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First Aid Kit release cover version of Running Up That Hill

First Aid Kit

Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit, have just released a new studio cover version of Running up that Hill on Spotify.

The War on Drugs win Best Rock Album at the Grammys with Kate Bush inspired album

War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding album cover

The winner of last night’s Best Rock Album at the Grammys, The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding, has a small Kate Bush connection. In a previous interview, Adam Granduciel from the band said: “Recently, I went to the WFMU Record Fair in New York. I was there for like two hours – I’m not on my knees – but I got some cool stuff. I got Kate Bush, The Sensual World, which I actually named my record after! She has a song called Deeper Understanding – I heard that song maybe a year ago and it totally twisted me up, and then it made its way into one of the lyrics (on the song Pain).”

“I heard it at a specific moment in time where I needed to have a little kick in the ass. I was in a weird place with the record – I felt like I was delegating all the music and not really being proactive about putting my own stamp on it,” says Granduciel.

“I listened to that song and it was all Kate Bush. The way that she was playing this one piano part, you could just tell it was played by someone really connected to the song; no one else was going to go into the room and play the part like that.

“That song was an inspiration to not forget about my own involvement in the music, and that at the end of the day it needed to be something that I was heavily connected to for it to really be something that would be worthwhile.” Congratulations to the band! Read more at the band’s official site here.

Brisbane in June hosts “In the Warm Room: The Music of Kate Bush 1978-1980”

IN THE WARM ROOM: The Music Of Kate Bush 1978-1980

The Queensland Cabaret Festival 2017 (based in Brisbane, Australia) is presenting a major concert work based on Kate’s music on Friday 9th June 2017. Working with local creative production house Electric Moon, the show is entitled “IN THE WARM ROOM: The Music Of Kate Bush 1978-1980” and will feature key songs from the albums The Kick Inside, Lionheart and Never for Ever. Electric Moon’s producer and musical director James Lees is bringing together eight vocalists (four male, four female) and a ten piece band to reinterpret and reimagine the songs for a theatrical live performance setting. Venue: POWERHOUSE THEATRE 119 Lamington Street, New Farm, QLD 4005, Australia


In The Warm Room publicity photo

The key image for the show was devised by James Lees in collaboration with photographer Sam Scoufos (Compadre Picture Co) and art director Brett Harris. It features five of the singers – (L-R) Sandro Colarelli, Alison St Ledger, Josh Daveta, Lucinda Shaw, SS.Sebastian as well as nine Kate Bush visual references.


Electric Moon have previously presented highly acclaimed bespoke shows based on Lou Reed’s “Transformer”, David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” and John Cameron Mitchell’s “Hedwig And The Angry Inch” as well as a range of original performance works, collaborating with a wide range of Australian performers, actors and singers.

“It’s an equal mixture of fear and excitement to be taking on the performance and presentation of Kate’s complex and impossibly beautiful music.” Lees explains, “We chose to focus in on those first three albums as they form a beautiful trio of her early sound and musical spirit, just before she jumped into the experimentation and innovation of her 80’s material. The show title ‘In The Warm Room’ means a rarefied and intimate space and I think that a lot of fans of her music might feel that this could be a metaphor for the special space in your heart and mind that these songs might dwell in. Of course it is also the tender and sensual ballad from Lionheart and will definitely be performed as part of the show. We also wanted to steer clear of the music that Kate herself performed in the recent Before The Dawn concerts. As we begin rehearsals, it is a magical experience to bring these songs to life, almost like they are being beamed in from another dimension. Every one of us is a diehard Kate devotee – we can’t wait to perform the full show and share it with her legions of Australian fans.”

Sandro Colarelli, Lisa Crawley, Josh Daveta, Bethan Ellsmore, Daniel Hack, SS.Sebastian, Lucinda Shaw and Alison St Ledger

Drums/MD: James Lees
Piano/Keys: Parmis Rose
Keys/Violin: Salliana Campbell
Cello: Wayne Jennings
Guitars: Ruth Gardner, Mark Angel
Bass: Robert Harley
Sax/Winds: Andrew Saragossi
Backing Vocalist: Rachael Dixon
Violin/Keys/Piano Accordion/Balalaika: Benjamin Drozdovskii
Front of House Sound: Chris Neehause


For more information about Electric Moon – /

Heiðrik á Heygum – Faroese artist discusses Kate’s influence on his films and music

HeidrikIn between bouts of enjoying Before the Dawn here it’s nice to also keep you posted on what those who have been influenced by Kate are up to. One such artist is filmmaker and musician Heidrik á Heygum who hails from The Faroe Islands and currently lives in Iceland. Recently he has released his album “Funeral”, to growing acclaim and his intention is to create music videos for all the songs on the album – (you can watch one below).

