her view of those crazy Russians … what Grazia expects … Metro has reasons to celebrateNME gives us Ten Things we Didn’t know about Wuthering Heights (but not their contemporary non-review) …

TimeOut lists the “Alternative Kate Bush events” … The Daily Mash ferrets out the true intent of Kate’s gigs.

Others have been digging out the archives: The Guardian/ObserverTelegraphRTE.

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Hammersmith Apollo proudly displays Before the Dawn marquee!

Hammersmith Apollo August 25th 2014

“The KT Fellowship Presents…BEFORE THE DAWN”…fantastic. This is how the front of the venue looked on Monday 25th.

Wishing Kate and her crew all the luck in the world – enjoy it! Big hugs from us. We cannot believe this day has finally arrived!

Seán, Peter, Krys and Dave xx

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Kate storms Official UK albums and iTunes charts!

Kate Bush album covers

Kate has FIVE albums in this week’s Official UK album chart, plus more than twice that many on the UK iTunes chart. The massive interest created by her live shows and the BBC4 documentary shown last Friday have created a surge of interest in her back catalogue. More at the official charts site here. Well done Kate! The UK Top 100 chart placings are:

#15 The Whole Story
#29 Hounds Of Love
#83 50 Words For Snow
#87 The Kick Inside
#93 The Sensual World

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Newsbits round up…

Note: Please also keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for the most instant news updates as Kate’s live shows kick off – Wednesday in particular should be hectic!

A quick roundup of the Kate Bush news before her Before the Dawn shows kick off in the Apollo tomorrow!

…BBC Essex have an interview with Brian Southall, the EMI exec who signed Kate, listen here…BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour talks about the “enduring appeal of Kate Bush” here…acclaimed writer Jeanette Winterson writes about her “hero” Kate in The Guardian here. “Kate Bush used herself as an invention – something that interested me greatly as a strategy for both life and art. The songs were like stage plays in miniature – a character, a situation, a verbal collision (oh to be in love and never get out again), a vocal polyphonics that allowed her to range through pain and doubt to resolution…she’s still here. And I’ll be there next week to see her play once more.”

NPG x126911; Kate Bush by Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of LichfieldHomeGround Magazine are to publish a special PDF download edition of the Kate Bush magazine in the Autumn to mark the Before the Dawn live shows. They’ll be looking for your thoughts, reviews, memories etc for the issue…a very nice blog post about The Ninth Wave has been published at the ‘ohbytheway’ blog here, we have a feeling we’ll be talking about The Ninth Wave a lot more over the coming weeks…The Guardian and Observer’s relentless coverage of all things Kate lately continues with The 10 Best Kate Bush moments here. From the article: “in Bush’s hands, even a washing machine can make you cry”…one of Patrick Lichfield’s portraits of Kate (pictured here) is “Portrait of the Week” in London’s National Portrait Gallery, more here…singer Jesse Ware‘s comments about Kate from the BBC 6Music Special last weekend are at the NME site here…speaking of which you can listen again to that special, which features John Carder Bush talking about the new edition of ‘Cathy’, and his thoughts on Before the Dawn at the BBC site here

The Guardian looks at the recent excitement over Kate’s shows with the following headline: “Bushmania sweeps the nation before comeback gigs. Excitement over Kate Bush’s first gigs in 35 years fuels entire cottage industry in memorabilia.” The article also has a nice mention of the HomeGround Anthologies here…the Irish Independent explores “Kate Bush: the recluse who never really went away” here. Ed Power writes: “Whatever sort of production Bush brings to London, fans are assured it will be an evening to tell their grandchildren about. In an age in which it feels we know almost as much about pop stars as about our immediate family, Bush is a rarity: an enigma who fuels our fascination the further she withdraws from the limelight.”

We are reliably informed that the two special BBC4 Kate programmes produced some great viewing figures for a channel like BBC4. The documentary peaked at around 930,000 viewers in total towards the end but held a solid audience of over 1/2 million for most of the programme…Uncut Magazine have republished an article from 2012, “Kate Bush – Album by Album” here

…The Guardian looks at Kate’s fashion in the past here. “Spandex and chiffon: Kate Bush’s most stylish moments – in pictures”…in The Guardian, Zoe Williams looks at Kate as a role model of self-expression and female creativity in an article titled The genius of Kate Bush in an age of subjugation. “Kate Bush is a one-off, a prodigy, an experiment of the species – dazzlingly successful but unreplicable.” Read it here...for Kate fans in London on Sat 6th Sept Dave Cross from HomeGround will be DJing at a gay club called Songs Of Praise, it’s cool pop music in 3 rooms and they are having a Kate room with Dave and Phil Marriott who also played at the HG party. There will be a discount offered to Kate fans, stay tuned for details. The flyer is here

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Kate Bush room happening at London club Songs of Praise, Saturday September 6th

Songs of PraiseSongs Of Praise, Saturday 6th September, 10.30pm – 6am
M.O.ments Of Pleasure

Next Saturday night Dave Cross from HomeGround and Phil Marriott, who also DJ’d at the last 2 HG parties will be playing Songs Of Praise at East Bloc, City Road, EC1, nearest tube Old Street.

