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King of The Mountain (Live) on BBC radio gets huge reaction. Digital single is released!

“SWEET JESUS, THAT’S AMAZING!” was the immediate on-air reaction from DJ Shaun Keaveny on BBC6Music this morning after he played the full 8-minute live version of King of the Mountain (Live) at 7.40am. Joined in studio by Matt Everitt, the giddy praise from the duo continued –  “incredible”, “beautiful”, “remarkable”.

Matt Everitt and Shaun Keaveny BBC6Music

Such was the ecstatic reaction from both listeners and presenter, the show played the track in its entirety again an hour later! You can hear the radio premiere at the 45:50 mark here:

As a result, the track is now available as a single track download on iTunes here which makes it eligible for the charts. Fan reaction focused on Kate’s extraordinary vocal (one of her finest ever?) as it builds to an unforgettable powerhouse climax, and also the simply sensational drumming of Omar Hakim. An exciting morning for fans.

Before the Dawn Live 2014  is out as a 3 CD set and a 4 LP box set on November 25th. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Ken Bruce plays clip from King of the Mountain (Live 2014) – available for download Friday 21st

Bbc6music announcement
Ken Bruce played a 40-second clip of King Of The Mountain from the Before the Dawn Live album on BBC Radio 2 today at 11am – you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer, it’s played at 1:42:50 here:

Introducing the clip in the programme’s Music News section, correspondent Matt Everitt described the shows as “…the most eagerly awaited shows I can remember, they were incredible shows; Kate’s singing was amazing, the band was superb and the production and the stage set was unlike anything anyone has ever attempted at a pop or rock gig, ever.”

The full track will also be played on the BBC6Music Breakfast show tomorrow from 7am on the Shaun Keaveny show. The track will be also be made available for download on iTunes for those who have pre-ordered the digital album, from Friday.

We will post the iPlayer link to the full track when it is made available.| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon| Pre-Order Digital on iTunes |


BEFORE THE DAWN LIVE 2014 – CD and vinyl sets released 25th November!

| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Before the Dawn LP set

Are you ready for a fresh Kate Bush release in your record collection?! We are so delighted to let you know that two years after she completed her extraordinary 2014 run of Before the Dawn shows at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, Kate will release a live album set of these already legendary concerts on November 25th on her Fish People label (with a 5th December US release through Concord Records). This 4 disc vinyl LP OR 3 disc CD set is available to pre-order from today. The album artwork, as expected, looks stunning, and in grand Kate tradition there is a hidden KT symbol on the album cover…happy searching. Before the Dawn will also be released on the usual digital platforms also such as iTunes, Amazon etc. The album title is billed as “The KT Fellowship Presents…” underscoring again Kate’s determination to emphasise the collaborative nature of this huge production team’s work. We cannot wait to play these glorious recordings LOUD! The power and beauty of Kate’s voice combined with the sheer brilliance of her musicians and cast is going to be heart-stopping.

| Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Listen below to “Prologue” from the Before the Dawn live album

Before the Dawn CDs
Kate filming The Ninth Wave sequences at Pinewood Studios
Kate Bush performs Aerial, 2014
Before the Dawn album cover large
Kate Live 2014

What’s included in the Before the Dawn sets? The 3 CDs encompass one act of Before the Dawn each while the tracks on the vinyl set are spread across the 8 sides of the 4 vinyl discs.

Not only does each set include every song performed each night, it also includes a surprise live version of “Never Be Mine” which was presumably cut from the actual shows for running time, marking the first appearance of a song from The Sensual World album in a Before the Dawn setting. The track was clearly originally intended to be part of the “band performance” opening act of the shows. We also now have titles for two of the dramatised elements of the live show. Attendees will remember that actor Kevin Doyle (of Downton Abbey fame!) played the part of the concerned astronomer in the film segment that opens The Ninth Wave, “Astronomer’s Call“.  A comedic scene between Kate’s son Albert McIntosh and actor Bob Harms is now titled “Watching Them Without Her“. “Little Light” provides the serene choral lead-in to the powerful live version of “Jig of Life”, and Albert McIntosh takes on lead vocal duties as The Painter on the new song “Tawny Moon“, giving the lunar spectacle a prominent place in this wonderfully expanded production of A Sky of Honey in Act Three. | Pre-Order Vinyl Box Set on Amazon | Pre-Order CD Set on Amazon|

Act One
Hounds Of Love
Top Of The City
Never Be Mine*
Running Up That Hill
King Of The Mountain

