Reminder: Record Store Day tomorrow, Saturday 21st April

Lake Tahoe / Among Angels 10"

Don’t forget folks tomorrow (Sat 21st April) is Record Store Day and Kate’s very limited 10″ Pic Disc of Lake Tahoe / Among Angels will be available for sale…there are 1000 for the UK and 1000 for the rest of the world (not USA sadly) as we have said before the shops themselves won’t know what they are getting until the day itself even if they ordered 20 copies they may only get 1 or none, so please bare this in mind. We suggest that you get to your local store as early as possible and maybe have a back up shop in mind. Good luck to everyone and lets hope all 2000 end up in the hands of actual fans rather than people who just want to resell for a profit. Happy hunting. Dave, Krys, Seán and Peter.

PS. Dave will be up and about early in central London tomorrow morning if any of you guys are in Soho etc.

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This Woman’s Work returns to top 40 – twice!

In the midweek UK Singles chart both versions of ‘This Woman’s Work’ are in the top 40! Maxwell is at 28 and Kate at 38. Following the performance of the song on Saturday’s Britian’s Got Talent on Saturday night.

This Chart is sales from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so both will probably drop on the final chart released on Sunday afternoon but this is still great news and we welcome this increased exposure for one of Kate’s most popular songs.

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Ivor Novello: let’s hear it for the girls

Neil McCormick in the Daily Telegraph:

In the Ivor Novello award nominations announced yesterday, the Best Album category was a women’s only event. It is the first time this has happened in the award’s 68 year history. As I have suggested before, women are taking over popular music. And what women they are. You cannot argue with these nominations: three pop generations of bold and brilliant singer-songwriters, each carving their own unique path through what has been a male dominated industry.

The extraordinary sonic adventuress Kate Bush is 53, and has been making unique, almost wilfully eccentric yet open and accessible music since 1978. Over decades in which the vast majority of female pop role models were expected to be little more than eye and ear candy, she was a beacon for high-minded female pop, forging a body of work that, in it’s interior psychology and ornate beauty, was somehow inherently feminine.

She spent most of two decades in maternal semi-retirement, but with last year’s 50 Words For Snow she demonstrated that she has lost none of her uniqueness of vision or magical touch. Popular music can be a cruel forum for aging but, like the greatest of artists, Bush has held her position with originality and maturity, and deserves to be lauded again …

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Kate nominated for Ivor Novello Award

NME: “Adele, Kate Bush and PJ Harvey have landed nominations for best album at next month’s Ivor Novello awards, the first time that all the nods in the Best Album category are for women …

Album Award
’21′ by Adele
’50 Words For Snow’ by Kate Bush
‘Let England Shake’ by PJ Harvey.

The Ivor Novello Awards celebrate, honour and reward excellence in songwriting and composing.  They are presented and judged by the writing community.

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Kate on Shortlist for “The Nation’s Favourite No.1″

Kate’s Wuthering Heights has been shortlisted in the 1970s section for ITVs “The Nation’s Favourite Number One Single”:

2012 sees the 60th anniversary of the first ever UK singles chart. That’s 60 years of songs that have defined our lives, reflecting the rich history of a nation. And we’re searching for The Nation’s Favourite Number One Single. In three primetime shows on ITV1, we’ll tell the stories of 60 unforgettable Number One singles. We’ll also talk to chart-topping artists to find out their favourite Number Ones across the generations – and find out from the hit makers what makes a great single. Plus we’ll reveal the results of an ITV viewers’ vote to determine which song can truly be called our greatest number one ever…”

Kate’s nomination for 1978 appears on the the 1970s shortlist page:

Kate Bush’s record company didn’t want to release this take on Emily Bronte’s gothic novel as her debut single – but Kate, who had written the song when she was just eighteen, dug her heels in. In so doing, ‘Wuthering Heights’ made her the first female to get to number one with her own composition.”

You can add your vote here.

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Gig Review: WOW – A celebration of the Music, Lyrics & Dance of Kate Bush

LSMedia on last night’s Maaike Breijman’s tribute gig:

There may have been the odd one or two in the audience… that would have been in the audience the only time Kate Bush actually played in Liverpool and …the only ones to be there over 30 years later from that date to hear the sensational talent of Maaike Breijman go through two sets of the most sensual, inspiring and classic music from one of the queens of British popular music …There are not many women who would willingly go through so many costume changes in the name of music but as soon as Maaike came out on stage for the opening numbers of Moving, James and the Cold Gun and the haunting Babooshka, the audience knew they were in for a night that went …into the realms of performance high art…

The second act of the show was just as impressive with tracks such as This Woman’s Work, the incredible Running Up That Hill, Cloudbusting and the sensational Wuthering Heights …This was so much more than a gig or even a celebration of music created by one of the most endearing song writers of her generation …it became a show of importance, a moment in time that captured the essence of the music and left the audience stunned by the spectacle and roaring with their approval…”

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Kate, Adele, and PJ Harvey up for 2012 South Bank Sky Arts Award

Daily Telegraph 2nd April: 

Three female singers will go head-to-head in the pop music category for the sixteenth South Bank Sky Arts Awards.