Songs of Praise is a gay club that specialises in the very best pop music. There’s three rooms and next Saturday one of the rooms will be 100% Kate. In the other rooms it’s pop all the way and DJs include Neil Prince, Sugalow Boys and David Oh there’s also a live PA from new girl band M.O

If you mention HomeGround on the door the entry cost is just £5 before 11.30pm, otherwise it is £10.

Plus there a limited set of Kate Post cards featuring Aerial, King Of The Mountain and The Man I Love for the 1st 20 people that ask on the door.

More about the event at this Facebook page here.


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New edition of ‘Cathy’ book by John Carder Bush to be released in November!

John Carder Bush and Kate from the 2014 "Cathy" book

We are delighted to be the first place to tell you about this news.

Sphere are to publish a new edition of Cathy by John Carder Bush, Kate’s brother. This is the long-out-of-print iconic collection of John’s photographs of Kate as a young girl.

From this morning’s press release:

“Little, Brown is very pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of Cathy by John Carder Bush, which will be published on 20th November 2014, hardback price £40.

'Cathy' by John Carder BushFirst published as a run of just 500 copies in 1986, Cathy is a collection of photographs by John Carder Bush of his sister Kate as a young girl, with accompanying text. This new edition – the first printing since the original edition – includes a new introduction by John Carder Bush, illustrated with eight previously unpublished photographs.

The original Cathy book has always been considered by those that own it as a special treasure. I am thrilled that this special treasure will now be available to a much wider audience. The care and attention to detail that has been put into this new edition show that, even in this digital world, beautiful books are still valued’ John Carder Bush

There will also be a boxed signature edition available, for further information visit

John Carder Bush is a respected photographer and writer. His sister is the composer and musician Kate Bush, and John’s poetry narration and backing vocals have been used on several of her albums. He headed the Kate Bush management team for twenty years and since her early childhood, and throughout her career, John has photographed Kate both candidly and professionally. His images have appeared on iconic album, single and
magazine covers worldwide.

John Carder Bush has spoken exclusively to Mary Anne Hobbs about the publication. The interview will be broadcast on BBC 6 Music on Sunday 24th August at 9.00am.”

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Exclusive: Beautiful new print from HomeGround artist Steven Brown!

Before the Dawn fine art print by Steven Brown

We are delighted to let you know about this stunning new painting by artist Steven Brown. Regular site visitors will know that we host a gallery of Steven’s work here in our HomeGround pages, and Steven’s Kate Bush art adorns both covers of the recent HomeGround Magazine Anthology books. Inspired by Kate’s “Before The Dawn” live shows, the artwork is now available to purchase as a limited edition print.

The prints are 13.5”x19” (Glycee) with a gloss finish on quality art card and are limited to 100 copies. Please contact Steven by email at for details on pricing and availability. You can also see some of his work at his artist blog here.

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Newsbits roundup….

So much going on! We can barely keep up. Here’s a quick round-up.

Big Issue kate cover featureThe Big Issue magazine in the UK features Kate on it’s current cover. “Tickets for Kate Bush’s long awaited live return went in a nanosecond. Ahead of this much anticipated to-do we hear from, amongst others, Gered Mankowitz, the celebrated snapper who caught her at Wuthering Heights; Mark Radcliffe, the journalist she talks to most; Jo Brand, a superfan; Sarah Hadland, the actress who introduced a new generation to Bush through a Horrible Histories routine; and the great poet Paul Muldoon, on her writing. A piece to savour.” Read more about The Big Issue and who they support here….Simon Reynolds in The Guardian examines Kate’s critical appeal throughout her career hereStephen Fry has tweeted to remind fans to watch the BBC4 documentary on Kate on Friday 22nd at 9.10pm…if you’re in the UK, you can see clips from the documentary on the BBC iPlayer here