Act Two – The Ninth Wave
Astronomer’s Call (feat Kevin Doyle spoken monologue)
And Dream Of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking The Witch (feat Jo Servi)
Watching Them Without Her (feat Albert McIntosh and Bob Harms)
Watching You Without Me
Little Light
Jig Of Life (feat John Carder Bush)
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog

Act Three – A Sky of Honey
An Architect’s Dream
The Painter’s Link (feat Albert McIntosh)
Aerial Tal
Somewhere In Between
Tawny Moon (feat Albert McIntosh)

Among Angels

*Previously unheard live performance

Before the Dawn LP set

Chrissie Hynde praises Before the Dawn in Interview Magazine!

chrissie hynde

The May 2016 edition of Interview Magazine features a nice exchange between singer Chrissie Hynde and actress Dakota Johnson – read the full piece at the Interview Magazine site here. With thanks to Tim Bertram for sharing.

HYNDE:  I saw Kate Bush do a show in 2014, and she hadn’t done anything in public for 35 years.
JOHNSON: Was it incredible?
HYNDE: Fantastic, amazing. I saw two of the shows. Absolutely breathtaking. She has the perfect voice – her voice made people cry. And her presence, it was all there. She could have been doing it for the last 30 years every night. You wouldn’t have known the difference. But, in fact, she hadn’t been on stage, because she doesn’t like it.
JOHNSON: That is just magic to be able to captivate people that way. She did 22 shows? And they were sold out.
HYNDE: Yeah. She played at Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith. It’s a big theatre, but it’s not an arena or anything. She didn’t want to do that because that’s not intimate enough. I think that’s where rock music especially really lost it, when it started getting too big. The audience wants to see you. Once you’re looking at screens, you just feel like a c*nt.

One year later, memories of Before the Dawn

Kate Bush - Before the Dawn

Seán Twomey writes:

In the end it came down to a single smile.

After over sixteen years running the news website there was still no guarantee back in March 2014 that I’d score a ticket. Over those years I would occasionally revisit my site’s dusty FAQ page, maybe sometimes slightly rewording the question and answer section about whether Kate would ever tour again. I’ll admit it: I had more or less decided that she wouldn’t. Fast forward to August 26th 2014 and I had turned down several radio and TV interviews wanting to get my immediate post-show reaction to Kate’s first concert since 1979. Surreal.

Opening night was all so overwhelming to me that I needed to shut all that stuff out. Excited, busy journeys from Dublin brought myself and five friends together, sitting in an impressively tiled Wagamama restaurant on the Shepherds Bush Road. It was 5.30pm when my day-long, breezy euphoria at what was unfolding came to an abrupt halt. As my friends animatedly poured over the menu, something sank in my stomach. I felt weak. Actual cold sweat. I started searching my mind for the root cause of this sudden unexpected change of mood. The weight of all the hype I’d poured on this occasion for myself condensed down into a single thought; “How is SHE feeling right now, just how is SHE doing?”

As we headed out into Hammersmith and approached that now iconic ‘Before the Dawn’ marquee sign, my thoughts were mostly focused on Kate herself. The person. The private human being. She had somehow agreed to this enormous responsibility after years of avoiding such exposure. I had fleetingly and politely met her in the kitchen of East Wickham Farm many years earlier in 2002. She was a friendly, busy mother that evening, and afterwards I “left the room, caught my breath outside the door and didn’t dare to go back in again” – to borrow Kate’s description of her own first meeting with Bowie. For the briefest moment I had at least once encountered the person behind the famous name, and as I approached the queue at the Apollo, it was hard to imagine that the same unassuming, low-key woman was responsible for all of THIS.

Now the experience is flash-bulb quick. Barricades are set up to guide ticket-holders in. We stroll past the television crews, the blissfully willing interviewees, the mouthy ticket touts and cagey security guards and into the slow moving throng of fans, proudly/shyly wearing their t-shirts and badges as we got closer to the doors. Fan tickets are scanned: no, they don’t tear them, your seaweed and anemones are safe. The merchandise stall: is that really an inflatable life preserver ring? The venue: very Art Deco, Eberhard Weber music floats out hypnotically from the stage speakers. The stage: we can see the instruments. All of them. Did someone accidentally raise a curtain? Are these the actual instruments that will produce ACTUAL Kate Bush songs? Did she really mean to show that? The programme: I rapidly flick through it in my seat. Spoilers. Glimpses of….elaborate, theatrical stuff and pages of notes carefully written by Kate. Our seats: three rows from the front. Dead centre.

