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Norwegian comic strip ‘Nemi’ knows….

From René: Norwegian comic strip Nemi did this strip of the main character, Nemi, obviously being flattered by the notion that “Facebook thinks you might know: Kate Bush” (thanks René) [Source]

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Flash! – Kate created CBE in the 2013 New Year’s Honours

In the 2013 New Year Honours list HM Queen Elizabeth II has created Kate CBE – that is Commander of the Order of the British Empire. First founded to recognise the service of all ranks of British society in 1917, … Continue reading

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Old music: Kate Bush – Wow

The Guardian’s “Old Music” segment gets to Wow: “Kate Bush’s second album may have been a rushed disappointment, but it provided one undisputed highlight. Wow was the second single from Kate Bush‘s difficult second album, Lionheart. It was difficult not for … Continue reading

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Kate responsible for death of Record Industry?

Martin Townsend in the Daily Express  takes Kate to task for her remarks about the state of the record industry: “I like Kate Bush’s music but the interview she gave suggested some very muddled thinking. Bemoaning the “poor state” of … Continue reading

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“Everything that’s lost can return in imagination”: Toronto Globe and Mail

3/4 and ‘Disc of the Week’ from Robert Everett-Green in the Toronto Globe and Mail: “mundane personal experience has never been a big subject for Bush, who prefers situations where her imagination can run without stumbling over too much imposed … Continue reading

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The forecast: Watch out for a blizzard of eiderfalls

Warren Clements in the Toronto Globe and Mail considers Kate’s wordplay on her new album: “How people describe snow – printable, unprintable – depends on how they view its arrival. They may turn for inspiration to singer-composer Kate Bush’s latest CD,50 Words … Continue reading

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“Uncompromisingly original “: Irish Times

4 stars from Sinead Gleeson in the Irish Times: “hugely ambitious while sounding very interior. Poignant and reflective, it requires time and commitment: there are no radio-friendly centrepieces … the production is less crowded than previous work, giving the songs … Continue reading

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A meeting point for rock and classical

Sinead Gleeson (a Dublin based journalist and broadcaster) who writes for the Irish Times considers how the barriers between diffrent types of music are crumbling: “Classical composition also provides a natural home for the tricky beast that is the concept … Continue reading

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“Haunting, jazz-based, Gregorian chamber poetry”: Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Short capsule review from Jeff Spevak at the Democrat: “an uncompromising, influential artist. This haunting, jazz-based, Gregorian chamber poetry … lends breathtaking depth to provocative ideas …”

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Does Kate Bush deserve the five-star critics? – Independent

Tom Sutcliffe at The Independent wonders if the music critics have been abdicating their duty and giving 50 Words a bye, merely because Kate is perceived to be a national treasure … “since I’d spent several days listening to the … Continue reading

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Phew What a Scorcher! Kate scores in tabloids!

Pete Clark London Evening Standard 4 stars: “the central metaphor holds good: these songs may seem alike, but like snowflakes, they are all different. You are going to have to give this record a bit of time…” Adrian Thrills Daily Mail 4 … Continue reading

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“The songs require patience—patience that absolutely pays off”: Harvard Crimson

3.5 stars from Rebecca J Mazur in The Harvard Crimson: “a uniquely remarkable album, with style, content, and structure at once fascinating and beautiful, yet strange and somewhat inaccessible … comprised almost entirely of abnormally long songs … best be … Continue reading

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Saying It With Snowflakes: Short interview in the Wall Street Journal

Short interview and album review by Jim Fusilli in the Wall Street Journal: “When you consider that Kate Bush has gone as long as a dozen years between albums, the appearance of “Director’s Cut” earlier this year and “50 Words … Continue reading

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“Sparse, beautiful and ultimately pure”: Consequence of Sound

4 1/2 stars from Siobhan Kane at Consequence of Sound (also featured on the Time Magazine website): “Using snow as a kind of landscape, it provides a sparse, beautiful, and ultimately pure backdrop for her creativity to soar … “Snowflake” … … Continue reading

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“Exquisite suite of piano-driven chamber pop”: Scotland on Sunday

Four stars from Colin Somerville in Scotland on Sunday: “TWENTY-ONE years ago Kate assured us that December would be magic again, and with her tenth album she delivers on that promise. It is an exquisite suite of piano-driven chamber pop, eclectic … Continue reading

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