Big Boi discusses (again!) those Kate Bush collaboration rumours…

Big Boi

Big Boi from OutKast has long made it clear that he is determined to work with Kate. While his recent solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, didn’t ultimately include any work between the two, he remains optimistic. Here’s this excerpt from an interview on the Creative Loafing site:

Obviously a lot of rumored collaborators made the final record, but what happened with Kate Bush? Did anything ever come to light with that?

Actually, I sent Kate Bush “Tremendous Damage” and another song called “Green Grass,” which was probably going to be on my next album. She loves them, and we’re just waiting for a chance to go to London and have a sit down with her and have crumpets and tea so we can kind of get more familiar with each other. Hopefully in the near future that can happen — we’re just looking for that little tea date.

Are there any others artists out there that you still haven’t worked with that you would like to, besides Kate?

Shit, only Kate. Only Kate.

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Kate writes foreword to new book by photographer Tim Walker

tim walker storyteller

A little late with this news – Kate has written the foreword to a book of photographs by Tim Walker. Tim was responsible for much of the extraordinary booklet photography in the sumptuous Director’s Cut packaging last year. The book is entitled Tim Walker: Story Teller and is available at Amazon here. Read more about Tim at this article here or at his official site. From Kate’s foreword: “This book is like a collection of paintings. I imagine Tim perched up in the crow’s nest of a giant toy sail-boat, sailing a painted sea, hunting for ship-wrecked dreams.”  

Kate as Marion by Tim Walker

An outtake from the Director’s Cut sessions by Tim (above) has recently surfaced in the 40th anniversary edition of W Magazine. Tim captioned the photo: “Kate Bush, for me, encompasses the passionate heroine with a tender ordinariness, kind of like a mother going into battle.”

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Updated: Carol Keogh, Irish singer and songwriter needs YOU!

Carol Keogh

Update: 8th December: Carol has hit her target with just one day to go! Thanks for indulging my effort here on the site. I hope you all check out her music and her new album when it’s ready next year. Seán.

Hello everyone, Seán here with a sincere appeal to you to consider helping out an exceptional female artist. You may have noticed the banner I have placed at the top of the site for Carol Keogh‘s Fundit campaign to have her debut solo album made. I have been mesmerised by Carol’s lyrics and by her voice since the mid 1990s when she sang with a band called The Plague Monkeys. It’s been my pleasure to introduce people to her work with bands like The Tycho Brahe, Autamata and The Natural History Museum over the years. The most common reaction from new listeners has been: “Why have I never heard of this woman before?!” A genius lyricist, she has written the words to just about everything she has sang over the past two decades. Well, just take a listen:

She’s world-class and seems to have that knack of producing utterly stunning work every time she’s involved in a project. I was thrilled when she agreed to appear at two of our past Kate Bush gatherings for The Sensual Walk in Dublin – her covers of Babooshka and Wow were heart-stopping and brought the house down. Yes, she can hit all those notes! The Carol Keogh fan *and* Kate Bush fan in me was pinching himself.

And now she has dedicated herself to making her first solo album, called ‘Mongrel City‘. Without any industry funds she’s taking the nerve-shredding option of looking for pledges of money from those who sign up to the Fundit website. As I write there are 19 days to go and she’s still only halfway funded.

Please remember that it is only a pledge at this juncture. No money will be debited unless Carol reaches or exceeds the target. Also, in case there is anyone who thinks this is a form of charity, even the most basic reward (€10) buys you an MP3 download of the finished album, so no one is being asked to give money for nothing. That’s a very important point. As Carol has said this week: “…time is running out and fundamentally, I don’t have a plan B. I’m doing this because I have to, so I need everyone’s support now.”

To find out how to pledge a little (or a lot) go here:

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous little video Carol recorded very recently under a bridge in Dublin. I hope you can help spread the word about her campaign as it enters its last couple of weeks. Thanks for letting me share this with you. Normal Kate Bush service will be restored soon!  – Seán.

YouTube Preview Image


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Happy Birthday Del Palmer!