Sweetly affecting songs like Change of Frame, Red Hair or Monster have a melodic playfulness shot through with a particular Nordic darkness that Heidrik admits has always been reflected in his work, whether in painting, film or song. Heidrik is a big admirer of Kate’s work, something that he feels most keenly through her marriage of music and filmic imagery, in particular his short film “My Room” which is a loose re-telling of the story in Kate’s song Deeper Understanding – you can watch it below. His touching documentary about his 85 year old grandmother Maria’s relationship with the sea, “Waves”, also owes a debt to Kate’s music. Maria has swam in the sea year-round for almost 50 years, nature acting as a “healer and mentor” for her as Heidrik calls it. He says that listening to Kate’s A Coral Room was instrumental in making this piece and the song was his soundtrack while creating the film before later commissioning new music for the finished work.

Heidrik albumHe tells katebushnews: “I think we have our love of movies in common, myself and Kate, and I can see that in her lyrics and hear that in her melodies. She is very visual. That is a reason why I think she is a great inspiration for many artists. She has this great way to write lyrics, for example Experiment IV and Deeper Understanding, Heads We’re Dancing and so on, like little short films…it’s very beautiful. And she is a great lyricist, I think she doesn’t get enough credit for that.” You can watch Heidrik and his friend Lea Kampmann sing Hounds of Love below also.

We highly recommend Heidrik’s new album Funeral which is available on iTunes and Spotify. You can explore more of his work on his Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Soundcloud and his artist website.

Heidrik holds Funeral vinyl

Update: You can order the rather lovely vinyl version of the album (above) by contacting Lucky Records in Iceland here:

New version of “π” recorded by Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sophie von Otter

Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sophie von Otter‘s new album called ‘So Many Things’, released last week, includes a cover of  Kate’s 2005 song π arranged for voice and string quartet as its opening track. Thanks to Chris Butler for letting us know. Watch a video of her performing it here:

Kate Bush inspired showcase from writer/director/composer Caleb Lane

Kate fan and writer/director/composer Caleb Lane has recently put together a demo reel of his work which we thought you might like to see. Caleb writes: “Kate has been a huge influence on me over the years and her music is almost always played behind the scenes during production to set the mood.” We wish Caleb the very best in his continuing creative work.

CALEB LANE | Writer | Director | Composer (Reel) from Caleb Lane on Vimeo.

More on Caleb’s Facebook page here:


What we’re listening to: The Yellow Project

Long time Kate Bush fans Paul Thomas and Tim Lloydsmith have produced the perfect ice-cold 80s infused synth soundtrack for these sticky Summer days. Here’s one track from the new EP “About Time” by The Yellow Project. Want to buy the EP? Head over to their Facebook page here:

RIP Prince (1958–2016)

Update 22/4/16: Kate has posted a lovely message on her official site about Prince.

A message for Prince

from Kate…

I am so sad and shocked to hear the tragic news about Prince. He was the most incredibly talented artist. A man in complete control of his work from writer and musician to producer and director. He was such an inspiration. Playful and mind-blowingly gifted. He was the most inventive and extraordinary live act I’ve seen. The world has lost someone truly magical. Goodnight dear Prince.

We were all so saddened and shocked to hear of the passing of Prince today. Another superstar and supremely brilliant musician is gone, much to the world’s shock and disbelief. As Kate herself once described him, he was an “extraordinary talent”. We send our sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.