Kate was placed at number 8 in the NME‘s 100 most influential artists currently working today. “Kate Bush pretty much created the archetype for mysterious singer-songwriters everywhere. Turn on the radio these days and you’ll hear echoes of her in the overblown production of Wild Beasts, the electro-celt inventions of Björk and PJ Harvey, the expansive wafts of Zola Jesus and in the dolphin-lunged vocals of Florence + The Machine or London Grammar.” More here …singer Toyah Willcox is on Kate’s concert guestlist, she tweeted: “Yipeeeeee @KateBushMusic has put me on her guest list. Best pressie ever! Lots of love 2 kate xxx”…the London Evening Standard ran a piece entitled “Why we love Kate Bush” featuring some of her fanmous fans,  ioncluding, Boy George, Anna Calvi, Holly Johnson and Rumer.  Says Boy George: “Kate Bush has always been a typewriter in a renaissance. She appeared out of nowhere at the tail end of punk and sort of embodied the punk spirit by just being completely herself. I know Johnny Rotten loved her. She blew things apart with things like Running Up That Hill because it defied the classic logic of pop. Kate is unique and a bit of a Greta Garbo, which makes her even more interesting. Most importantly, she’s from south-east London, like me.” Read the article here Gail Walker reflects on what Kate means to her in the Belfast Telegraph here…The Telegraph ran a nice appreciation of Kate’s 1985 Cloudbusting video: “Kate Bush, Donald Sutherland, and weird science combined beautifully in the film for her song Cloudbusting. Is this the perfect music video? asks Bernadette McNulty” See it hereBradley Brady continues his wonderful 50-article countdown to Kate’s shows at his “Divas: the power of the female voice” blog here. We think you should start at 50 and enjoy counting down with him, some great memories here…iTunes have revamped Kate’s online store and her albums are on special offer in the UK to celebrate her live shows…

Kate on iTunes …the London Evening Standard also rounds up the alternative Kate Bush events taking place in London for those who didn’t get tickets hereThe Independent speculates about Kate’s shows here…The Independent also ran an article about the Harari/Mankowitz photography exhibition and on her stage return in a magazine cover feature, see scans at the excellent kbarchives site here….also in The Independent on Sunday Magazine, a long feature on Kate: “One of the great enigmas of British music is about to perform live for the first time since 1979 – and who knows what will happen? Four writers try to distill the elusive essence of Kate Bush” read it here…The Telegraph featured an article by Graeme Thomson on Kate’s first ever round of gigs with the KT Bush Band back in 1977 here…more about the Snap Galleries photo exhibition in London (and some nice shots from it) in the Independent here…the Radio Times featured a nice appreciation of Kate by Stuart Maconie, read a scan at kbarchives hereMarie Claire ran a Kate feature in their August edition, more on that here… Another review of the “Cutting Off Kate Bush” fringe festival show is here…Helen Brown wonders what we might expect from Kate’s stage shows in The Telegraph: “The poster for Kate Bush’s first series of concerts in 35 years finds her adrift in a dark and choppy sea. Her long, wavy hair swirls over a bright orange life jacket and her arms are stretched wide as she stares, hard, up at the camera. Here she is: part vulnerable human survivor, part mermaid. A 56-year-old artist who has both fought against, and floated with, the currents of popular music for almost forty years, making wonderfully strange music on her own terms and refusing to play the celebrity game.” Read the full article hereThe Artifice blog examines “The Storytelling Quality of Kate Bush’s Music” here…the Artbeat show on Dublin City FM celebrated Kate’s return with a special show on Wednesday 20th…the Evening Herald on those elusive tickets here…in the iPad edition of the Radio Times, three unseen photos of Kate, taken by photographer Don Smith, performing Wuthering Heights at the BBC were published (see below). We’d like to know if this performance ever aired? Hmmm… Kate Bush - rare 1978 photo from Radio Times Kate at the BBC in 1978 Kate at the BBC in 1978

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BBC Radio 6Music to air 3 hour Kate Bush special featuring John Carder Bush

BBC 6MusicOn Sunday 24th August, BBC Radio 6Music in the UK will broadcast a 3 hour special programme about Kate, presented by Mary Anne Hobbs, starting at 7am GMT. It will feature a chat with Kate’s brother, John Carder Bush. You can listen live here. From the website:

“A Kate Bush special show, featuring Kate songs, Kate covers, Kate fan Jessie Ware as a guest on the show, and Kate’s brother John also in conversation. What is she really like? What makes her so special? We immerse ourselves in all things Bush, ahead of Kate’s long, long-awaited comback shows at the Hammersmith Apollo.

John Carder BushOur first guest John Carder Bush is a poet and photographer. He is also Kate Bush’s older brother, and can be heard singing on several of her tracks, including Army Dreamers and Jig Of Life. In 1986 he published a fantastic book of photos (‘Cathy’) of Kate as an enigmatic eight year old girl. His pictures hint at the unusual magic to come from this global musical hero. John describes his sister as his “companionable little friend” possessed of “quiet, unobtrusive intelligence.” Our second guest Jessie Ware is a huge Kate Bush fan. Jessie is also often compared to her hero in reviews. Her first album Devotion was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2012. Her second album Tough Love is released in October. She has also collaborated with SBTRKT, Sampha and Disclosure.”

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