Wishing Del a very happy birthday today, from all of us at! Have a great birthday weekend, sir!  – Peter, Krys, Dave and Seán

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Stephen W Tayler, sound mixer on Kate’s most recent records, releases new solo album of original compositions

Stephen W Tayler - Ostinato

Stephen W Taler – ‘Ostinato’ album cover art

We’re very excited to pass on the news that Stephen W Tayler, the multi-talented mix engineer and sound artist who has worked closely with Kate on ‘Director’s Cut’, ’50 Words For Snow’ and this summer’s hit single “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix’, has today released his first solo album of original compositions. It is entitled: ‘Ostinato’

Stephen exclusively tells “I love to work with mood and texture. ‘Ostinato’ is a collection of hypnotic pieces based on music and sound inspired by my experiences and travels.” For more information about Stephen’s incredible career (he has worked not only with Kate but also the likes of Tina Turner, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega,  Stevie Nicks and Underworld to name but a few) visit: http://ostinatomusic.comThe site features some great previews and extra content about the new album, along with this touching dedication by Stephen:

“Special note of thanks to Kate Bush for giving me the confidence to finally complete this work.”

We’ll be joining Kate and many others by wrapping our ears around these new atmospheric soundscapes that Stephen has been dreaming about creating his entire life…

YouTube Preview Image
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The HomeGround Book – Aiming for Christmas 2012

After a very successful meeting with our publisher today we can now say that HomeGround the Kate Bush Magazine – An Anthology 1982-2012 will consist of two hard cover volumes (in a format which is slightly smaller than A4) with approx 600 pages in each volume.

Although HomeGround commenced publishing in 1982, the magazine has contained articles about all periods of Kate’s career, and the book is arranged around a Kate chronology.

Volume One will contain the introductions, Part I (the period from Kate’s early demo recordings to Sat in Your Lap) and Part II (The Dreaming to The Sensual World). Volume Two will contain Part III (The Red Shoes to 50 Words for Snow). The anthology will be illustrated with artwork and photographs from all periods of HomeGround’s history.

The cost will be about £30 per volume and the books will be available at Amazon and various other outlets. It will certainly be available in the US. We are now working very hard toward having these books ready for realease in time for Christmas.

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WOW – A Celebration of the Music & Artistry of Kate Bush

The blurb says: “‘Wow’ introduces Maaike Breijman performing in the role of Kate Bush, with whom she shares a birthday and an uncanny resemblance in appearance, performance and vocal style. Kate Bush is one of the most iconic and unique British artists of our time – with hits such as Wuthering Heights, The Man with the Child in his Eyes, Babooshka, Running up that Hill and many others. She captivated fans across the world – but remarkably, she only performed one full tour (1978’s Tour of Life). This is a chance to hear those life-changing songs brought into glorious life as Maaike sings Kate’s greatest works and performs numerous dance routines live on stage with a full troupe of musicians, dancers and state of the art light and video show. ”

Of course we have long since known Maaike as ‘The Dutch Kate Bush‘ so we wish her the best for this show and others to follow.

The Sage Gateshead 27th February 2013 7.30 pm Ticket Office: 0191 443 4661.

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Occultation of Mercury

There has been much media comment (again) over the nominations for the annual Mercury Prize for “the album of the year”. Despite much speculation, Kate’s 50 Words for Snow was not included amongst the nominations. This was a matter of comment by Anita Singh in the Daily TelegraphPlan B is one of the few well-known names on this year’s Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist, with bookies’ favourite Kate Bush a surprise omission … But it is the absence of Kate Bush that proves most surprising after her latest album, 50 Words For Snow, received high praise from critics“.  Also in the Telegraph, Neil McCormick was unable to understand Kate’s omission: “Kate Bush has been overlooked, which may be the biggest injustice of all. Given a vague emphasis on “pushing music forward”, the Mercury Prize has long struggled with veteran artists, preferring to concentrate on debutants with newly minted sounds … Again, it is the baffling vagueness of the Mercury Prize’s criteria that infuriates. Bush’s 50 Words For Snow was a deeply strange and original album from a woman widely recognised as one of the greatest and most original popular recording artists of our times. Even if it isn’t Bush’s finest work (and, actually, I’d argue that it is up there), surely any committed album by a globally admired, bona‑fide genius has got to be of greater significance than, say, the debut of a thrashy jazz rock trio making small waves on the Leeds local improv scene?