Prince worked with Kate on two songs, “Why Should I Love You” from The Red Shoes, and the track “My Computer” from his own triple album Emancipation (1996). While Kate’s vocal contribution is tricky to discern in the latter, their collaboration on her own album track created a lot of intrigue and interest in the music press back in 1993. At an early stage of work on the album that would become The Red Shoes, Kate and Del attended a Prince concert in Wembley Arena (in fact she was checking out the venue with a view to possibly playing live there herself). She was handed a note by Prince which said he loved her work and this initial contact eventually led to reels of tape being sent back and forth between his Paisley Park studios in the US and Kate’s own home studio in Kent, with Kate ultimately adding vocal contributions from her friend, the comedian Lenny Henry, shimmering harmonies by the Trio Bulgarka and even a full brass section.

Paisley Park Studios

Paisley Park Studios

In the Kate Bush Club magazine, Del Palmer described the arrival of the first tapes from Prince:

“Inside the box were two complete 24 track tapes marked with Paisley Park labels. We were taken completely off guard by this and could not wait to put them up and see what was there. Not in our wildest dreams could we have prepared ourselves for what the tapes contained. Prince had taken a small section of the original track, made it into a loop so that it went around and around and then filled the tapes with guitars, keyboards and other goodies. I was completely stunned but Kate was quick to see the possibilities of the thing. It was not the track she had written but with a large measure of rewriting and sampling she would turn it back into a Kate Bush song.”

Why Should I Love You

Kate remembered working on the track in the same club magazine:

“Why Should I Love You evolved from an R&B type song. I thought how wonderful it would be to have Prince play guitar…little did I know. I was so excited that he was interested in working on the track, we sent the tapes to him and he sent them back. It appealed so much to my sense of humour when we put up the tapes and there was bass, keyboards, guitar and backing vocals, all working to a funk groove. Some elements of the song were left but we put a lot of work into retrieving the structure I wanted and working with Prince’s performances, yet keeping my original conception of it. It was extremely interesting for me and I think the result is quite unusual. Prince is an extraordinary talent…and a bit clever…In the time it took me to make one album he had released three albums, completed two world tours, a TV special, various videos and is still a better guitarist than me…”


Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)

RIP Jimmy Bain – bass player on The Dreaming album

Jimmy Bain

We were saddened to hear this week of the passing of 68-year old Scottish bassist Jimmy Bain, who plays bass guitar on the songs Sat In Your Lap, Leave It Open, and Get Out Of My House from Kate’s 1982 album “The Dreaming”. Sending our condolences to his loved ones. TeamRock has paid tribute by listing his moments of genius here.

Here’s an extract from an interview Kate gave in 1982 talking about Jimmy’s contribution to her classic album and the link with Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy… (taken from Gaffaweb here)

“Because the funny thing is you’ve got Jimmy Bain, who was in Rainbow, and is in Wild Horses. He seems to play on all the crazier tracks. I think, what I enjoyed again about this album was each track has got a very different mood to it, really, or groups of tracks have got different moods, and it was nice to use people, almost specifically, for what they were very good at, and I always think of Jimmy as being a really super rock’n’roll bass player, which isn’t meant to be detrimental, because I think it’s great, actually. Because what those songs needed that he was on was a very simple, very driving bass that was going to keep the whole thing going, without being distracting, or too full. And Jimmy was just right for that, really. So he worked on the three tracks that I would definitely say are the rockiest, the most up-tempo, perhaps the most aggressive.”

And did that have something to do with the fact he, with Wild Horses, had had a contract with EMI?

“Ah, you see I didn’t even know he was with EMI. I knew he was with Wild Horses, and I met him when I just bumped into Phil Lynott in a recording studio.”

Really, when was that?

“This was at The Townhouse, and I was there to just look over the studio, because that’s where I wanted to work, and Phil was actually going to give me a weekend of his time that he wouldn’t be using, so I just went in to check out that it would be OK. And he was doing a really far-out vocal at the time…”

RIP David Bowie 1947 – 2016

We know that so many of you are saddened and shocked, like us, today. We’ll have more thoughts on the irreplaceable David Bowie, a profound inspiration to Kate, in a later update. As we said on our Facebook posting, we send our sincerest condolences to his wife, children, family and friends.

David Bowie

Björk plays Kate Bush tracks at surprise New York DJ set!