My excitement was back. Full force. As the venue filled, as the voice-over announcement came welcoming us to the show, as Lily Cornford’s voice bathed us all in a spell of protection – it felt like a deep inhale before the explosion of sound and lights. And there she was. Dance-marching out into the stage, out into that cacophonous outpouring of love from three thousand people. And there it was, Kate’s reassuring smile.

Kate Bush 2014 by Debi Bowes

Portrait by Debi Bowes © 2014

Nodding and studying the audience, she smiled as the chorus took their place stage right and she presented herself with open arms to the roars of the crowd. It was a relieved, mischievous smile, tinged with only a little nervousness. Bertie was right there with her. Her family and friends were there. She was about to unleash something truly extraordinary, and she knew it. This was going to be an unforgettable night. And oh, how it was.

Illustrator Jordan Atkinson – Before the Dawn designs

No, we have no word on a live album or concert DVD as of yet, but we will of course bring you any updates if and when there’s news to report. On a related note, illustrator and graphic designer Jordan Atkinson briefly discusses some of the Before the Dawn tour merchandise designs he worked on with Kate and Firebrand at Jordan’s site:

Still loving the Nocturn lyrics on the blackbird wings! 🙂



Many tour items still available at Kate’s site here:

Kate receives Evening Standard Theatre Award!

Kate has received the Editors Award at tonight’s Evening Standard Theatre Awards at a glittering ceremony in the Palladium, London. The awards, now in their 60th year, are presented annually for outstanding achievements in London theatre, and were hosted tonight by comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Kate was presented with her award by Sir Ian McKellen. The Before the Dawn shows at the Eventim Apollo, which ended last month, won the Editors Prize for achieving “a new high in music performance.”

“It was just an incredible experience,” she said in her acceptance speech, crediting both the encouragement of her son, Bertie, and the enthusiasm of London audiences. “You hope that the audience will like what you’re doing, but my God – every night these people were there, driving us on and filling us with energy! Thank you to everybody who came to the shows and made it feel like it was something special.”

A special mention also for KT Fellowship member Mark Henderson, Kate’s lighting designer, who was deservedly nominated but lost out in the Best Design category for Before the Dawn. Tom Hiddleston was awarded Best Actor for Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse and Gillian Anderson picked up the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress for her performance in the Young Vic production of A Streetcar Named Desire. More at the Whats On Stage site here. The awards will be televised tomorrow night (Monday 1st December) on the London Live channel (Sky Channel 117) Freeview (8), Virgin (159) at 8pm. UK viewers can also watch it on the channel’s website.

Congratulations Kate, richly deserved!

Kate at the theatre awasrds

kate awards 1

kate at theatre awards


Kate accepts her award

kate at theatre awards


Kate and h

kate on Daily Mail cover

Daily MailEvening StandardClassic Rock

Kate warmly congratulated in special Music Week ads

Music Week 13th Oct 2014In this week’s edition of the UK music industry magazine, Music Week, two specially placed advertisements are prominently featured. One, a full page ad from the Eventim Apollo venue itself, applauds Kate’s success at selling out 22 shows. Another two-page spread has been placed in the issue by the concert promoters SJM, and it highlights some of the sensational reviews Kate’s Before the Dawn shows gathered while they ran.

You can click on each image for a larger version of both scans. More about Music Week (subscription info etc) can be found at its website here.

SJM Music Week ad


The KT Fellowship on stage together

Fantastic cast and crew photo here, tweeted by cast member Charlotte Williams. Spot Kate and Bertie beaming in their midst! What a tremendous group of hardworking people!

KT fellowship group photo

The Final Night of Before the Dawn is here!

We’re experiencing so many mixed emotions at the end of this EXTRAORDINARY series of concerts from Kate. It’s been incredible. Here is a beautiful tribute to the KT Fellowship, by our friend and colleague in Kate, Brian Cloughley.

Farewell to the KT Fellowship

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Before the Dawn to be filmed for DVD/Album sales surge

Inevitably, Kate has arranged for her new live show Before the Dawn, to be filmed with the intention of producing a DVD of the production. This will be done at the performances on 16th and 17th September. Some ticket holders for those shows have been notified by the venue that their seats have been moved in order to accommodate the cameras and other equipment.