Andy Gill in the Independent had previously set out why he thought Kate should have been included: “It’s many a year since the Mercury went to an old-school legend, and none deserves it more than consistently the most innovative and experimental of British pop stars, and thus emblematic of the qualities supposedly rewarded by the Prize. This concept album pivots on the cusp of pop, jazz and classical, imbued with the swaddling warmth of a fur coat on snow-covered steppes“.  Tim Chipping at Holy Moly wondered if Kate actually refused a nomination.

At John Balfe noted the absence of any Irish talent and added “This year’s list can be defined as much by what it’s missing as by what has been included. All of the albums nominated are worthy in their own right, but collectively the list is lacking a certain sense of adventure that could have been provided had the likes of Kate Bush…”  Alexis Patrides in The Guardian also noted the Prize’s ongoing blind spot: “There’s no representation from what you might call rock’s more distinguished citizens: with Kate Bush unexpectedly absent from the list“.

Mercury Prize chairman Simon Firth, sociomusicologist, was quite satisfied. He told the Telegraph that this year’s list of nominees was the most open and diverse in the history of the award. “I suppose there was nothing that seemed to be an absolute must. The field became much more wide open”. Apparently not quite that wide.

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Media celebrates 30 years of The Dreaming

The Dreaming

Two rather fine articles occasioned by the 30th anniversary of Kate’s wildest album: by Matthew Linsay in The Quietus and by Ian D. Hall in LSMedia. Both not to be missed.

Another by DJ El Toro at KEXP Seattle, who pulled the album from the archive complete with the contemporary notes from his predecessors of 30 years ago.

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Running Up That Hill at no.6 in UK Single Chart

For the new version of RUTH to have charted at no 6 in the official UK singles chart is a remarkable achievement and shows just what can happen when Kate’s music gets a wider exposure. It’s more remarkable when you compare its chart place to say the George Michael single which he performed live on the same show and is getting a lot of radio support. Kate’s single, as hoped, charted high on the iTunes chart and midweeks immediately after the Olympic Closing Ceremony but it has sold consistently all week, with as many people downloading it almost a whole week later, giving her another top ten single.

This now means that Kate has had top 20 singles in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and now the teens!  Well done Kate, it’s a great new version and deserves its top ten place!

And The Whole Story is up from no. 125 last week to no.21. Lotsa people hearing Kate for the first time!

Peter, Krys, Seán and Dave.

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Kate to work with Big Boi?

It has been well known that OutKast star Big Boi is a great Kate fan and never misses the opportunity to say how much he would like to work with her. It now seems they have made contact. In a tweet posted this week, he wrote: “Just Got off the Phone with Kate Bush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“, and then “Stay Tuned….. ooooowwww !”

The Music News sites are covering the story:

Let’s not jump the gun too much because, in the mysterious world of Kate Bush’s creative genius, things move very slowly indeed. So the chances of us every hearing what she and Outkast’s Big Boi concoct are still fairly remote. We just might not live that long. But from what we can gather from a couple of tweets, it does at least appear to be happening. Big Boi (real name Antwan André Patton) has been going on and on about wanting to work with Kate Bush for quite a while now. But, you know, who doesn’t want to work with Kate Bush? Or for Kate Bush? Or pay their own money just to stand in her shadow? No one, that’s who. But Catherine was known to be a fan of his work, so he had a slightly better chance than most.HolyMoly

Outkast star Big Boi has revealed that he has spoken to Kate Bush about the possibility of recording a duet with her for his new album. Big Boi has long spoken about his admiration for the reclusive star … It is believed that Big Boi wants to record a duet with Bush for the follow up to his 2009 album ‘Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty’, due later this year.” Gigwise.