Björk has performed a secret DJ set for experimental label Tri Angle Records’ 5th birthday party in New York as part of the RBMA festival. The set includes two tracks by Kate Bush – Lord of the Reedy River (mixed with music by Lotic/Vessel) and My Lagan Love (mixed with music by Rabit). Lotic, Vessel and Rabit are all Tri Angle Records artists. She has posted the full set on Soundcloud:

Bjórk writes:

i would like to wish tri angle label an incredibly sublime birthday and thank for having been invited to dj at their party . couldnt possibly been more honoured than to play in that company !!! the mix i played was my present to them : merging together some of my fav beats last year with some of my fav vocalists doing some of their best songs :

!!! this is my tune-tinder !!!

warmthnesss björk
the musicians in the mix are :
abida parveen/rabit
kate bush/lotic/vessel
chilean flutes/the haxan cloak/lotic
john tavener/haxan cloak
amália rodriquez/rabit
abida parveen/bloom
hans reichel/sudanim
baka people
mc brinquedo
shut up and dance
hanz/virtua mima
cut hands
death grips
david hykes
kate bush/rabit
lung/lotic remix
total freedom

Molly Bloom’s odyssey in pots and photos….

The KissKrys Fitzgerald-Morris (of HomeGround and fame!) has been involved in an interesting, Molly Bloom-related project that should be of some interest to fans of Kate’s songs The Sensual World and Flower of the Mountain.

The wonderful ceramic artist, Claudia Clare Ceramics new website page has just been published, showing the trilogy of pots, “Molly’s Odyssey”. Claudia asked writer, Rebecca Chance to be her model as a modern day Molly Bloom, (James Joyce’s earthy, sensual character in “Ulysses”) & Krys was asked to photograph Rebecca in various poses for Claudia to then work from.

In June of 2013 the pots were exhibited at the Francis Kyle Gallery in London’s Mayfair. The three met there again to do a shoot with Rebecca posing with the pots. Krys describes the finished work: “When I walked into the gallery & saw Claudia’s finished “Molly’s Odyssey” they took my breath away. They were so beautiful. Each pot has it’s own theme – “The Kiss”, “Diva” & “Yes”.

Kiss detail

I adore the rich colours & the sensuality. I love the humour of the newspaper headlines & how Rebecca’s beloved cat has also been immortalised in a typical cat pose! It was a wonderful project to be a part of, such a fantastic concept & such an energy about it.”

Read more about the exhibition, and Claudia’s other work, at the Claudia Clare “Molly’s Oddyssey” page here.

yes detail

Behind the scenes

Brian Bath – official site and KT Bush Band relaunched!

UPDATE 2016: Brian now maintains his own website here. Read about the KT Bush Band re-launching at their site here!

Brian Bath, who played many of those guitar licks you remember from Kate’s early albums has his own band, “The Life of Brian” with Miranda (vocals) Stephen (Bass) and Phillip (Drums). The band are based in south-east London and play in pubs, clubs and at private functions, performing numbers from a wide range of musical styles and genres by artists such as Adele to ZZ Top! including The Beatles, The Kinks,  The Police, The Pretenders, Anastasia, KT Tunstall, Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon, Sheryl Crow and much more.

‘Cloudbusting’ Kate tribute band get us in the Christmas mood!

Quite lovely! Read more about ‘Cloudbusting’, the Kate Bush tribute band currently getting raves in the Kate Bush fan community at their Facebook page, here.


Big Boi discusses (again!) those Kate Bush collaboration rumours…

Big Boi

Big Boi from OutKast has long made it clear that he is determined to work with Kate. While his recent solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, didn’t ultimately include any work between the two, he remains optimistic. Here’s this excerpt from an interview on the Creative Loafing site:

Obviously a lot of rumored collaborators made the final record, but what happened with Kate Bush? Did anything ever come to light with that?

Actually, I sent Kate Bush “Tremendous Damage” and another song called “Green Grass,” which was probably going to be on my next album. She loves them, and we’re just waiting for a chance to go to London and have a sit down with her and have crumpets and tea so we can kind of get more familiar with each other. Hopefully in the near future that can happen — we’re just looking for that little tea date.

Are there any others artists out there that you still haven’t worked with that you would like to, besides Kate?

Shit, only Kate. Only Kate.

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