No plans for a DVD of the shows, currently – Mojo Kate interview

Kate Bush on the cover of Mojo January 2017 issueWhile many thousands of people got the chance to see Kate’s Before the Dawn concerts in the Eventim Apollo Hammersmith in 2014, many, many more around the globe simply could not attend. Since it was revealed that the show had been professionally filmed over two nights that September, fans have of course been asking almost daily whether there are plans to make a visual document of the show commercially available on DVD or Blu-ray. Kate herself never officially mentioned or announced plans for a film release at any point. As subscriber copies of Mojo Magazine (which contains a new interview) arrive early this week, we now know what Kate has to say on that subject. In a nutshell: no current plans for a DVD, but she does leave the door open a little for something further down the road.

Mojo: Is there going to be a DVD as well? It was filmed after all…

Kate: It was filmed. And it has been archived. But there are no current plans to bring out a DVD. I think that the CD is, in a way, much more representative of being at the shows than a DVD. When you’re at a live show it’s the whole experience of sitting in an audience, you can scan the stage, choose where to look, it’s completely different from film.

Mojo: Obviously it was such a visual experience, a visual delight, it would be a shame to lose that.

Kate: Well, I dunno, there might be something at some point, but there’s certainly no plans at the moment. I want to very much move on and do something new. I’d like to do something (pregnant pause)… new! (Laughs.)

Mojo: Do you know what yet?

Kate: (Emphatically) No.

The full 11-page interview cover feature in Mojo is out on November 22nd and all details, including how to order the magazine, can be found on the Mojo website here.

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

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And Dream of Sheep single gets BBC Radio 2 premiere and is now available on iTunes worldwide!

And Dream of Sheep radio premiere

Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 played the 2014 live recording of Kate’s And Dream of Sheep this morning, her new single. This airplay premiere was preceded by a clip from Sunday’s forthcoming BBC6Music interview with Kate, in which she discussed the amazing audience response at the shows. With the sound of waves, and her distress light beeping, Kate delivers a shudderingly beautiful performance driving home the desperate, lonely situation the protagonist of The Ninth Wave finds herself in. It’s truly a special moment and many fans have been posting online about how moved they’ve felt hearing it. Available to download now worldwide on iTunes, along with the previously released King of the Mountain.

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Mojo Magazine – Kate cover and 11-page Before the Dawn interview!

Kate Bush new water shot 2016

November 22nd sees the publication of the new Mojo Magazine with Kate gracing the cover. 11-page interview, folks! “It was exciting and very moving, very touching,” she says of the extravaganza. “The audiences came with us on that journey every night.” Read more at the Mojo site here. The piece features a new photo of Kate in the water (above).

Kate Mojo January 2017 cover

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

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The Guardian gives Before the Dawn album a 4-star review + Album of the Week

As review copies are released, The Guardian newspaper grants Before the Dawn a 4-star review. Alexis Petridis, who deems Kate’s live album the album of the week, writes:
“…unlike most latterday live albums, it actually sounds like a band playing live. There’s a sibilance about the vocals, a sort of echoey, booming quality to the sound, the occasional hint of unevenness: it doesn’t feel like a recording that’s been overdubbed and Auto-Tuned into sterility. Given their pedigree, you’d expect the musicians involved to be incredibly nimble and adept, but more startling is how propulsive and exciting they sound, even when dealing with Bush’s more hazy and dreamlike material. It’s a state of affairs amplified by Bush’s voice, which is in fantastic shape.” Read the full review at the Guardian site here.

Kate live

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

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KEXP in the US have played a worldwide exclusive – FIVE tracks from Before the Dawn!

KEXP logoThe KEXP radio station in Seattle, USA have played 5 full tracks from Before the Dawn this morning on the DJ El Toro show! No, we had no idea this was happening, it came as quite the surprise to fans. Previously unheard live recordings of Lily, Top of the City, Waking the Witch, An Architect’s Dream and Cloudbusting were all played. And, spoiler alert, they sounded ELECTRIFYING! An incredible coup for KEXP! Click here for the archive listen again link for the show.