A posting from Big Boi has led to speculation that he is set to work with Kate Bush. essentially, it’s all about supply and demand. Decrease the supply, and logically demand will increase. Kate Bush almost never performs live, rarely releases new material and scarcely collaborates with other artists. Hell, the iconic English artist even turned down the Olympics, refusing to appear in the closing ceremony. However it seems that Kate Bush found Big Boi to be a rather more intriguing proposition. The rapper is an enormous fan of the singer, and has been attempting to make contact for some time.” Clash Music

We certainly have time for a man who has his own line of socks.

| The Sun | NME | Exclaim | Digital Spy | Music Feeds |

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Running Up That Hill no.4 UK MidWeek

On the official UK chart mid week update today RUTH 2012 was at NUMBER 4…

Of course this is only sales from Sunday and Monday, but well done to Kate, it’s well deserved and we love the new version.

And if you think the new version should be on the radio in the UK, we suggest you send an email or text to Chris Evans and Ken Bruce at BBC Radio 2 and just ask them to play it… :)

Contact Chris Evans HERE

Contact Ken Bruce HERE

[Graphic credit Antonis Glicos]

On the official site Kate says: “I am completely thrilled and touched by the overwhelming response from everyone to the remix of RUTH.  I thought the whole closing ceremony of the Olympics was extraordinary and I’d like to thank everyone there for choosing me to be a part of it.  It is such a huge honour”.

Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) is now also available from iTunes USA

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Running Up That Hill 2012 into iTunes top 10

Following the use of the new Running Up That Hill 2012 remix at the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games, the trach is now at no.7 in the iTunes singles chart, see here and here. Purchase the track here.

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2012 Remix of Running Up That Hill Featured in Olympics closing ceremony

Kate’s 2012 remix of Running Up That Hill with a brand new vocal was featured in a crucial section of the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games, after the entry of athletes, and whilst a pyramid was built in the centre of the Olympic Stadium from blocks representing each of the Olympic events, and prior to the presentation of the medals for the Marathon.

As the insanity begins again, here come some white clad geezers playing tribal drums, and then some actor-model-dancer sorts in white body stockings come on and position cubes on the stage. 303 of them. In honour of the 303 events of the Games, as Huw Edwards tells us. Alright, smarty pants. A superb remix of the mighty Kate Bush: ‘Running Up The Hill’ plays.” Daily Telegraph live blog

It’s Indian drummers. Sorry, but Stomp beat you to it, guys. Now they’re playing Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. Does this mean she’s not actually playing it live? Do we even need Kate Bush when we have people assembling 31 giant white cubes? More importantly – will she jump out of one of these boxes?Guardian live blog.

Even Kate Bush made an appearance, albeit only over the speakers, which played out a remix of Running Up That Hill as performers pushed white boxes into a pyramid on to which highlights of the Olympics were projected.” Daily Telegraph review of the event.

Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill makes the point that men and women cannot trade places. It was fitting at a Games where women have made up a greater percentage of the athletes than ever before, and been allowed to box. To gold medal-winning effect for Britain.” BBC review of the event.

See a clip of the closing ceremony HERE

The closing ceremony has been met with “mixed” reviews after the huge success of the opening. The entire spectacle was broadcast live on the BBC, but only segments were relayed on NBC in the US and it appears that NBC excised the segment featured Running Up That Hill. This certainly infuriated Big Boi and many US fans.

The 2012 Remix of Running Up That Hill is available on itunes.

See the official announcement of the track and Kate’s comments on the official site about that and the closing ceremony, also reported by the NME.

The Guardian has run a story about Acts which were invited but did not appear at the closing ceremony including this: “Kate Bush was among those Gavin and Arnold hoped would appear, and there were rumours in the industry that she had agreed to perform. However, Bush too is reluctant to appear in public. Organisers agreed to play a remix of Running Up That Hill, and the singer released a statement on her website on Monday praising a “brilliant show”.”

This has been rereported second, third and fourth hand on various music news sites, each inevitably putting its own twist and spin on the story.

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Update: 2012 remix of Running Up That Hill now on iTunes!

Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix)

A listing (with the above artwork) has briefly appeared on Amazon indicating that On 12th August 2012, the date of the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games, Kate would release a 2012 remix of one of her greatest tracks, Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God). This listing was removed. However, the track has now been released in the UK and worldwide. Clip here

There is no official news regarding this release.

However the rumour mill is in full operation:

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Sunday Telegraph guide to the closing ceremony.

There seems to be no doubt that any degree of participation by Kate in the Olympic Closing Ceremony would be a very popular thing.

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