The 2012 list is female-only, with PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake and Kate Bush’s 50 Words For Snow going up against Adele’s best-selling 21 …”

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Updates and emails…

Hi all, just to say I’m way behind on site emails so if anyone’s waiting on a reply, my sincere apologies. I’ll get to it very soon as well as a news-bit round-up on here – thanks for being patient! Seán

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Record Store Day 10″ single – update on availability

Lake Tahoe / Among AngelsWe understand that there are 1,000 10″ picture discs of Lake Tahoe / Among Angels being pressed for sale in the UK, to be sold only at stores taking part in Record Store Day and then another 1,000 that are for the international stores taking part in the EMI territories, which is everywhere except the USA. Details of which shops are included can be found at the Record Store Day website.

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Gigwise viewers name Kate Bush best mum in music


Kate Bush has been named the best mum in our Mother’s Day poll.

The mother-of-one, and ‘Wuthering Heights’ pop innovator, beat mouthy Londoner Lily Allen into second place. Also placed in the Top Five were Chris Martin’s wife, and Glee performer, Gwyneth Paltrow, US soul singer Alicia Keys and brilliant Icelandic nutter, Bjork ...”

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Kate to release Lake Tahoe / Among Angels 10″ picture disc for Record Store Day!

Record Store Day

Lake Tahoe / Among Angels 10" single

As part of Record Store Day on Saturday 21st April, Kate will release a limited edition 10″ vinyl picture disc. The disc will feature two songs from Kate’s current album, 50 Words For Snow: Lake Tahoe and Among Angels. The disc artwork features imagery from her 2012 film Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe and also an ice sculpture by Robert Allsopp & Associates. According to Kate’s official site, this will be a limited edition of 2000 copies.

The single, which follows last year’s Record Store Day 10″ Hounds of Love EP, will only be available in participating record stores from the morning of Saturday 21st. These limited releases are intended to encourage people to support and rediscover the joy of their local independent record store. Read more about Record Store Day (and participating record stores) here.

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Kate Bush, As Heard By This Dude Who Sings Jazz: A Conversation

Ann Powers and Patrick Jarenwattananon at NPR Music on Theo Bleckman’s jazz-inflected cover album of Kate’s music Hello Earth!:

The singular vocalist Theo Bleckmann released a new disc today dedicated to the songs of English singer-songwriter Kate Bush. In other words, it’s an album where one inimitable singer with a small but dedicated fan base reinterprets another. There’s not much in the way of ding-ding-a-ling on Hello Earth! The Music of Kate Bush. But there is, perhaps, a jazz aesthetic: It grooves, and makes room for interactive improvisation from a talented band… I sensed a number of sympathies between Bleckmann and Bush, starting with their mutual taste for gorgeous idiosyncrasy. Butlike many Americans, I wasn’t too familiar with the source material. So I wrote to a big Kate Bush fan who happens to be my colleague: the esteemed pop critic Ann Powers, of NPR Music’sThe Record. Here’s the discussion we had …

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Robyn Loau Covers Kate Bush Classic

From (Australia):

Robyn Loau has recorded a cover of the Kate Bush classic ‘Wuthering Heights’.

Two versions of the song were done, one with Josh Abrahams and Davide Carbone (S:amplify) in Melbourne and the other with Stu Hunter in Sydney.

“Kate Bush is a genius and I’ve adored this song for so long. It is exhilarating, beautiful and twisted. While this is a complicated tale of eternal love, the thought of haunting a bastard ex lover from beyond the grave appeals to me… and why the hell not?!! I’m sure that’s what I’ll be doing!” she said in a statement.

The original ‘Wuthering Heights’ was written by Kate Bush in 1978. It reached the top of the charts in the UK, USA and Australia.

Robyn’s version is available on her ‘Only Human’ album.

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Pop’s 20 greatest female artists

From the Daily Telegraph 6th March 2013:


3. Kate Bush

Her florid, elaborate, mysterious recordings may be the most utterly female pop music ever made, elaborate bulletins from across the gender divide. A true one- off, Kate Bush opens windows to her inner world, dropping a needle in the groove of her psyche. This is the musical motherload.”


Picture: Dawn Wilsher

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Wow ….“A celebration of the Music, Lyrics & Dance of Kate Bush”

From Alt Sounds:

Thursday 12 April 2012 at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool

‘Wow’ is the brainchild of Liverpool promoter Spike Beecham and sees the introduction .of talented Dutch performer, Maaike Breijma. Not only does Maaike share her birthday with the icon, she is blessed with an uncanny resemblance both in her appearance, performance and vocally with the singer. Maaike is set to astound audiences worldwide, as she sings Kate Bush’s greatest songs and performs many of the dance routines by Kate Bush on stage and in video.

Maaike is backed by a band of top Liverpool musicians and dancers under a production designed by the team that brought you Lord of the Dance …”

Tel: 0151 709 3789 Tickets from £15.00 to £21.00 Doors 7.00pm

Liverpool Philharmonic-Gig details

Maaike is also known as “the Dutch Kate Bush” – see our featured artist page here

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