Writing on his blog, El Toro reveals that this will be his final show on the station: “One of my happiest episodes at KEXP – in my entire life, frankly – was interviewing the notoriously press-shy Kate Bush circa the release of her 2011 album 50 Words for Snow. It seems especially appropriate then that I’ll be previewing selections from her forthcoming record, Before The Dawn, during the first half hour of my last KEXP broadcast.”

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

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Kate releases And Dream of Sheep (2014 version) as a single on Friday!

And Dream of Sheep

Kate has this evening announced that ‘And Dream of Sheep‘ will be released as a single on 18th November and will be available to download from 11.30am on Friday morning! Those who attended the shows in 2014 will recall the near heart-stopping experience of hearing Kate’s intimate live vocal on this beloved classic song, recorded as she floated in her life jacket, the song punctuated by the eerie bleeping of her “little light”. From Kate’s site: “The character in the song is lost at sea and Kate performed the lead vocal live whilst filming in a water tank at Pinewood Studios. The song will be sent automatically to anyone who has pre-ordered Before the Dawn (digitally), which is released on 25th November.” And Dream of Sheep will join King of the Mountain and Prologue as the third complete Before the Dawn track we’ll have been treated to.

Kate’s site also reminds people to tune into BBC Radio 6 next Sunday 20th November to hear an hour long interview programme (1pm) and then the FULL Ninth Wave act of the show in its entirety later that evening (from 6pm) on the same radio station. Full story on the BBC Radio shows here. Exciting times for Kate fans!

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

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New version of “π” recorded by Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sophie von Otter

Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sophie von Otter‘s new album called ‘So Many Things’, released last week, includes a cover of  Kate’s 2005 song π arranged for voice and string quartet as its opening track. Thanks to Chris Butler for letting us know. Watch a video of her performing it here:

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Kate speaks! New interview with Kate about Before the Dawn on BBC6Music

We’d been hoping this would happen and here’s the confirmation: BBC Radio 6 Music today announces it will broadcast a world exclusive hour-long interview with Kate talking to Matt Everitt to promote Kate’s upcoming release on November 25th of her Before the Dawn live album. “Kate Bush On 6 Music” will be broadcast from 1pm-2pm GMT on Sunday 20th November. For those who want a sneak listen to the album, Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 programme will also be playing the entire Ninth Wave part of the show on the same day! This is Kate’s first broadcast interview since 2011. A clip has been released from the interview in which Kate talks about her 2014 live shows, song-writing and future plans (press the Play button below):

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Tom Robinson’s Now Playing show on 6 Music has the world exclusive first play of Disc 2 (The Ninth Wave), from 6pm-8pm that same evening. During the first half of his show Tom will play Kate Bush-inspired music requests sent in by the listeners. This is followed by a world exclusive first play of Disc 2 from the album, a live performance of the second half of her 1985 Brit-nominated album, Hounds Of Love, an acclaimed suite of songs (and fan favourite) entitled The Ninth Wave.

Kate on BBCRadio6

Matt EverittMatt Everitt says: “Kate Bush is without doubt one of the most original and gifted musicians and producers of all time. Having loved her music my whole life and been lucky enough to witness her live comeback, it was incredible to have an opportunity to find out her reasons behind performing again, how she brought a hugely demanding and ambitious conceptual vision to the stage, and of course, just to meet the person behind so many wonderful songs.”

Paul Rodgers, 6 Music’s Head of Programmes, says: “I’m delighted that 6 Music has the world exclusive radio interview with Kate Bush. This is exciting news for her fans around the world. I hope they will join 6 Music on Sunday 20 November to hear the interview and celebrate this cherished artist together in a live listening party. They can share favourite music and memories of Kate on radio and social media and hear the exclusive first play of her live performance of The Ninth Wave.”

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

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King of The Mountain (Live) on BBC radio gets huge reaction. Digital single is released!