Meanwhile the explosion of publicity around the live shows, which we already knew had propelled all of Kate’s albums back into the charts, has produced a sales surge on Amazon averaging 2,813%. This however conceals an 8,000% increase in sales of The Red Shoes, and a 5,000% increase in sales of Hounds of Love.


NMEDigital SpyStereogumGigwise

Reviews of Before the Dawn

10377637_4532352282887_1805158293836365733_nHoly s***. The Kate Bush show is reinventing the pop concert…laughing, crying and wondering what the hell is gonna happen next.” – BBC Radio 6 Presenter Rob da Bank.

We’ll gather the reviews of Kate’s live show here.

Daily Telegraph picture gallery.

Rod McKie’s definitive review.

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It’s quite stunning, undoubtedly the most ambitious, and genuinely moving, piece of theatrical pop ever seen on a British stage. Which is just what everyone here tonight was hoping for. Andy Gill

Everyone’s calling it a triumph. Everyone’s right. The unconscionably influential Kate Bush could have blown her mystique by returning to the spotlight in such a no-prisoners manner, but from the first minute she is in her element. The prog event of the year. The musical event of the year. The event of the year. Just don’t expect three chords and the mundane truth. Or Wuthering Heights. I put this moment here Chris Roberts

In A Sea of Honey’s long day, nothing particularly remarkable happens, just as nothing really remarkable happens in Ulysses. The sun comes up, and “the sky is filled with birds”, and the Moon rises, and the protagonists swim in the sea, at night. But some people are just more alive than others, all eyes and mouth, and overloading senses – and that’s what Joyce was, and that’s what Kate Bush is. They appear in your life to remind you that to watch a sunrise is to watch a burning star, and that pollen is sperm, and summer is fleeting, and everything on Earth is so unlikely – so improbable – that we might as well live somewhere where Kate Bush can end a concert by turning into a one-winged bird and flying out into the auditorium …Caitlin Moran

First glimpse of Kate’s special fan ticket may give ‘Before the Dawn’ clues…

Today fans have started to receive the first batches of tickets being sent out. If you were lucky enough to order your ticket from the Eventim website – you may be aware that they sometimes produce a special “fan ticket” with collectable artwork on it that people can keep as a momento of their evening.

Kate has clearly embraced this idea, and interestingly seems to have revealed some of the artwork or possibly visuals associated with her Before the Dawn shows in the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith.  As this may be considered something of a spoiler for some you’ll have to look at the image after the following jump.

***Possible spoiler image after this jump***


Q Magazine and Gay Times warmly welcome Kate’s stage return!

Q Magazine on Kate's shows

Q Magazine has ran a news item in their current issue (Lily Allen cover) on Kate’s return to the live stage. A thoughtfully considered piece by Mark Blake “salutes the reappearance of the only living pop star to maintain true mystique”

“Whatever the motivation, there’s something cherishable about a songwriter who’s succeeded in doing only what they want and when they want, for as long as she has. In a world where many pop stars tweet their every thought, these Kate Bush gigs demonstrate that she has the one commodity, other than talent, that can’t be marketed into existence. It’s the element of surprise. That alone makes these shows worth the wait.” Visit the Q Magazine site here.

Darren Hayes in Gay Times

Meanwhile, in Gay Times, singer Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden) writes about his excitement at the prospect of seeing Before the Dawn in London later this year.

“I have no idea what Kate will do on stage later this year. She could stand there with a nose flute for all I care. True to form and in keeping with all of her artistic decisions, she has truly earned the right to do whatever the hell she wants. I’m just glad we get to witness it on her terms.” Visit the Gay Times site here. (thanks to Gary Sutton-Boulton for the magazine shots)

David Rhodes on Before the Dawn rehearsals: “Kate sings beautifully”

David RhodesThe current edition of the NME has a piece which speculates on what Kate’s ‘Before the Dawn’ live shows might consist of. Not much in the way of earth-shattering stuff here, we all know already that Kate intends to feature the tracks from The Ninth Wave in some way (she said so herself on her own site). There is a nice quote from David Rhodes who has been rehearsing his guitar parts with Kate:

“[Kate]’s charming, funny and sings beautifully. Sadly, that’s probably the extent of what I can divulge at the moment.”

Building on speculation that the shows are going to be more than just a regular band gig, an “insider” is quoted as saying: “It’s her statement that she wants to come back to the stage…it’ll be a Kate Bush show, but it’ll be theatrical and tell a story.” We have a feeling they could very well be right! Read the full article here.

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