“SWEET JESUS, THAT’S AMAZING!” was the immediate on-air reaction from DJ Shaun Keaveny on BBC6Music this morning after he played the full 8-minute live version of King of the Mountain (Live) at 7.40am. Joined in studio by Matt Everitt, the giddy praise from the duo continued –  “incredible”, “beautiful”, “remarkable”.

Matt Everitt and Shaun Keaveny BBC6Music

Such was the ecstatic reaction from both listeners and presenter, the show played the track in its entirety again an hour later! You can hear the radio premiere at the 45:50 mark here:

As a result, the track is now available as a single track download on iTunes here which makes it eligible for the charts. Fan reaction focused on Kate’s extraordinary vocal (one of her finest ever?) as it builds to an unforgettable powerhouse climax, and also the simply sensational drumming of Omar Hakim. An exciting morning for fans.

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

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Ken Bruce plays clip from King of the Mountain (Live 2014) – available for download Friday 21st

Bbc6music announcement
Ken Bruce played a 40-second clip of King Of The Mountain from the Before the Dawn Live album on BBC Radio 2 today at 11am – you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer, it’s played at 1:42:50 here:

Introducing the clip in the programme’s Music News section, correspondent Matt Everitt described the shows as “…the most eagerly awaited shows I can remember, they were incredible shows; Kate’s singing was amazing, the band was superb and the production and the stage set was unlike anything anyone has ever attempted at a pop or rock gig, ever.”

The full track will also be played on the BBC6Music Breakfast show tomorrow from 7am on the Shaun Keaveny show. The track will be also be made available for download on iTunes for those who have pre-ordered the digital album, from Friday.

We will post the iPlayer link to the full track when it is made available.| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon| Pre-Order Digital on iTunes |


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BEFORE THE DAWN LIVE 2014 – CD and vinyl sets released 25th November!

| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Before the Dawn LP set

Are you ready for a fresh Kate Bush release in your record collection?! We are so delighted to let you know that two years after she completed her extraordinary 2014 run of Before the Dawn shows at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, Kate will release a live album set of these already legendary concerts on November 25th on her Fish People label (with a 5th December US release through Concord Records). This 4 disc vinyl LP OR 3 disc CD set is available to pre-order from today. The album artwork, as expected, looks stunning, and in grand Kate tradition there is a hidden KT symbol on the album cover…happy searching. Before the Dawn will also be released on the usual digital platforms also such as iTunes, Amazon etc. The album title is billed as “The KT Fellowship Presents…” underscoring again Kate’s determination to emphasise the collaborative nature of this huge production team’s work. We cannot wait to play these glorious recordings LOUD! The power and beauty of Kate’s voice combined with the sheer brilliance of her musicians and cast is going to be heart-stopping.

| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Listen below to “Prologue” from the Before the Dawn live album

Before the Dawn CDs
Kate filming The Ninth Wave sequences at Pinewood Studios
Kate Bush performs Aerial, 2014
Before the Dawn album cover large
Kate Live 2014

What’s included in the Before the Dawn sets? The 3 CDs encompass one act of Before the Dawn each while the tracks on the vinyl set are spread across the 8 sides of the 4 vinyl discs.

Not only does each set include every song performed each night, it also includes a surprise live version of “Never Be Mine” which was presumably cut from the actual shows for running time, marking the first appearance of a song from The Sensual World album in a Before the Dawn setting. The track was clearly originally intended to be part of the “band performance” opening act of the shows. We also now have titles for two of the dramatised elements of the live show. Attendees will remember that actor Kevin Doyle (of Downton Abbey fame!) played the part of the concerned astronomer in the film segment that opens The Ninth Wave, “Astronomer’s Call“.  A comedic scene between Kate’s son Albert McIntosh and actor Bob Harms is now titled “Watching Them Without Her“. “Little Light” provides the serene choral lead-in to the powerful live version of “Jig of Life”, and Albert McIntosh takes on lead vocal duties as The Painter on the new song “Tawny Moon“, giving the lunar spectacle a prominent place in this wonderfully expanded production of A Sky of Honey in Act Three. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Act One
Hounds Of Love
Top Of The City
Never Be Mine*
Running Up That Hill
King Of The Mountain

Act Two – The Ninth Wave
Astronomer’s Call (feat Kevin Doyle spoken monologue)
And Dream Of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking The Witch (feat Jo Servi)
Watching Them Without Her (feat Albert McIntosh and Bob Harms)
Watching You Without Me
Little Light
Jig Of Life (feat John Carder Bush)
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog

Act Three – A Sky of Honey
An Architect’s Dream
The Painter’s Link (feat Albert McIntosh)
Aerial Tal
Somewhere In Between
Tawny Moon (feat Albert McIntosh)

Among Angels

*Previously unheard live performance

Before the Dawn LP set

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Kate Bush inspired showcase from writer/director/composer Caleb Lane

Kate fan and writer/director/composer Caleb Lane has recently put together a demo reel of his work which we thought you might like to see. Caleb writes: “Kate has been a huge influence on me over the years and her music is almost always played behind the scenes during production to set the mood.” We wish Caleb the very best in his continuing creative work.

CALEB LANE | Writer | Director | Composer (Reel) from Caleb Lane on Vimeo.

More on Caleb’s Facebook page here:


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KT Bush Band announce more upcoming gigs!

KT Bush Band

The re-launched KT Bush Band with original members Brian Bath and Vic King continue to make waves with more dates announced for 2016! Joined by Jodie May on vocal duty, and Steve Bevan on Bass the band will bring their unique take on Kate’s early work to the following venues:

Brian says: “Well, it’s all about the music and putting on a great show, these unique songs – album tracks and hit singles – are all in the mix, plus a few stories here and there to bring you closer to the maestro. Come along and grow with us, we need your magical presence to ensure this is the memorable and moving experience you can imagine.”

You can follow the band on their their official site. Brian Bath maintains his own official site here.

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The Kate Inside by Guido Harari launches in London

The Kate Inside exhibition

LAUNCH EVENT & MUSIC PERFORMANCE: If you’ve been following our Facebook page you will know that Guido Harari is launching the publication of his lavish book of photographs of Kate (1982-1993), The Kate Inside this month with a (fully booked out) Q&A event with LINDSAY KEMP and GUIDO HARARI plus special guests on Friday Sept 16th, 7:30pm, at the Underdog Gallery, London. Mandy, Michael and Dave from Cloudbusting will be performing Kate’s songs after the Q&A at the Underdog!

UPDATE: We now have the full video from the live stream of the event that we organised on our Facebook page here.

EXHIBITION DETAILS: The exhibition itself is at the nearby Art Bermondsey Project Space – here is a link to the gallery with details of opening hours and how to get there. The exhibition runs till September 30th. [all details on ordering the book are at the Wall of Sound Gallery site here]

Update: Guido will be appearing on the ITV 6pm News in the UK On Thursday 15th Sept. 

MEDIA: Media coverage of The Kate Inside has been extensive, including prominent news pieces in Mojo and Uncut magazines in the UK and the following media : Another Magazine | The Guardian (gallery) | The Guardian (interview) | Internazionale | NME | Dazed | SuperDeluxeEdition (great interview!) | Rolling Stone | Art Info | BBC Arts | Electronic Beats | The Resident | Panorama (Italy) | Amateur Photographer |

The Kate Inside


Lindsay Kemp and Guido Harari

The Kate Inside

Kate 1993 by Guido Harari

Kate 1989 by Guido Harari

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What we’re listening to: The Yellow Project

Long time Kate Bush fans Paul Thomas and Tim Lloydsmith have produced the perfect ice-cold 80s infused synth soundtrack for these sticky Summer days. Here’s one track from the new EP “About Time” by The Yellow Project. Want to buy the EP? Head over to their Facebook page here:

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